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Leah's Poems

Leah's hurt and broken. and the days pass by she writes more and more in her little jurnal until one day Sam finds it A poem a day for the next month.

Hey i wrote all the poems and everything most of them are realy good, also if you want to hear a certain peom subject then review it.

1. Untitled sonnet

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The coldness of your reaction haunts the day
The hatful words and disgust just hurt us
As the dour light of the moon makes the stress
Do anything but fall away
For nothing is left between us to decay.
The cruel path led us to the night, were we don't progress
Leads us to unknown, the nasty words express
How we feel, our friendship, our relationship depends on today
The emotions piled around as words surround
Many tears shed, many cries heard
Many laugh to share
As it occurred
The world came crashing around
And he didn't even care.