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Tokyo's Battle: The House Wear the Undead Suffer

My name is Bella and I live in Tokyo. Headmistress of a prestige school, I possess special powers that could wipe the human race off the map.
But I can't do that. There's a band of vampires that want my powers. That's why I must hide. Who is Edward Cullen, and why can't I kill him?

AN: It was 6000 words, but I cut it in 2. Mwah ha. So you’ll have to wait for the rest. And you’re going to be anxious! Aha! I have no idea if this new story will be short or long. I have no idea if this story is going to get good reviews or bad reviews. I just hope you do review, and that you give me an open mind. You never know, you might like the second chapter a bit more than the first. Not that I’m saying you won’t like the first chapter chapter. So I hope you enjoy. I won’t be giving less time to my other stories. But Im almost done with “Who We Are.” And I don’t know if I should continue yet, so this one is here.

3. Chapter 3 -- Why am I not craving blood right now?

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Ever woken up with no idea where you are? That’s not me. I knew where I was. The question I asked after opening my eyes to the familiar shadow of the my chamber walls was:

“What the hell happened last night?” I brought my hand to my forehead and wiped away the sweat. I sighed and stretched my legs out. Slowly I sat up to let the blood in my head spread out. I pushed my hair back and looked around. My room was empty, and I was no longer wearing my dress from last night. I was in nothing except my slip. Oh God, did my head ever hurt. I brought my hands to my face, glad to feel that someone had washed my make-up off. When I looked up again, I motioned with my hand for the candles to ignite. It left a shimmer off the thick red curtains hanging from the stone walls.

I slid my feet onto the floor and let them touch the cold stones below. Straightening my back, I walked to the far wall and pushed aside one of the curtains where a mirror was waiting. I groaned. Because I couldn’t think of another word to describe myself at that moment, I looked like shit. Clearly I did not have a pleasant night.

I pulled on my silk house coat and made my way out into the living area of my apartment. Everything was dark, so I willed the lights on, the light illuminating who was waiting for me.

“How do you feel?” Alice asked from where she was lounging on the sofa, her legs folded underneath her.

“Like I just died and came back to life.” I went to the kitchen to make myself a pot of coffee, I leaned on the refrigerator as the smell of coffee grinds filled my nostrils.

“Luckily that wasn’t the case.” Alice came to stand next to me. “I’ve been anxious for hours to find out what the results of your little capade last night were going to turn into.”

“My what?” I asked. Alice gave an exasperated look and then spoke again.

“Your little ordeal with the foe. A Vampire.”

“Oh.” I turned around and poured the fresh coffee into a not so fresh mug. I took in a large swallow and smiled when it seemed to take some of my headache away.

“Bella.. Did you.. Er. Look in a mirror when you woke up?”

“Yeah, why?” I looked back at her.

“Did you look closely. Like, pushed your hair back from your neck?”

“Push my..” I reached up and felt my not so smooth neck. “oh my God.” I breathed and rushed back into my bedroom, throwing back the curtain again. Alice followed me, watching smugly with her arms crossed as I examined the vampire Mark on my skin. I moaned. This was not happening, and that was definitely not a dream I had last night. I looked at Alice’s reflection and she shrugged, clearly underneath her mask she was bursting to want to tell me everything I had apparently missed during my unconsciousness. I walked to my bed and sat down, making myself comfortable. Alice did the same, and for just one moment nothing was said. “Tell me.”

“Uh uh. You tell me what the heck you were doing walking off on your own first.”

“Well I asked first. Tell me what happened last night.”

“I can’t tell you what happened until you tell me what you remember. I don’t want to start talking about things you already know.” Alice smirked, and I gave in.



“I could smell her the instant we walked into the hall; her scent immediately dominate over the other humans. It helped a lot knowing who I was looking for, but never in my years have I smelt something so strong, so demanding.” Edward Cullen took in an unneeded breath and stood up. For some reason sitting down was doing nothing to calm his nerves. He began pacing the room, trying to gain control of his thoughts and memories.

“And then?” Another male voice said from where he was sitting, almost humanly comfortable in an arm chair. Carlisle’s arms were folded, his fingers almost touching in his lap; one leg resting on his other knee. Edward looked at his father figure of almost two hundred years and frowned.

“I suppose I just lost control. It was alright, I thought I could keep my senses in check, abduct her and then bring her back to you unscathed. Like you asked.”

Carlisle nodded for him to continue. “I got a glimpse of her.. Uh. Figure turning a corner into a hallway beyond and I --”

“And you followed her! You could have been walking into a trap, but like always you decide to follow the tramp into the darkness!” Emmett said from where he was standing in a corner trying to hold in his anger. Edward set his jaw.

“The entire thing was a trap. And I needed to know; I needed answers.”

“You should have waited until you met up with Jasper again.” This time it was Esme, sitting on the same sofa Edward had just vacated, her hands were clasped in her lap, her legs crossed at the ankle. How could she and Carlisle look so relaxed at a moment like this.

“I know. I beg your forgiveness. It was foolish of me. I know I made the mistake.” Edward bowed his head.

Emmett scoffed. “Understatement.” This caused Edward to growl. Carlisle lifted his hand to hush them. Everyone looked at him hesitant and cautious.

“I think.. I think this might work in our favour. This other girl; the friend. You said she smelt familiar?”

“She was vampire, yes.” Edward said. Carlisle nodded and thought critically, his forehead noticeably creasing.

“Alright.” He leaned forward on his knees. “Change of plans. This is what we’re going to do.”


“I saw him feeding from you and I went into a bit of a frenzy. Haha. You should have seen his face when he looked up!.. Or maybe not.” She said when I looked up at her with a disgusted look on my face. “I distracted him enough for him to let go of you. I thought I going to have to fight him when he leaped in the air towards me. And then another vampire flew from the air behind me and literally collapsed on top of your friend there.”

Alice fixed her legs and smiled. “My hero. Haha. Uhm… and then the blonde one turned to look at me as he struggled. ‘get her help!’ he ordered. Usually I don’t take orders, but this was you he was talking about. Soo.. I picked you over capturing the vampires. So now they are probably out there plotting their next moves.”

I stood up and began pacing the room. “So he just let you take me?” I asked, incredulous at the humanity that entitled. “A vampire?”

“You do know I am a vampire too?”

“Yes of course.” I waved her off. “ I don’t understand. I felt the venom of the redheaded one. I was burning alive.” I looked down at myself. “Why aren’t I craving blood right now?” Alice’s head stood still, but her eyes followed me as I walked.

“I tried my best to get as much of the venom out when we were alone. But, my hunger kept me from getting it all. And I was too late too. But! Look you’re not a vampire, so I did okay.”

“Thanks. But I still have no idea what its going to do to me to have part of him in me.”

“It’ll pass once your blood dominates his.”

“But it will never go away?”

“Probably not.” Alice stood up. “It’s Saturday, why don’t you go take a nice long bath and sit around all day doing nothing.”

“I laugh at your ignorance. I have a school full of kids and a basement full of dark creatures of the night to take care of. I have no time to sit around all day doing nothing.”