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Edward and Bella’s first night together on Isle Esme ( bottom of page 85 of Breaking Dawn) A short story of what I think happened the first night Edward made love to Bella.


1. Chapter 1

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The distance between the beach and the house wasn’t far but it seemed like an eternity as we walked hand and hand back inside the beautifully lit house.

There was no doubt Edward could hear the fast beating of my heart and the sudden speed in my breath as we walked past the glass doors into the white room. “I promised we would try, Mrs. Cullen,” Edward whispered slowly kissing my ear as he took me by the waist and pulled me closer to him.

He leaned his face down towards me closing his eyes and placing his forehead against mine. He inhaled deeply once, twice and then a third time, almost as if he was bracing himself for what was to come or thinking of a way to back out.

“I can do this, I can do this,” Edward keep repeating this inside his head. “I have made myself immune to her smell, to her kiss, even the taste of her blood, what if I hurt her?, why is this all of a sudden difficult?”

Just as Edward was contemplating the thought, his silence spoke louder than words. I knew exactly what was bothering him. I began to run my hands up and down his cold bare back, then caressing his stomach and up to his chest, letting my arms finally rest around his neck.

“Edward, I love you,” I finally broke the silence. “You won’t hurt me; I know you love me to much to let yourself hurt me.”

I pressed my naked wet body against his and standing on my tip toes reached up to kiss his cold lips. Even though he was still in thought, he began kissing me back just as quickly as I had started.

Just as I threw my arms around his neck and began kissing him hungrily with total disregard to the venom now flowing in his teeth, I felt him slowly reach down to my bottom and quickly lift me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist never breaking our passionate kiss.

“Oh Edward,” I was finally able to say as he lay me on the white bed in the middle of the big room.“Sorry, I’m sorry, did I hurt you?” he said quickly looking into my eyes with concern.“No, I laughed “it’s just I’ve never felt this way before, I mean, I’ve never done this, I guess I’m kind of nervous.”

I could feel the cool heaviness of Edwards’s body as he gently climbed on top of me and slowly positioned himself between my legs. I laid back and rested my head on one of the many pillows decorating the white bed. I blushed as I saw that Edward couldn’t take his eyes off my bare chest, rising and falling, faster and faster as my breathing increased; the arousing sensation between my legs was like a new rose opening in full bloom for the first time, a rose covered in dew.

He finally looked up locking his eyes with mine just in time to see my face blush hot, even more at the notion that I was watching him, watching me.

“When I told you that we would try, I didn’t just say it because it’s dangerous for you,” Edward said.

I couldn’t understand what he meant; I thought he just didn’t want to make love to me because maybe he thought he wouldn’t be able to control his hunger for my blood.

“Then why else did you say it” I whispered.“I could never live with myself knowing that I’ve hurt you, even in making love to you.

”Now I wasn’t at all sexually experienced but I knew enough to know that the first time making love might hurt. I love Edward, he loves me, and the fact that my own body was screaming for him, wanting him, would have made me welcome the biggest pain any human can endure with open arms.

I didn’t allow him to continue, to spend another second doubting himself on our wedding night.

Pain or no pain, life or even death, Edward would make love to me.

I reached up wrapping my arms tightly around his neck and like the first time we ever kissed in that beautiful meadow, I hungrily took his lips in mine and kissed him passionately, hardly being able to breath.I was pleased as I felt his lips part and kiss me back hard with the same eagerness.

I was certain that I had overcome her smell, the warm feel of her body, what happened to mind over matter? Never had we been this close. How could I overcome what has never occurred? To overcome the new sweet smell coming from between her thighs and of her blood pulsating rapidly throughout her warm body.

Edward’s grip was tight as he ran his hands down my rib cage, down my waist, gripping my arms and pinning them back over my head, his mouth still on mine, his sweet cool breath running down my throat as I inhaled it all in and began to feel light headed. In that moment, as if Edward had planned for me to be under the spell of his breath he gripped my arms even more tightly, and entered me.

I was under his spell. I barely noticed Edward’s body tighten above me, the tight grip he now had on my wrists or the low growl that erupted deep in his throat. His cold lips that now pressed firmly on the side of my neck began to tremble.

“Mmmm Edward…,” was the last thing I said before I fainted.

In that instant just the sound of Bella calling my name, I felt my body shake as my muscles tighten, my teeth filled with venom and my senses ready to hunt, I was losing the battle with my instincts, those instincts that I thought I had control over, I now felt weak as if I was standing on train tracks facing a fast moving train and everything in me was fighting the urge to jump out of the way, I did the only thing I could do as I felt like a madman trying to fight off the overgrowing urge to bite down into that soft cream colored flesh of her neck… I closed my eyes tightly and bit down.