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Loving Emma Jane

Thanks to emerald-rosalie for the sexy banner! Love you girl! She was a quiet, independant girl who was left broken inside after her mother passed. With nothing left for her in Biloxi, Emma Jane packed what little she could carry and left. She had no way of knowing that the tiny town of Forks held the key to her future and the ingredients to make her a stronger person.

Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight, no copyright infringement is intended.

14. Chapter 14

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Moira did her best to wake Jacob, but he was out for the count. I sighed, knowing that I should just wake him myself and send him home. I could not make my legs move, I couldn’t do it. Accepting defeat much quicker than usual, I hiked the stairs to my room and collapsed on the bed. The puppy bounded in behind me, finally big enough to use the hope chest as a step stool.

That’s right where we stayed.

It was possible that I hadn’t slept a moment of restful sleep until I was in my own bed, aware of Jake sleeping and snoring downstairs. My eyes burned but I forced them open. They surveyed the room and then my clothes from the day before that I was still wearing. I rolled to my back and ran my right hand through Moira’s chocolate fur absentmindedly.

I needed to think things through. Wanting Jake as my husband was not the question. His ability to be the husband I deserve was. I wasn’t innocent either. I seriously doubted my wife skills were up to par. Hell, my living everyday life skills were still lacking.

No. I told myself forcefully. You are a good, responsible person Emma Jane.

Great, I was talking to myself, scolding myself, no less.

I froze my inner monologue when Moe snapped her head up, hearing the floor creak right outside my door. A slight brushing of knuckles against the solid door forced me to take a deep breath and tell my visitor to come in. It was Jake…but I knew that already.

“Hey,” his voice was rough and I suspected he had just woken up. His hand rubbed absently at his neck.

“That recliner is not comfortable. I should have woken you.” I sat up and moved to sit, legs crossed, so he could join me.

He hesitated but sat next to me anyway. There was the tiniest bit of tension obviously but I was glad he was there. I missed him.

“I missed you,” he looked down at me, gauging my response.

“Um…I missed you too Jake. Listen, I want to work this out right now. I don’t want to leave this house until all this shit is labeled and put away.”

“I planned on easing into the subject but since you brought it up...”

I watched as he fidgeted and squirmed, nervous I guessed. “We aren’t breaking up Jake. That isn’t what this is about. It’s the opposite actually.”

I yanked my hair, which was quickly becoming a nervous tick, and stood to pace the room. Jake sighed and stood with me. He towered over me, looking crushed and exhausted.

“I shouldn’t have come in yesterday EJ. I know you wanted some space.”

“No. I’m glad you were here when I got home but you’ve got it all wrong Jacob. I don’t want to be away from you. One day I would love to marry you but I can’t do it now.” My fingers swiped at the tears along my flushed face.

He leaned against the bedroom door, his strong hands on his hips. Very slowly, I moved forward until I was in his arms with his cheek resting on the top of my head. We remained in that position for an unknown amount of time. The warmth of his skin comforted me and I remembered our New Year’s Eve activities.

His touch thrilled me to no end. He held me as if I was his, and I was his. Still, in the first moments of our reconciliation I could feel his confident grip on my body.

“Our first fight as a couple,” he whispered against my knotted hair.

“I don’t like fighting with you. The whole thing was blown out of proportion.” I thought carefully before telling him my next thought. “Jake?”

“Hmm?” he sounded half-asleep.

“I want you to keep the ring and ask me again later.”

He straightened and pushed me away to look in my eyes. “How will I know when to ask again?”

I rolled my eyes. “I don’t have a clue. I imagine that we will just know when the time is right.”

Jake sighed and lifted me easily from the floor. He pressed his lips against mine. I could feel him smiling against my mouth.


“Alice, it will all work out, you’ll see.” Jasper was trying his best to calm my frazzled nerves.

“I am trying really hard not to be angry with Carlisle over this but it is extremely difficult. I feel like I have to choose, Jazz. The worst part is I have no idea how she will react or how she will make out once we‘re gone.”

I paused my useless pacing to gaze at my husband. His eyes remained locked with mine. I went to him, ran a hand through his golden locks and sighed. Nothing about vampires mingling with humans was easy and sadly, I was experiencing the emotions related first hand.

It was only hours before that I had the most heartbreaking vision. We were leaving, or it seemed Carlisle had decided to at the very least. The threat of such a thing was always in the back of my mind. We had remained in Forks longer than usual. Of course, EJ was a huge part of that.

Carlisle was torn when I confronted him about the vision. We sat around the mahogany table as a family, weighing our options. The others spoke delicately about anything Emma-related. A new revelation dawned on me in that moment. I was completely attached to EJ. I had ignored my husband, my family and caused a dependency for her, on me.

Jasper ran his hands along my back as I fought my inner battles. I felt guilty and the tiniest bit disgusted with myself. He had never said a negative word to me about anything. Even though I was completely self absorbed and bringing Emma down with me, he kept silent.

“I love you,” I whispered against his hair. “I am so sorry I’ve been absent. I was so desperate for a connection to my past that I had tunnel vision.”

“Alice, you are the kindest hearted person I know. You were entitled to some selfishness for once,” His fingers teased the cool skin at the small of my back.

“We have to go with them.” I knew it was the best way. EJ had a lot of growing up to do and I wasn’t helping her do that. For so long, in my eyes she could do no wrong but as the fog lifted, I realized she needed to find her own way.

“I know,” he answered strongly.

I grabbed my phone from the bed and flipped it open quickly, dialing EJ. “Hey, would you mind coming to the house?” I asked when she finally answered.

“Sure, is there something wrong Alice?”

I could hear Jacob in the background, among the voices that I knew belonged to Seth and Leah. “I need to speak with you about something. Have you and Jake made up?”

Her quiet sigh and slightly nervous giggle gave her away. “We’re working on things,” she paused, “Alice; you would tell me if it was something serious right? You sound upset.”

Jasper nodded in my peripheral vision. “We will talk when you get here Emma. Oh, bring Jake alright?”

“Yeah, ok. We’ll be over in a few.” The suspicion in her tone was hard to miss.

“I will go gather everyone else,” Jasper announced before standing and sprinting off to find the others.

I stood still and silent in my room, unwilling to move and terrified of the clock ticking loudly from the wall. If there was one thing I had learned in my years of immortality it was that life is not fair. I, of all people knew that lesson so well. My intuition was telling me to go and my steel trap of a mind couldn’t help but compare my situation to Edward and Bella’s.

It was silly to think Emma would react at all like Bella. They were two very different creatures and not just literally.

The crunching of gravel pulled me from my reverie. I raced down the stairs, stopping at the front door to continue in a human pace.

“She’s suspicious,” Edward warned from his place in the living room. “Her thoughts are racing.”

Glancing at the rest of my family, I granted him a slight nod and marched forward to break the news. I refused to think of my announcement as bad news. EJ needed to find herself.

“Alice, what the hell is wrong? You sounded upset on the phone and then you ask me to bring Jake over,” EJ questioned forcefully as she stalked across the lawn toward me. The wolf towered behind her small frame.

When my eyes met his, he knew. The low rumble from his throat gave him away.

“Emma, we are leaving. All of us,” I explained.

Her eyes widened but she caught herself and erased the shock right away. “What? Alice, there is no way you can leave me! Take me with you.”

Jake stepped forward and placed his hand on EJ’s shoulder. “This is what they do Emma. They draw you in until your life revolves around them and then they leave.”

No,” I hissed. “That is not what’s happening here. We have been in one place for too long. People are going to realize none of us has aged, especially Bella. EJ, you know it has to be done.”

Her shoulders slumped in defeat and I was surprised that she did not put up more of a fight. “I guess I knew it would happen eventually.”

Even without Edward there to read her thoughts, I knew she was blaming herself. I also knew that she automatically expected everyone she loved to leave her eventually. That’s why she loved Jacob Black so deeply. Yet, it was possible that even he would leave her someday.

“Come inside EJ. Let us talk this over,” I motioned with my fingers then turned as the pair of them followed.

Once inside, Jake hovered near the door while Emma took a seat on the couch. Edward stared at her with narrow eyes.

“So, you guys are leaving?” she asked politely.

“We are,” Carlisle spoke first. “This decision has nothing to do with you though. It is just unavoidable for our kind. As much as we would love to stay rooted in one place, we cannot. Shedding the nomadic lifestyle completely isn’t possible.”

“We have put it off as long as possible,” Esme said with a reassuring smile.

Jake scoffed from his corner.

“Keep you opinions to yourself, dog. You have caused enough trouble here.” Rose spat.

Emmett grasped Rosalie’s shoulders tightly. “We all love you EJ. You are more than welcome to visit or if you want come live with us,” he offered.

I gave him a look, being sure that EJ did not see. “Emma, as hard as this is I think you will be just fine here.”

“We are not trying to get rid of you,” Edward spoke suddenly. His face was pained. “Why would you think such a thing?”

I sat on the couch and tried to pull her into an embrace, she pushed me away.

“No, Alice. I need some time to process all of this. I mean, one minute you people are concerned and the next you’re leaving. How am I supposed to feel about that?”

Edward and Emma stared silently at one another. My eyes skipped from one to the other, dying to be included.


Stay out of my head Edward. I thought, staring intensely at him through my eyelashes. I was living one gigantic soap opera. It was sickening.

I was not an idiot; I knew that Alice and the rest of my breathless family wasn’t abandoning me. That didn’t make it any easier to hear, however. My chest tightened to the point that I wanted to cry out. Maybe I couldn’t keep myself on track with Alice gone. Perhaps I would fall into my old ways and slowly push Jake away until I was truly alone again.

“When are you leaving?” I dared ask.

“In two weeks,” Carlisle spoke the answer before anyone else could.

I was frozen to the couch, breathing erratically and singing battle hymns in my mind to keep Edward out.

Alice grasped my hand, I let her. There was no use in resisting. “We’re moving to upstate New York.”

“I wanted to live in the snow again,” Emmett admitted to me.

Rosalie smiled, deep in memory. “I do really miss the snow as well.”

That was the first time I actually felt left out. A tiny, tiny part of me wanted to be just like them in that moment.

“No Emma,” Edward almost shouted.

“What is it Edward dear?” Esme moved closer to him.

He ignored her. “You don’t know what you would be losing.”

“Oh pull it together Edward. Stop trying to be the saver of souls and back off, I never said I wanted to be turned.” He really was annoying in the way of actually knowing what I was thinking.

“Jesus, Edward. Stop being so melodramatic.” Jasper stepped forward and grabbed the hand that Alice wasn’t holding. “Come on EJ, Alice...Let’s go back to the duplex.”

“See ya, bloodsuckers.” Jake saluted the remaining Cullens on his way out.

Jasper continued to pull me until we reached my jeep. “I’m sorry EJ, the emotions were piling up on me and I just had to get out.”

Alice was right behind us, smiling. “You considered changing for us?”

“Get in the car Emma,” Jake ordered. “This shit is deja vu. I’m not going through it again.”

I crossed my arms and all but cemented my feet to the driveway. The situation was very out of hand and no one was making any sense. My head was spinning with all the drama.

“Wait, wait one second. I never said I wanted to be a vampire. Edward was invading my private thoughts.” I could see Jacob visibly relax.

Jasper and Alice hopped into the small back seat of my jeep, waiting and watching me with expectant eyes. Finally, I climbed into the driver’s seat while Jake loaded into the passenger seat. We rode in silence all the way back to my place. I could hear Moira barking inside the house, wanting to be let out.

Seth and Leah were long gone.

All four of us gathered in the small kitchen where I stood directly in front of Jake, allowing him to be my cushioning.

“This is so much better,” Jasper admitted.

Alice and I laughed. It felt amazing to laugh.

“I don’t know what I’ll do without you guys…especially you two.”

“Oh and you have forgotten about me already?” Jake teased. He tickled my sides.

I looked around my tiny faded kitchen where the only true family I’d ever had was gathered. Two vampires, a shape shifter and then me. The lowly human. Moe whined from her spot on the stairs, I had forgotten her.

Alice lifted herself to the countertop easily. “We can do whatever you want in the next two weeks. Anything, just name it.”

My eyebrow rose. This was going to be fun.


The week after I learned the Cullens were moving was possibly the most exciting week of my life. As soon as my feet were set firmly on the asphalt in the station’s parking lot Alice and Jasper were there to pick me up. With the exception of Thursday when Emmett was my personal chauffeur. It was a pleasant day as far as weather in Forks goes, minus the sun.

He hoisted me onto his back and I held on for dear life. I can’t say I have ridden a horse but at least I can say I’ve ridden an Emmett, however wrong that statement sounded.

Basically, we did everything but talk about moving day. I hadn’t brought the subject up since.

Alice and I shopped until I dropped in Seattle. Jake drooled when I added another tattoo to my collection and almost passed out when I admitted I had also gotten another piercing.

“Where is it?” He prodded me.

I laughed, “You’ll find out soon enough.”

He covered his face with both hands and groaned. “You are trying to kill me EJ.”

Jasper, using Alice as a partner, showed me some of his defensive moves. It was very exciting, too exciting in fact. My emotions distracted him to the point that he accidentally put me to sleep. Waking up on the wet ground with a dumb ass grin on my face went on the list of low points in my life.

That incident was still entertaining Alice and Jake to no end.

On Saturday, the end of week one, Jake and I took a break from everything to stay in and rest. Avoiding reality had done wonders for my libido, much to Jacob’s shock. We lay in bed, way before our bedtime discussing the next week’s activities.

“What are you gonna do when they’re gone?” he asked unexpectedly.

I groaned and rolled over on my stomach, my face in the pillow. “We aren’t talking about that, remember?”

“Fine! Whatever you say.” He gripped my waist and rolled me over onto his chest. “What do you want to talk about?”

I grinned at him seductively. “Who says we have to talk at all?”

He looked up at me through heavy lids. His breathing had sped up just the slightest bit. “I think that’s a hell of an idea.”

I sat atop his chest confidently and peeled my camisole top slowly over my head, letting my breasts fall free. His eyes immediately fell on my new piece of jewelry and I giggled. Yes, I was totally avoiding the inevitable but hell if I wasn’t really enjoying myself in the process.

I would worry about saying goodbye when that day comes.