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La Tua Cantante

As usual, this will come in two parts: Edward's pov and Bella's, but the first is always Bella's. I got this idea from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Angel got shot with a poisoned arrow and has to drink Buffy's blood to survive. This is pretty much mid-Eclipse and the Volturi infected Edward with a disease called "Distruzione" (Italian for "Destruction") which only affects vampires and he will die unless he drinks the blood of his la tua cantante, which is Bella. This is just more hardships for Edward and Bella to fight through, but as always, they fight it together and never give up.

There are some adult-themed situations, so unfortunately this fanfic will have to be rated Adult instead of Everyone. Sorry to my younger fans, but please, exercise caution when reading this fanfic. It will get extremely detailed.

15. Chapter 15: The Civil War

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Edward simply held me for a while and then said, "Oh, I forgot; you have to write your essay for your college applications."

"I'm sorry?" I said, now looking at him, "Why wasn't I aware of this?"

He shrugged, "My bad."

I groaned, "No, I don't do essays. Please write it for me."

He shook his head, "I won't cheat for you, Bella."

I scoffed, "Stop being so good all of the time."

"What?" He laughed.

I groaned again and cringed, "I hate writing essays. I'm a terrible writer."

"No, you're not; you're an excellent writer. You are very talented." He said, smiling slightly at my reaction.

"But, I don't approve! What's the topic, anyway?"

"The Civil War."

"WHAT?!" I scoffed, "Ugh, who cares about the stupid Civil War; we aren't even in Texas--" I stopped talking and looked to Jasper sheepishly, "Sorry, Jasper."

He smiled slightly, "It's okay. If you want, I can help you write it."

"Okay," I said immediately. "Thanks."

He and Edward chuckled softly and then I got up and went over to Jasper, where he helped me with everything. A million years later, or so it seemed, Jasper said, "...and that ended the war in 1865."

My cheek was resting carelessly on the palms of my hands as I struggled to pay attention and not fall asleep, staring blankly at him.

"Bella, are you listening to me?" Jasper asked, sounding almost irritable.

"Huh?" I snapped out of it and slapped my face. "Oh, sorry; I mus'tve fallen asleep again; can you start over?"

"Bella!" Jasper reprimanded. "What?! I'm sorry; this is just so boring. I don't see what this has to do with me." I folded my arms stubbornly.

"What doesn't it have to do with you?" He turned my question around on me. I rolled my eyes impatiently.

"Are all vampires so damn cryptic; what the hell are you talking about?"

"Think about it, Bella," he said patiently. "If things had turned out differently, how would your life be different? You don't think it would have affected you, but it would. More than you know. How would you have viewed the descendants of those slaves? See, many people viewed them as animals; worthless things created to do our bidding. I am ashamed to admit that I was guilty of that. I saw them as God's gift to us; just something to help me make life a little easier. I never really thought about them as more than free labor. I would never have mistreated them, by any means, but I wasn't the kindest towards them either. Once I was changed, into this monster, I realized how wrong I was. They weren't the monsters in the matter...we were. I've always been a monster and maybe this is my punishment for that; I don't know. But I know that I deserve it. The only thing I look forward to about living forever is spending it with the people love. With my family. With Alice."

I smiled slightly and he shook his head, "Do not take it so lightly, Bella. That war was one of the worst to ever be fought. We were fighting our friends, oiur relatives, over such a ridiculous matter. I know people - or knew, rather - who had to kill their fathers, their brothers, their sons, their nephews, their cousins; even their best friends."

He shuddered as if reliving a bad memory and said softly, "Please take this seriously. I know that to you it seems unimportant and insignificant but that is because the war was fought. Without this war, our lives - your life - would've been...unbearable. It pains me to think about the lives that were ruined by that war, bu tit kills me to think about the lives of those slaves. They were saved by the persistence and endless efforts of the Union. You have to remember that."

I swallowed audibly and forced a nod. I had never seen this side of Jasper before - the most nostalgic, remorseful side. "I'm so sorry," I choked out, shaking my head, "I didn't...know."

He nodded, "It's okay, Bella. I just had to make you understand."

I nodded and Edward knelt behind me, placing his hands on my shoulders. "Do you understand, Bella? Do you know why it matters?" He asked, softly.

I nodded again, almost robotically, and he kissed my head, before nodding to Jasper.

"Are you ready, Bella?"

I nodded, "Yeah, go ahead."

"Here;" Edward began massaign my shoulders lightly, "Maybe this will help keep you awake."

I didn't protest, considering how good it felt, and nestled into him, allowing Jasper to continue, absorbing every word he told me.

When he finished, he said, "Okay?...You got it?"

"Yes," I said, certainly, "Thank you, Jasper."

"Anytime," he said, with a smile.

"Jasper?" I said, feeling bad about my lack of enthusiasm before.


"I'm sorry...about everything. About all you went through...about my immaturity on the issue...about all the pain you felt." For some reason, thinking about him in pain inevitably made me feel pain for him.

he smiled, "It's okay, Bella; really. It was all worth it. It all allowed me to have Alice. That is the most precious gift I have ever been given."

I smiled and then sighed, "All right...I better start writing this. Stick close, Jasper, I might need your advice."

"I'm not going anywhere," he said, shrugging.

I grabbed some paper and a pen from a nearby drawer, stretched out on my stomach, and began writing.

Edward laid down beside me, lying on his side, and he played with my hair and gently rubbed my back as I did so. It was surprisingly easy to not get distracted by it, though, I was quite impressed. I supposed I had Jasper to thank for that. In a way, I was glad for it--to be able to focus--but another part of me would've welcomed the distraction.

Once I finished, I sighed and collapsed dramatically. "Done!"

Edward took it and read it quickly, before nodding, "Good job; I'm impressed."

"Don't be so shocked!" I said, looking to him.

"Who's shocked?" He said, smiling.
"Besides me?" I said, standing up and stretching, "Okay...I'm hungry."

I walked into the kitchen and began looking for something. "Huh..." I said, checking the fridge, "Think Charlie will notice I've been living on rations?"

"I can run get you something," Edward offered, "What are you in the mood for?"

I shrugged, "You decide; I don't care."

He nodded, "Okay." He kissed my head and said, "I'll be right back," before taking off.