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Tokyo's Battle: The House Wear the Undead Suffer

My name is Bella and I live in Tokyo. Headmistress of a prestige school, I possess special powers that could wipe the human race off the map.
But I can't do that. There's a band of vampires that want my powers. That's why I must hide. Who is Edward Cullen, and why can't I kill him?

AN: It was 6000 words, but I cut it in 2. Mwah ha. So you’ll have to wait for the rest. And you’re going to be anxious! Aha! I have no idea if this new story will be short or long. I have no idea if this story is going to get good reviews or bad reviews. I just hope you do review, and that you give me an open mind. You never know, you might like the second chapter a bit more than the first. Not that I’m saying you won’t like the first chapter chapter. So I hope you enjoy. I won’t be giving less time to my other stories. But Im almost done with “Who We Are.” And I don’t know if I should continue yet, so this one is here.

2. Chapter 2 - Lust Beckons My Pain

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Chapter Two.

From the opposite side of the room, it was difficult to make out the people’s faces, but I had a good view of the strangers as they entered the room. One was tall with blonde hair professionally slicked back. He nodded at another and the two of them broke apart. The younger man with the bronze hair went in the opposite direction, his face pointed towards the ground, but shifting slightly whenever someone walked by him. He was walking around the edge of the room, coming closer in my direction. I looked around for Alice, but she was gone.

With a quick breath, I began walking farther away and made it out of the ball room and into a smaller, tighter hallway.

An oriental carpet with gold designs went across the floor, and there were doors on either side. I hurried as fast as I could in my dress to the end of the hall where it split off at a ‘T’. Not knowing which direction went outside, I turned left and was happy to see that it led out into a courtyard. I slide outside, only turning around to close the door. I took the moment to peek and saw him passing people along the edge of the hall. When he came to the hall way his face suddenly hardened and his head popped up. I could see his teeth gleaming. He had caught my scent. Great. I turned and quickly ran through the courtyard and to the back fence. There was no way I was going to make it over there in this dress and corset, so instead I followed the iron posts until I could find a gate. I heart the wind change direction and my heart beat speed up.

I stopped, knowing it was no use once a vampire caught sight of its prey. I let my eyes dilate so I could see better in the darkness, and then his pale form was only two hundred meters away. He was standing near the fountain, not bent into attack mode. My hopes barely rose , though.

I was ready for this, this being the sole reason I probably came tonight. I could be at home curled up in a chair reading Bronte or Dickinson. But instead I was doing my duty. Hunting down one vampire by one vampire until I had enough of them to create my army. But you’ll hear more about that later.

So I kept eye contact with him, and didn’t move because I knew even the slightest shift could send him towards me. And I didn’t want that quite yet.

“What is your name?” I spoke into the cool air. The man didn’t seem to want to answer instead he moved towards a Chinese monument and placed his hand on it. He was the slightest bit closer to me.

“Don’t be coy, little girl.” He said. Obviously he knew I could hear him. “I know that you had expected us to come tonight. I have been alive long enough to know when I am walking into a trap.”

“Then why did you come?”

“Because I have heard thing about you, child. I wanted to make sure they weren’t fable.” He came slightly closer. “You are not vampire.” He said almost to himself. “What are you? How did you acquire the powers in which you possess?”

“I was born this way.” He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something back, but then everything went downhill from there. Literally, the went switched direction again, this time coming from behind me. The pin in my hair broke. My hair flew in front of me and I could barely see. That is why I knew too late when his body was forcing me in the opposite direction. I could feel his cold, firm hands at my waist, his fingers digging into my flesh. There was a loud growl coming from the back of his throat. He was ready to feed. I hit the wall of the building, and my head spun.

“Who Are You?” He hissed into my ear. I could feel his fingers gripping my hip tightly.

“ I.. I…” I couldn’t think. He pulled me tighter, his body almost crushing me against the stone wall. I could see his red eyes and his copper hair, the rest of his skin was pale white, partly painted, but he didn’t need much.

“I said what is your name?!” His pupils shrank and his jaw tightened and the next thing I knew he was lunging for my throat. I heard an array of screams and I didn’t know which one was mine. His teeth sliced into my skin as if it were paper, and I shuddered. His lips were feather light on my skin and I felt suddenly aroused. How was this possible?

I noticed I was still screaming, and apparently he did too because his hand flew up and slammed my jaw shut. But surprisingly, it wasn’t violent. His thumb slid down my cheek bone. I wondered if he calmed every person he killed, did he feel guilt? My comprehension of what was happening around me vanished when the burning started. I could feel it like liquid fire, his saliva burning me. But it wasn’t his saliva, it only felt like such. It was the venom sliding into my blood stream. It was only central around my neck, but it didn’t take long before the entire upper half of my body was a livewire in the worse possible way. He fed hungrily at my most precious vein, each gulp sending him the urge to take more and more. I was tired, but I couldn’t stop my body from shaking. I bucked against him and I could feel his arousal as well. He moaned against me, and then everything went black, I slid into death, into an eternal slumber of pain. Of Hell.