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La Tua Cantante

As usual, this will come in two parts: Edward's pov and Bella's, but the first is always Bella's. I got this idea from watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Angel got shot with a poisoned arrow and has to drink Buffy's blood to survive. This is pretty much mid-Eclipse and the Volturi infected Edward with a disease called "Distruzione" (Italian for "Destruction") which only affects vampires and he will die unless he drinks the blood of his la tua cantante, which is Bella. This is just more hardships for Edward and Bella to fight through, but as always, they fight it together and never give up.

There are some adult-themed situations, so unfortunately this fanfic will have to be rated Adult instead of Everyone. Sorry to my younger fans, but please, exercise caution when reading this fanfic. It will get extremely detailed.

19. Chapter 19: Comfort

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He was letting me drive, surprisingly, probably because he knew he shouldn’t drive when he was this upset. Not that it was much better for me to drive right now either. I was so mad, I could just KILL Jacob for all he did. How dare he treat me like that? How dare he treat Edward like that? I could almost hear the smug tone of his voice as he said: “Besides, Bella needs to get laid by someone who couldoffer her some satisfaction, instead of Captain Cardboard over there.”

Without thinking, I let out a yell of rage and floored the gas, causing my truck to shoot forward, crashing into a tree. I wasn’t paying attention, so I forgot to turn. “Oops.” I said, as I saw my hood pushed back to my now shattered windshield and the engine smoking.

“Bella!” Edward said, half-angrily, half concerned. “What was that?

“Sorry…I was kind of…distracted.” I apologized, looking around in shock.

“Are you ok?” he asked, opening his door with enough force to rip it off.

I nodded numbly and he said, “Come here; I’ll run us back to your house.” I eagerly nestled into his arms, enjoying the familiarity of it.

“Edward?” I said, snapping out of my daze.


“Thank you,” I whispered, as rain soaked us both. “I love you.” I kissed him softly and then he said, “We better go.” I nodded and buried my face in his chest. Rain soaked me, soaking through my clothes, as he bent down and kissed my head. Then, I felt nothing but his arms tighten around me as he ran us off.

He came to a stop in the middle of the living room, setting me down gently on my feet, never taking his eyes off me.

“Are you hurt?” he asked softly.

I managed to shake my head. “No…I’m fine.”

“You are not fine, Bella,” Edward accused. “After all you’ve been through –”

“I’ll deal,” I assured him. “I’ll be ok.”

“Will you?” he challenged.

“Yes. So long as I have youhere with me, I’m fine. I’m better than fine.”

“Bella –” He tried to turn away from me in protest, but I grabbed his arm and said, “Don’t.”

He stopped, but didn’t look at me. I pressed my lips to right below his shoulder, trailed them down the side of his neck, to his shoulder. I buried my face in his shoulder, tightened my arms around his arm, and rested the side of my head against his shoulder. “Please…stop doing this,” I begged. “Just…hold me.”

He finally looked at me, simply staring, before saying softly, tracing the back of his hand slowly up my arm to my shoulder, up the side of my neck to my jaw, which he caressed lightly, “Okay. Charlie won’t be home for awhile. I give it a couple of days - he's working overtime to ensure that Jacob gets what he deserves."

I couldn't help but smile as he brought me around and pulled me in closer. "We're all alone."

I smirked and traced my hands down his chest. His shirt was completely soaked through. It was so wet, I could feel the muscles in his chest and abs against the palms of my hands without any effort.

My eyes involuntarily followed my hands down his chest and I could literally see his six-pack through his t-shirt. I forced my eyes to go back to his and whispered, "Edward?"

He smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me in closer and holding me in his arms as he kissed me.

I whimpered and deepened the kiss, struggling to breathe. I managed to grab the fabric of his shirt and pull it up, but he had to remove it. He was always better at multi-tasking than I was in these situations. He began kissing my neck while simultaneously ripping my shirt open. He struggled to pull it off as he moved his lips over to french my shoulder, lowering my bra strap with his teeth.

I began taking in desperate gasps of air as I buried my fingers in his hair, pushing his head further into my skin.

He spun us around twice before hoisting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist, frenching my collarbone. He staggered us - quite clumsily, actually - over to the stairs. He made to climb the stairs, but I pulled his head down to mine for another kiss, so he instinctively began dipping me, lowering me to the stairs, laying me against them, now clenching my body in between his legs.

I sighed in ecstasy as he traced my arms with his hands, before bringing them up above my head. He held them there with one hand and placed the other one on my stomach before growling seductively and leaning in to kiss me again even deeper. With one of my hands, I grabbed his hand, which was holding both of mine, and brought it down, placing it on my shoulder and sliding it down my chest in between my breasts.

His hand trembled as he slid it around my back and unclasped my bra. He removed it without hesitation, before caressing my breasts with his cheek, and then his lips. I arched my back and my leg twitched involuntarily, my knee pressing into him. He caressed my legs before removing my jeans, all the while frenching my breasts. Eventually, I found the strength to say, "My turn," and rolled us over, but being my usual clumsy self, I rolled us off the stairs.

Edward landed on his back and I landed on top of his chest with a grunt. He laughed and caressed my face. "Never change."

I grimaced and then readjusted myself to remove his jeans with great difficulty, considering I kept getting distracted.

It took us quite awhile, but we eventually got all of our clothes removed and then I straddled him and caressed his arms as I brought them above his head. I caressed them, lowering myself on top of him, only to pull away right before we kissed again. I repeated the process several times before he finally growled and lunged forward, running us to the bedroom, throwing me onto the bed with enough force to make me jump slightly, before lunging at me in superspeed.

"Not fair," he choked out, breathing raggedly. "Tease."

I chuckled once as he placed his hands on my waist and leaned in to kiss me. He trailed his hand down to wipe beads of sweat off the inside of my leg, caressing the inside of my knee as he did so before cupping his hand around my knee.

He slid up against me, in between my legs, and trailed his lips up my chest to my lips. He smiled against my lips and rolled us over so that I was now on top. I sucked on the triangular shape in between his pecs before frenching his pecs, tracing my fingertips along the distinctions of his six-pack. I caught his nipple between my teeth and bit down playfully, causing him to laugh seductively.

Eager to make him laugh again, I trailed my lips down, smothering his stomach with endless kisses, memorizing the exact taste of it. Memorizing every contour of it with my lips. I caressed the hollow of his thigh with my fingertips, massaging it, before replacing my fingers with my lips. My lips trembled as they caressed his skin, incapable of reacting any other way to such a religious experience.

After awhile, he flipped us over so that I was lying at the foot of the bed and without waiting, he lowered himself on top of me and smiled his crooked smile, before kissing me, pulling me in closer and closer until we were connected in every way possible - our bodies becoming one. I had never felt so complete in my whole life. The most beautiful experience of my life, ending only when absolutely necessary - and I fell asleep in his arms, to him humming my lullaby, kissing my head repeatedly.

I woke up to Edward kissing my shoulder and trailing the back of his hand up and down my arm. I turned my head to look at him and said, "Hello," groggily.

He smiled against my shoulder and said, "'Morning," before propping his elbow on the pillow and laying his head against his hand.

I stretched and rolled over to face him. I kissed him softly and said, shaking my head, "What a beautiful sight to wake up to!"

"Tell me about it," he shrugged, trying to play the stubborn card.

"You don't sleep." I reminded him, just as stubbornly.

"Nonetheless," he caressed my face, "Still the most beautiful sight in the world, love."

I smiled and nestled into him. "Thank you." I kissed his pec, not wanting to ruin this moment with a stupid argument. He would never see how incredibly perfect he was. He tightened his arms around me and kissed my head. "Mm-hmm."

"I love you," I said, looking up at him. He tilted my head up to look at him and said, "And...you're ok?"

"Never better," I said without hesitation. "My life will always be beyond perfect because I have you. I can do anything so long as that's true."

He smiled, "It is. You have me. Think you put up with me?"

I smiled, "Mmm, maybe just...forever."

He kissed me and said, "I love you, my beautiful Bella," against my lips.

"And I love you...my perfect Edward." I said, smiling. He merely kissed me again, though, not arguing but rather starting the most beautiful forever to exist.