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Loving Emma Jane

Thanks to emerald-rosalie for the sexy banner! Love you girl! She was a quiet, independant girl who was left broken inside after her mother passed. With nothing left for her in Biloxi, Emma Jane packed what little she could carry and left. She had no way of knowing that the tiny town of Forks held the key to her future and the ingredients to make her a stronger person.

Stephenie Meyer owns all things Twilight, no copyright infringement is intended.

3. Chapter 3

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I seemed to function on the same schedule as Alice and her family. There was never much need for sleep in my world; I could pull off a coherent conversation after only two hours of rest. Never before had I been proud of my weirdness, until I came to Forks. Alice and Emmett were masters at planning a whole day full of activities. The hours flew by and I knew without a doubt that I was addicted to living in the small forgotten town.

Exactly two weeks after setting foot in Washington I felt a pang of fear as the friendly clerk checked me out of the small room and sent me on my way. Alice was waiting out front in the Volvo; I smiled at her and waved at Bella who occupied the front passenger seat.

“I am so glad you took Charlie up on his offer Emma. I think you two will get along fine.” Bella was practically beaming. She liked using my full name.

Alice paused before starting the car, “Everything will work out like it’s supposed to.” The statement seemed to be directed at Bella, not me.

“I can’t believe I’m going to live in your old bedroom. Don’t you think that’s creepy?”

Bella spun in her seat, laughing. “Trust me, there isn’t much on my list of things that creep me out. I’ll leave it at that.”

I listened to her and Alice chatter back and forth and tried to memorize the way to Charlie Swan’s house. Being with Bella wasn’t as easy as being with Alice so I was genuinely surprised when the subject of renting her old room came up. I’d learned some about her father and noticed that she really loved him. There was a knot in my stomach because I was forging on into uncharted waters.

Chief Swan’s house was small but I was prepared for that. Bella went on ahead leaving Alice and me to gather my things from the trunk. She reemerged moments later with her father in tow. He had friendly eyes and extended his hand toward me in greeting. I hesitated a little, still unsure if he was truly comfortable with a stranger living in his daughter’s old room.

“Emma, nice to meet you.” Charlie grabbed the bag from my shoulder and followed us girls into the house.

“I can’t thank you enough for this Mr. Swan.”

“Charlie, please. I already feel old as it is. Married daughter and all...” He looked slightly embarrassed and let his statement trail off.

“Come on EJ I’ll help get you unpacked.” Alice was already halfway up the stairs. She showed me the master bedroom, bathroom and finally, Bella’s old room.

Her things had been packed away in plain brown boxes and shoved against the far wall. The bed was new and larger than the old one, or so Bella informed me. Alice made quick work of hanging what clothes I had on the empty hangers from the closet while I tossed my unmentionables in the top drawer.

Bella sighed. “This room brings back so many memories. Edward used to sneak in at night while my dad was sleeping.”

Alice and I giggled. Apparently, we were both thinking the same thing. I couldn’t imagine any guy sneaking through that window to see me.

“That’s that. Let’s go.” Alice brushed her hands together.

“What’s on the agenda for today?” I pulled a brush through my hair and examined my teeth for foreign matter in my compact mirror.

“Shopping.” Bella groaned. “Can’t I just stay at home with Edward, Alice?”

My eyes lit up. I wasn’t a huge shopper but I could not pass up the opportunity to browse. I had spent most of the morning opening up a checking account with the remainder of my mother’s life insurance money. There was enough to keep me happy but it pained me to spend any knowing how I had acquired it.

“You’re going Bella, stop complaining. EJ, I have the strongest desire to give you a make over.” She waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“Nice Alice. I could do without the facial expression.” I admired my off the shoulder Madonna shirt and skinny jeans I‘d bought in LA. The boots could hit the garbage can and I wouldn’t shed a tear but I really liked my choice in clothing. “I can’t believe you don’t like the way I’m dressed. Its eighties chic, come on.” I plucked the hem of my shirt in annoyance.

Alice looked deep in thought. She stroked her chin a few times before answering. “I’m not a fan of the whole second hand shop thing but I think it looks amazing on you.”

Bella nodded in agreement, probably hoping to postpone the shopping for a day that she wasn’t able to go.

“I was actually thinking more about focusing on your hair and make up.”

I had no grounds to argue. My brown hair was peeking out from under the dull black dye job at the roots and my eyeliner was so short I had to smudge it on. I was one smudge away from being a raccoon. “Do they take checks?” I hedged.

“Don’t be silly EJ. Today, you are my dress up dolly. I’m footing this bill.”

“No way Alice, I can’t let you do that. You guys have done way to much already.” The tiny touch screen phone in my pocket came to mind first. When Bella handed it over and explained where it came from I could imagine Edward, Jasper and Emmett slobbering over the computer keys. Guys and technology. Edward programmed everyone’s numbers into it and Bella attempted to show me how to use it. Alice had to wrench the phone from her grip and shove it in my pocket before Bella smashed it to pieces under her heel.

“Just get in the car Emma Jane and let me do all of the thinking today.”

Bella opted to sit in the back seat on the way to Port Angeles. Alice and I carried on as if we were alone in the car until Bella cleared her throat. I felt guilty, Bella and Alice were closer than close and I was monopolizing not only her best friends time but the rest of her family as well. I was also sleeping in her father’s house in her old room. Regret swept over me and I started to rethink staying in the Chief’s house.

Port Angeles was a tourist trap but I liked it. The boardwalk was empty, it was the off-season, but I enjoyed walking along and letting the breeze wash across my face. Alice danced along behind me, impatiently.

“Why does Bella hate shopping so much? I think its fun. Are there any secondhand shops around here?” I hadn’t seen Bella since we’d parked the car. She was probably cowering in some random store, hiding.

Alice made a face. “Yes.”

“Would you care to make a deal?”

“I’m not sure; you’ve been spending a considerable amount of time with Emmett.” She screwed her face up. “I guess we can compromise. What are your terms?”

“I’ll give you complete control over hair, makeup and shoes if you agree to let me dress you for one day.” I was a bit smug I knew she would cave.

“Deal.” She stuck her hand out but pulled it away before I could shake it. “Wait. I want to add to the terms. When’s your birthday?”

I questioned her motives with one raised eyebrow. “March third.”

“You can dress me if I can plan a birthday party.”

“Alice! You are taking advantage here. You get hair, makeup, shoes and a party. I get one day. March is months from now. So not fair.”

“Isn’t this going to be the big two one? Oh, please EJ! I have so many ideas!” Alice started to prance in place.

Damn. She was so convincing I couldn’t stand it. One minute I‘ve got the upper hand and the next Alice is deciding what kind of alcohol I‘ll be drinking. “Fine but I get to dress you the night of my party.”

“I like how you think. Agreed.”

This was going to be interesting. “Let’s find Bella, I think she’ll want to hear about this.”


I sat quietly while Emma had her hair dyed, cut and whatever else it was Alice asked of the stylist. Resisting the urge to run home and cuddle with Edward was becoming harder by the minute. I hated shopping and I really thought I could spend the day with EJ and Alice without wanting to escape.

Seeing her move into Charlie’s house was harder than I thought it would be. No amount of anything would make me admit to my husband that I felt a twinge of regret. Even as I watched Alice fawn over her great niece, I felt the green-eyed monster breathing down my cold neck. Underneath that was the guilt for not being totally happy for my sister. Alice knew the least about her human life out of the whole family.

There was a huge debate within the house on how we should handle the whole vampire/human situation. It wasn’t anything like Edward and I and there was the fear of calling attention to ourselves if EJ did learn what Alice and the rest of us truly were.

The ride home was just as uncomfortable as the rest of the day. I smiled my brightest and hoped Alice didn’t see right through me.

We dropped EJ off at Charlie’s house and sped home in silence. Edward was waiting on the porch for us.

“Family meeting.” He pulled me into a hug, kissing me as if I had been gone for years rather than hours. “I missed you, my Bella.”

I caressed his face, taking in each curve and feature. I felt a bit silly, regretting my decision as I had. He was the man I would spend forever with; I had to let the rest of the world move on.

We traveled into the dining room, hand in hand. Everyone else was already seated around the large table. Esme flashed me a smile as I passed her to take a seat. Carlisle tapped his fingers against the mahogany tabletop before standing to speak.

“Bella, I must say we are very proud of how you’ve handled Emma’s arrival. Suggesting she stay with Charlie was a very generous idea.”

If I were still human, I would have blushed. If he only knew. I managed a small nod of my head thanking the heavens above Edward couldn’t read my mind.

Carlisle paused. He looked as if he were trying to find the right words. “Alice, we have to consider what Emma’s presence means for us, as a family. She is an intelligent girl; she will eventually derive a conclusion. What do you propose?”

I saw Jasper place his hand at the small of her back in support. “I’ve gone through a few possibilities and all of them are fuzzy. I can’t be sure how she will react if I were to tell her.” Alice looked frustrated.

Edward was nodding in agreement. Of course, he had seen all of the things through Alice’s mind. “If in fact she learns what we truly are, what then? Not everyone will have the reaction Bella did; she could be frightened and leave.”

Rosalie was on her feet in a flash, a slight growl was forming in the back of her throat. “I’m sick of this! Why are we always taking in humans? Carlisle you speak on preservation of our family yet here we are again, taking in another helpless human. No offense Bella.”

I was not surprised. Rose was not my biggest fan while I was human. “None taken.”

“Rose, I understand you don’t agree with this but we have to consider Alice’s feelings in this situation. I am not sure I like repeating myself.” Esme swept across the room to envelope Alice in a hug.

Jasper looked concerned, as did Edward. I could see Rose’s resistance was valid. I hadn’t forgotten just how much trouble I had caused the Cullens when Edward and I started dating. We had not seen or heard from the Volturi since I had been turned but if they got wind of another human learning of vampires’ existence, it couldn’t end well.

“I think we should tell her.” All eyes turned to Emmett who had been silent up until that point. “She’s an adult; don’t you think she deserves to choose a path for herself?”

My mouth hung open in shock. I knew Emmett was no dummy but I personally had never heard him contribute such a thoughtful idea. Rosalie looked like she wanted to murder her husband.

“If she can’t handle it then she’ll leave, we can’t make that choice for her. Don’t look at me like that Rose, you know I’m right.” He sat back in the chair folding his huge arms across his chest.

“How do we even know if we can trust her? You heard Alice; she can’t see what will happen!”

“That’s enough Rose!” Alice looked pissed. I hadn’t seen that look since the night of the baseball game in Emmett’s jeep. “We can trust her, I know we can trust her and I won’t listen to your selfish reasoning anymore!

She took off through the back door, Jasper right behind her. Rosalie streaked off up the stairs and Emmett followed shrugging his shoulders and giving us all a sympathetic look. My jaw was still unhinged from Emmett’s epiphany. Carlisle sighed and took his seat once again.

“I agree.” Edward said suddenly. I realized Carlisle was speaking to him silently. They noticed the confused look on my face and Edward clarified. “We think Emmett’s right about this.”

I pecked Edward’s cheek and left the two of them to contemplate. I found Esme in the living room, staring out into the twilight. She wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close while I wrapped my arm around her middle.

“It feels a little like déjà vu.” I hadn’t considered until that moment just how similar my human life was with EJ’s.

Esme must have noticed the brooding look on my face. “Things will work out Bella. Time heals all.”

I countered her statement with a forced smile. She could not know that I was oddly jealous over the girl sleeping in my old room at that very moment. She couldn’t know that part of me agreed with Rose.