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Immortality Comes With A Price

This didn't get through last time and I forgot to save it anywhere, so: Bella was in an experiment thing that dealt with depression and it went wrong. the only problem was that she became immortal. But like Capt. Jack off Dr. Who. that means that she can die, but she wakes up a few minutes later and all fatally injured things are mended. She can never die and she's the only one. So she moved in with a coven. She also dies every day to handle with the pain of Edward leaving. She has a power that is so close to his that she feels uncomfortable using it. it's teleknises


1. Chapter 1

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I grabbed my bag off the hook beside the door and rushed into the rain. My car moved straight to me and the door swung open. I ran into the car and shouted for Natasha (Nat) to get in and be quick about it. She was inside the car a few seconds later and startled me by turning the radio on.

I grimaced at the station she turned it to and moved the needle to my favourite station with my mind. She made a face at me and suddenly we were at school without my hands or feet touching the steering wheel of the pedals. we got out and ran to the shade together.

I looked out at the rain and spoke the obvious "Probably the hardest it's been my whole life."

Nat raised her fine, dark eyebrows and looked at me through dark eyes. "Cosidering climate change, yeah."

I rolled my eyes and walked to our first class. Apparently there were these new kids today and one of them were always in our classes - we had every class together. We had it this way because

A) I suffered from mild depression

B) I was still clumsy, not matter how many times I used my powers.

The public story was that we were twins and that we couldn't be seperated or we'd suffer severe depression. Weird story, but it was true, for me at least. Nat helped me keep my depression at the most minimum level that it was possible.


I sat in my seat while I willed my books to come out of my bag while looking like I was taking them out with my hands.

The teacher had started the lesson when I heard the door creak open. As it was too quiet for human ears, I couldn't turn around until the person said hi. I frowned in surprise. The voice had a dead ring to it, like mine, but I'd managed to make mine sound alive while I was really dead inside.

The boy walked up to the front of the room and I stiffened as I recognised who it was. Edward Cullen. The man - well, vampire - of my dreams. Forbidden by all means. He didn't love me and that thought had the power of killing me while I sat here. I opened my book and tore a small piece off the bottom of a page. I wrote

He's Edward Cullen!!! HELP, I'm freaking out!!!

on it and shoved it at her. She looked at me, panic and escaped obviously the only thought in her head before Edward introduced himself to the teacher. he turned around, saw the other empty desk in the room and immediately turned to me.

"Excuse me," he started, his dead voice awfully seductive, "but you wouldn't mind sitting over there for a moment, I need to talk to this girl for a moment."

Ha, I wasn't human. How dare he try to suggest that I sit with a mere human while he talks to my friend about things that might effect me!

My chin jerked up a fraction as I answered him "Is it so wrong that I get to sit with my twin sister?"

I heard his gasp as he looked into my eyes and cursed myself for my stupidity. My eyes were exactly the same as they had been when I was mortal...