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Rising Sun

Nessie has graduated High School and looking forward to her new life at Yale. With Jacob by her side and Edward and Bella's encouragment, Nessie faces life, adventure, and possible threats to her family as she finds herself.

I do not own these characters...just borrowing them from Stephenie Meyer.

7. Chapter 7 - New Places, New Faces

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Chapter 7 – New places, new faces

The move went pretty seamlessly. We didn’t need to move too much because the new house was completely furnished by Esme when we arrived. Even the closets were filled, compliments of Alice. It was amazing that we were able to find a house that suited our needs so perfectly; there was even a small guest house in the back that Jacob could stay in. I spent most of the time before school in his little home. Esme decorated it to suit Jacob perfectly and I felt at home almost immediately. The night before my first day of classes was going on like every other day had; Jacob and I were sitting at the kitchen table while he ate what seemed to be the 5th meal of the day.

“Ness, can I ask you something?” He said, looking at me seriously over his plate of food.

“Well, even if I said no, you would probably ask me anyway, so shoot.” I teased playfully.

“Do you think things will change? Between us I mean. I know how I feel, and how I will always feel, but do you think that being around new people and in a new place might change your mind?” He looked as though he had been thinking about this for a long time, and Jacob usually wasn’t the type to be insecure.

“Well, I don’t really have Alice’s handy future telling abilities, but something in me tells me that we were meant to be. That you were made for me, and I was made for you. So, no I don’t think there would be any reason for me to change my mind.”

“That is perfect to hear.” He said as he stood and scooped me into his arms. “I can’t imagine a world where you don’t exist, and I don’t want to.” He smiled into my hair, and I knew that there wasn’t a single word of exaggeration in his statement.

The rest of the night went on as it normally did, a perfect piece of paradise.

The next morning I woke up with butterflies of anticipation in my stomach. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Everyone has always been taken with me, but the doubt crept into my mind, what if things were different here. I never had anyone dislike me, and I wonder what that might feel like. As I dressed for the day, I looked over myself in the mirror. You can do this. I thought to myself. I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs to start my day.

Bella, Edward and Jacob were all waiting for me, smiles beaming from their beautiful faces.

“We are all so proud of you, Love” Edward smiled as he looked at me, reassuring me with his eyes that everything will be okay.

“We got you a car!” Jacob babbled excitedly. Bella rolled her eyes and Jacob corrected himself, “Well, Edward and I got you a car.”

I shared my mother’s feelings about cars, as long as it got me to point A to point B, it was good for me, I didn’t need anything to fancy. I hoped that Jake and Dad were able to keep it under control and not get anything to outrageous, but I couldn’t stand to see any trace of disappointment on their face, so I pasted on the same smile my Mom had and headed to the garage with them.

And there it was, with a big, red bow, shiny and silver, my car. Gratefully, it wasn’t too ostentatious, but still nice, and defiantly Edward/Jacob style. It would go much faster then I ever suspected I would need in Connecticut.

“It’s an Audi TT Coupe; it will be perfect for you. Duel circuit brakes, all wheel drive for rainy days, 0-60 in 5 seconds, and Rosalie made sure to take any engine limits off, so this baby can go as fast as you will ever need.” Jacob said excitedly as he caressed the hood.

“Great, I’m glad to know that I can get the freeway speeds, I’m pretty sure that you picked this out more for yourself then me, but thank you, it is very nice, and it’s a good thing it’s fast because if I stand around much longer, I’m going to be late and will need it.”

“The guys can talk all about cars when you get home.” Bella gracefully interjected.

I hugged each of them, and after my parents left us, gently kissed Jacob before getting into the car. He stood in the garage as I pulled away, smiling at my in the rearview mirror.

The engine purred as I followed the now familiar curves of the road Jacob and I took a few days earlier. I felt at home in the green canopy of the Connecticut roads, the familiar color was all I needed to ease the slight twinge of pain in missing our home in Forks. As I pulled into a parking space at the university, I noticed that this little car hardly stood out among the BMW’s, Mercedes, and other new cars in the lot. I was relieved that for once in my short life; I didn’t have the nicest, newest car in the parking lot. As I walked toward class, I had the familiar feeling of eyes watching me. I wondered if they could see the nervousness I was trying to hide in my walk.

Once I was in my first class, the nervousness was overwhelmed by the pure excitement of being in a classroom again. I loved going to school, and I had only been in school for 2 years now, it was too hard while I was younger and grew so fast. I loved learning and I was excited to be here. I looked around and surveyed my classmates, I could see a few people chatting quietly between themselves, I caught a few people examining me over their open laptops, one boy looked exasperated as her shuffled through papers on his desk, then I noticed him.

He was in the row in front of me, just a few seats away. There was nothing too extraordinary about how he looked, there was just something about the way he sat, the way he was. He was handsome, his skin was pale, but so were most people here. His dark brown hair was perfectly disheveled. But I was sure it wasn’t his good looks, living around vampires made me very accustomed to handsome, so there was more to it. I saw two girls sitting a few seats away from him, giggling as they looked in his direction. He didn’t seem to notice though, or perhaps he didn’t care. He had a cool, confidant demeanor to him, and he looked as though he was slightly bored waiting for the professor to show up to class. I was still analyzing him when he looked in my direction. His expression wasn’t aggressive, or even surprised. He looked at me as though he was looking at something he had seen a million times, it was indifferent. This was not something I was used to and I looked down, hoping he would do the same. As I peaked through my eyelashes, I could see that he had turned to face the front of the room once again.

The professor entered the class and everyone quieted immediately. I tried to focus on the words coming from the front, something about the great literary works, the effect they have on humanity. It all seemed to blur into a hum as my thoughts and eyes drifted to Him. Why was I so enchanted by his presence? Was it his reaction to me, was it the way he looked at me so uninterested? There wasn’t a hint of friendliness towards me, and that was unnerving to me in a way.

The snaps of laptops closing alerted me to class being dismissed, and I shook my head to try and clear out my thoughts, embarrassed that I hadn’t really caught anything that the professor had said. I collected my things and shoved them into my bag, determined to pay more attention in my following classes. I went through the rest of the day only being able to feign interest in what was being said. As much as I tried to block Him from my head, my thoughts always drifted back to those cold, indifferent eyes. Everyone else seemed to greet me much warmly, which calmed my fears that something was different here. Everyone acted as they people in Forks had. Warm hellos, sincere smiles, genuine compliments, everything was as it usually was. I tried to convince myself that I shouldn’t be bothered by Him, that I should just brush it off as first day jitters. I told myself that not everyone had to like me, that there was bound to be a few people who didn’t want to be in my company, even though that isn’t usually the case.

I knew that I had to clear this out before I got home. The last thing I wanted was that look that Edward gave me when my thoughts wandered to something that he wanted to talk about but I wasn’t bringing up. I didn’t want to have to worry about Jacob noticing that furrowed brow expression and have him asking the questions Edward was too tactful to ask himself. As I took that same road home, I drove a little slower then usual, enjoying the smooth and gentle handling of my new car. I turned the music to my favorite pianist, my Dad, to sooth that anxious feeling I was having. I took deep breaths, in and out, as I built my mental wall to hide the thoughts of Him. Pulling into the garage I had a peaceful feeling, I was ready to face everyone and tell them about all the good things, and leave out one particular person.