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Tokyo's Battle: The House Wear the Undead Suffer

My name is Bella and I live in Tokyo. Headmistress of a prestige school, I possess special powers that could wipe the human race off the map.
But I can't do that. There's a band of vampires that want my powers. That's why I must hide. Who is Edward Cullen, and why can't I kill him?

AN: It was 6000 words, but I cut it in 2. Mwah ha. So you’ll have to wait for the rest. And you’re going to be anxious! Aha! I have no idea if this new story will be short or long. I have no idea if this story is going to get good reviews or bad reviews. I just hope you do review, and that you give me an open mind. You never know, you might like the second chapter a bit more than the first. Not that I’m saying you won’t like the first chapter chapter. So I hope you enjoy. I won’t be giving less time to my other stories. But Im almost done with “Who We Are.” And I don’t know if I should continue yet, so this one is here.

1. Chapter 1 The Powers I Possess

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Chapter One -- The Power’s I Possess

The air still has the light scent of a recent rain. The night is full, and there are only stars in the sky; with clouds in the distance finally leaving me alone. My black shitkickers land in the puddle, sending rapids in all directions. I move gracefully, making sure none of the humans in the buildings around me pick up on my presence. The buildings of the city disperse over the elapsed time of my walking, and by the time I am in eyesight of the school, there are only one or two slightly smaller houses before me.

Our castle, known as 吸血鬼が苦しむ場所, or “the house were the undead suffer” has a large field that surrounds it on all four sides, the forest lies in behind-- as well as the guest houses.

As I approach the moss covered log fence, I carefully let my fingers slide down my sides, grabbing the material of my trench coat and lift it up. Placing one foot on the bottom of the fence, I give it all my weight and effortlessly slide myself onto the other side of the grounds. My boots drop into the wet grass, untouched by any lawnmower, and I make my way across the field towards the castle. As I approach the gate, I let my glamour fall. With just a touch on the newly modernized security system and an entering of a specific code, the large gates open for me.

I walk down the stone pathway and over the small wooden mote. The old fashioned brass key around my neck opens the oak doors of the castle. Most Japanese castles are white in colour on the outside, this one is black. Painted over the past century or so. With a wave of my hand, the lanterns across the entrance hall blaze to life. A house servant waits for me in the closest chamber. This is Manqué, I brought her with me when I lived in France as a young teenager. She bows as I enter, and I return the gesture. We speak no words, but she follows me down the corridor of the inner wall. As I walk, I slide my leather gloves from elbow to fingers off and hand them to Manqué. She takes them without saying a word. I take off my coat and pass it to another servant who waits for me in the adjoining hallway of the inner court. He bows and then vanishes from sight.

I slide open the door into the schools and I wait for the familiar faces to show themselves. My boots are rather loud, so it doesn’t take them long. Within minutes over a dozen Fusuma slide open and twice as many children stand waiting. I walk past them, bowing my head slightly.

Oyasuminasai, Miss Swan.” A small child of around nine years old asks me timidly. His name is Hayao.

“O genki desu ka?” I ask, kneeling down and placing my hand on his shoulder. He smiles. He doesn’t speak, but nods his head furiously. I stand up and begin walking again. As I approach the last door where I fourteen year old girl, Nanao, stands. She can barely keep her beautiful eyes open. I smile at her, she pushes back her dyed purple hair and smiles back.

“Welcome back.” She says. I bow in thanks and then turn around to everyone.

“Time to sleep now, dream well.” I say loudly. Everyone nods in answer and then they turn around and return to their living quarters. Manqué has left already, so I go on my own to the staircase that will lead me over the large kitchens and classrooms and into my own home. The feeling of fatigue takes over my form as well. I need only to turn two corners before I push open the doors and walk into the foyer of my apartment.

The lights are all out, but there is the glimmer of more lights coming from the corridor. I turn around and close the doors. As I walk, I slide my hands behind my back and work on the strings of my corset. Instant release occurs. I let out an anticipated breath and turn the corner into my main seating area. As I look around me I notice a pair of small, lace covered legs sticking straight in the air. As I sigh and walk around the sofa I hear a laugh and the legs begin to move back and forth, as if they were riding a bicycle.

“Mmmm… Bye.” A high, female voice whispers. There’s a click and then the legs disappear soon to be followed by a face and a halo of black spiky hair with red tips.

“Who was that on the phone?” I smiled and watched as Alice stood up and shimmied her dress back down over her thighs, which it barely covered anyway. She looked up and gave me one of her famous know-all stares. Her full lips painted bright red as they curved into a grin.

“It doesn’t matter.” She laughed and spun around. She danced up to me and kissed both my cheeks. She turned around again and started going through the piles of pictures I had pilled all over my desk. She found a picture of her and I together and held it up for me to see. “I can’t believe you kept this after all this time.”

“Yes, I kept it. I keep everything. Alice, what are you doing here?”

“ I came to see you. Is that not allowed anymore? Do you want me to leave?” She put the picture down and crossed her arms.

“Of course I don’t want you to leave.” I sighed. “Just… answer my question.” I pulled my hands through my hair, releasing the sticks that were holding my curls in place. I slid the door open to the kitchen and flicked the light on. Some rice would hold me off until tomorrow.

“I came all the way from Chicago this time.” Alice was behind me now.

“And what did you find?”

“Not very much.”

I reached into the fridge and pulled out the bowl of rice from last night. I ate a mouthful before I turned around to look at Alice. She had a peculiar look on her pale face.

“I’d offer you a dumpling, but I don’t think you could digest it.”

“Funny.” She whispered.

“When was the last time you fed?” I looked into her almost black eyes.

“It doesn’t matter.” She let out a breath and bit her upper lip. “Look, I need you to come with me. Maybe if we had more than one person we could find more.”

I turned around and dropped the bowl in the sink, throwing my chopsticks in after it. “Who were you talking to on the phone?” She didn’t answer, looking around instead. “Alice?”

“Just… Rose.”

“You were talking to Rosalie!?” I took a step towards her and grabbed her shoulders. “Alice, we have no idea… She could go off and tell anyone where I am.” Alice had the strength to send me flying across the room for touching her, but instead she waited until I let go before she starting talking.

“I know that Rosalie isn’t going to tell anyone. I checked.”

“You can’t always believe your visions, Alice. They can change. They’re not always accurate.”

“Well I rely on them.”

“You shouldn’t.”

“They brought me to you the first time and many times after that!” She took a step back and brought her fingers to her nose. She began taking in long, deep breathes. “Bella, just listen to me okay? We can trust Rosalie. She’s my sister and she has been for decades.”

I walk past her and down the corridor that lead to my bed chamber. “I’m sorry” I walk straight past my king size bed and into my closet. I slid my corset off and grab a tank top from one of my drawers. I lean down and unzip my knee high shit kickers, throwing them into the corner, along with the skirt I was wearing. I pull on an old pair of sweats from home and turn around. Alice is standing at the entrance to my closet, watching me.

“Did you catch and demonic action tonight?” She asked. I sensed that she wanted to let the past conversation go, save it for a later period.

“Just a couple hell hounds this time. And you know what that means.”

“There are vamps in Tokyo.”

“When will I get to meet them?”

Alice smiled as I passed her; the storm was over. “Tomorrow night at the Seasonal Gala…. Is there any big parties going on?” She asked.

“There’s a party of sorts in the Hakunu mansion tomorrow night. It’s kind of a celebration of beauty. It’s pretty much a reason to get decked out in white face paint and kimono inspired dresses. Everyone goes home with someone.”

“And we’ll be there.”


The students were excited to hear that they had the afternoon to either study or find a game or sport to play. I needed the extra time to prepare for tonight. When I let Alice know when I was tired, she went out to hunt as I got ready for bed. As she left I told her: “Don’t eat all the pandas.”

“Eeew. Major hairball.” She exclaimed before vanishing. I smiled and crawled between my silk sheets and waited for sleep to come.

I woke up barely as many hours later and I felt pressured into going to the celebration. I knew I had to, to keep my role in this city. Parents would be there, of-age students would be there, and I had to look pretty and wonderful. I had a hard time keeping that image, being a midnight evil prosecutor and all. If only they knew what I was hiding in the basement of this school. They wouldn’t act the same around me then.

Alice was there to help me into my dress. It was barely to my knees, a bit puffed out. Dark midnight blue with a black vest that acted as a sort a brazier at the same time. I slid on matching elbow length lace gloves. My hair, half up and half down was curled and coloured with violet, blue, and orange highlights. Alice had fun pasting my face, almost to the point where she wouldn’t let it dry before she began to apply the make up. My eyes were painted to eyebrow with black liner and dark blue and orange eye shadows. And my lips were bright red. When I became thirsty half way through, Alice made me drink through a straw. After a couple hours I was ready. And Alice looked better as she always did. She had a red and green flowered, kimono/ ballerina dress. If you think that isn’t possible, think again.


Some people think that because I am an American born girl I have no way in being able to teach so many young oriental children. I believe the opposite. I have studied their culture for many years, since I was fifteen and living in an old camp in Israel. I have always been running, but now it is better. They won’t look for me here. And Alice has been doing a little searching of her own. I gave up along time ago.

I have my students now, I have purpose. I have a reason to be alive. To be the chosen one that I am now. With my own heightened skills, I have the power to take out any vampire, and any demon. This is why I exist.

Alice and I entered the celebration when it was already in full swing. I was pleased to see that I turned a few heads. I danced with them, talked with them. I socialized with the mothers and bowed to the fathers. And I waited. Alice vanished, watching the perimeter so she would know immediately when they arrived. When the vampires appeared.

It didn’t take long.


“Who Are You?” He hissed into my ear. I could feel his fingers gripping my hip tightly.

“ I.. I…” I couldn’t think. He pulled me tighter, his body almost crushing me against the stone wall. I could see his red eyes and his copper hair, the rest of his skin was pale white, partly painted, but he didn’t need much.

“I said what is your name?!” His pupils shrank and his jaw tightened and the next thing I knew he was lunging for my throat. I heard an array of screams and I didn’t know which one was mine.