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Leah's Poems

Leah's hurt and broken. and the days pass by she writes more and more in her little jurnal until one day Sam finds it A poem a day for the next month.

Hey i wrote all the poems and everything most of them are realy good, also if you want to hear a certain peom subject then review it.

3. Lovely Consequencs

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Lovely Consequences

Flowers, Candy, Diamonds and Smiles

It all went on for Miles and Miles

Until the world caught up to us

And you threw an unneeded Fuss

With whom I was and who I am

Why not tell me Sham?

What I did, And What I did not

Its like you sought

A way to get me Done

So you took away the Sun

Why did you do Tha

tAnd Drop me without a mat

Now were Both Paying

Without saying

Were not paying in Kisses

But in lovely Consequencs