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La Tua Cantante

As usual, this will come in two parts: Edward's pov and Bella's, but the first is always Bella's. I got this idea from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Angel got shot with a poisoned arrow and has to drink Buffy's blood to survive. This is pretty much mid-Eclipse and the Volturi infected Edward with a disease called "Distruzione" (Italian for "Destruction") which only affects vampires and he will die unless he drinks the blood of his la tua cantante, which is Bella. This is just more hardships for Edward and Bella to fight through, but as always, they fight it together and never give up.

There are some adult-themed situations, so unfortunately this fanfic will have to be rated Adult instead of Everyone. Sorry to my younger fans, but please, exercise caution when reading this fanfic. It will get extremely detailed.

11. Chapter 11: Third Time's a Charm

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After getting dressed, I went out into the hall, looking for Edward. "Edward!" I called, smiling as I found a trail of rose petals he had clearly just made, leading down the stairs. "Edward?" I tried again, getting no response.

I followed it out the front door, across the yard to the edge of the forest, where it ended. I chuckled and looked around for either a continuation or Edward.

The wind picked up, blowing my hair around my face. I held it back with one hand and whipped around to see him, smiling his crooked smile, and clearly revelling in my confusion.

I sighed, impatiently, "There you are! Where were you?" He gestured wordlessly for me to come to him.

I obliged and he took my hands, kissing each one softly, before pulling me into his arms, holding me against him, with one hand resting on the small of my back.

He kissed my temple, trailed his lips down to my ear, and kissed it before saying, softly, " 'Love of you is mixed deep in my vitals, like water stirred into flour for bread, like simples compound in a sweet-tasting drug, like pastry and honey mixed to perfection. Oh, hurry to look at your love!' "

He pulled away to look into my eyes, before continuing on, " 'Be like horses charging in battle, Like a gardener up with the sun burning to watch his prize bud open. High heaven causes a girl's love longing. It is like being too far from the light, far from the hearth of familiar arms. It is this being so tangled in you.' "

"That's beautiful....What is it?"

He smiled, "No one's really sure. It's ancient Egyptian poetry. Carlisle quoted it to Esme. I didn't understand what it meant...until I met you. You bring those words to life in me. You brought me to life by loving me. Those years before I met you, I was dead. Blood was keeping me alive, sure. I might have been walking and breathing--technically--but, I was dead. I wanted so badly to be able to bleed. I would've bled just to know I was alive. Then, I fell in love with you and it was as if my heart had begun beating again. You made it beat; you gave me the most beautiful life I could ask for. I love you...so much."

"I love you," was all I could manage to say.

He nodded, "I know that. And, I apologize deeply for this, but it is customary and it just...feels so amazing. There is no feeling like it. Like having you agree to be mine...forever. So..." he hesitantly got on one knee and pulled out a new ring.

It was a platinum band with one diamond in the middle, two smaller diamonds on the side, and two rows of four small diamonds divided by a band of metal on each side. The band had the words: 'I love you' inscribed in it.

"My beautiful Bella...will you marry me? Again?"

I stopped breathing. I expected to feel inevitable revulsion to the idea, but for some reason, I had never felt happier. "Yes..." I breathed as he slid it onto my ring finger, mindful of my fracture. "Yes, yes, yes, a million times yes." I said, laughing, as he rose to his feet, picked me up and spun me around, kissing me all the while.

"Can I have you?" I asked, as we pulled away.

"Forever and ever, love." He said, with a smile, setting me to my feet. "I'm yours."

I smiled and allowed him to lead me back into the house.