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Immortality Comes With A Price

This didn't get through last time and I forgot to save it anywhere, so: Bella was in an experiment thing that dealt with depression and it went wrong. the only problem was that she became immortal. But like Capt. Jack off Dr. Who. that means that she can die, but she wakes up a few minutes later and all fatally injured things are mended. She can never die and she's the only one. So she moved in with a coven. She also dies every day to handle with the pain of Edward leaving. She has a power that is so close to his that she feels uncomfortable using it. it's teleknises


2. Chapter 2

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"Edward, are you looking for something?" The teacher asked, interrupting what Edward was about to say.

"Of course not, miss." he answered and sat down next to the other person in the room which was a gay boy who no-one would sit next to, not even girls.

I smiled at that, than shot a panicked glance at Nat and she returned it with one of her own.

"What are we gonna do" I mouthed at her.

She shrugged. Great. She was the one with alot of the ideas, and now she had none. This was NOT helpful.


"Ok, wht am I going to do?" I asked Nat desperately as we walked to the cafeteria and after we'd run from our class.

"Well, we could fake your death - again." She answered.

"No, I don't feel like I could die - again-type-thing again. Hey, you hungry. There's no cliffs around here that people are always around?" I answered.

"Well, yeah. I kinda do. You don't mind, do you?" she asked hesitantly.

"Look at it this way, you save me from thinking of a painful way to die without spilling blood." I answered.

She thought for a second, then said "Where?"

I answered "umm, maybe we could just run somewhere in the forest away from humans and then you kill me."

Nat suddenly grabbed my hand and I could feel the presence of another vampire behind me. The vampire brushed by us with a glance at me and kept going towards the cafeteria. I laughed. "Mathew, stop pretending." I complained.

He turned around to face me again. "How did you know it was me?" He asked.

"I know if a vampire is using their powers on whoever they're using them on. That's my power, don't forget that or you'll be against a tree all the time next hunting time." His power is to change the physical appearance of him and others. He can also copy someone's appearance axactly.

He narrowed his eyes at me, but slowly changed back to himself. He was copying Emmett, but, since he and Emmett were close in physical appearance, no human would really notice the difference. Vampires, however, are a totally different matter.

We walked up to the line and stood there waiting for Elli. She always took so long to get to lunch. We never really found out. I had a theory that she was making out with the 'cute' guy called Mike. Weird, but he was almost exactly the same Mike as I hd known in High School.

Then Elli rushed up, gushing exciteably, "You'll never believe this, but there is another coven that has a similar diet tonight. And -"

"Errr, yeah. Umm, if you haven't noticed, they're exactly the same as you had seen in my past." I said, cutting her off.

"Yep, I noticed that, but the blond guy is soooooo cute," she said.

"Cuter than that Mike kid you're hanging out with?" I asked.

Elli started to answer, but Nat cut her off from about twenty metres in front of us. "If you guys haven't noticed, the line has moved."

Elli and I moved forward and joined the line again where our 'siblings' were.