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The Potter Twins

Okay, who doesn't love Harry Potter/ Twilight crossover? Apparently not many of you, considering there are not very many Harry Potter/ Twilight stories. So, I decided to post a bizzarro dream I had. Most of my stories come from dreams, but this will blow your mind. My mom worries about me, and I'm sure you'll worry too after this. Read the title again, I'm sure you'll get what this is mainly about. The only relationship with Twilight this has is the Cullens, and the Votluri. (I was sobbing last night- Volturri isn't a real place!) The rest is a very twisted version of Harry Potter. Ignore ALL the other stories. Take the books for reference on who Harry is. This is Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Just you wait- this is gonna be good! Has a few new characters.

The Preface and story are told from different points of view. Not telling whose, but they are different people. Trust me, I think I'd know. The Cullens come in here, in the first chapter. You'll get it, but our main character doesn't! (Not yet, anyways) This takes place a few years after Breaking Dawn, but Bella does not live through Twilight. According to my story..wait! Why would I tell you here? Gosh, I'm not an idiot. Your gonna have to read and find out like everyone else, Sophie.

2. Where are we, exactly?

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"Where are we, exactly?" I asked, looking around and stumbling over a branch...and tearing my cloak. I cursed inwardly, very badly, and Edward winced.

"You've got a colorful vocabulary for a ten year old." He mumbled. I grinned evilly.

"Some adults don't bother to watch your or their language. So until now, I've never noticed. And wouldn't have noticed if SOME NOSEY VAMPIRE KEPT TO THEIR OWN HEAD!" Did I mention I get very snappy after walking long distances? Yup, you guessed it. We'd been walking for hours. And I was beat. I never slept well, anyways...

"Your thoughts are like you're talking to someone," Edward voiced, why did he have to voice the inner workings of my brain? I was so used to being under the Imperious Curse, that I naturally talked back to myself in my mind. And I interrupted myself regularly. I was perfectly healthy in the head, honest!

He looked at me, bewildered, by what I was thinking. I guess he didn't agree with me. "Keep to your own head," I growled in that scary way I've got, death glare and everything. His eyes widened, catching wind of the malicious thoughts and he looked away. The dull throb that was present when he was in there disappeared. Disapperated, I translated into Wizard-talk. A kind of language full of terms used by magic folk that I translated as much as I could into when I was bored. Which was often.

"We are in Forks Washington, and nearing our house. Your parents are waiting there for you. So's your twin brother." Carlisle answered. He and Edward were the only ones who seemed okay with the fact that I could start a fire with a single piece of wood. Only after a very long conversation with myself, chanting different chants until I could come up with the right one. I shivered, my feet crunching the snow on the ground.

"I don't have parents, they died." I muttered.

"No, they didn't. They want you back," Edward answered soothingly.

"They won't when they find out that I can perform Avada Kedavra. No one wants to know anyone who can do that. I'd bet it would affect you, too," I looked them up and down. "No reason it couldn't,"

"The what?" Alice asked, confused, "You know what? Never mind. I actually don't want to know. But if I change my mind, I'll let you know."

"You probably don't want to know," I agreed. I stumbled again, landing face first on a huge slab of ice. I'd slipped. Dang, I felt REAL smart today.

"Why don't you?" Edward asked, addressing the question of whether I should make that tree off to the left spontaneously combust, to vent some of my frustration and confusion. I grinned slyly. Lifted my wand, muttered some magic words (very, very literally) and the tree combusted. Every particle just exploded. There was no ash, no burnt reminants. Just nothing except a cleanly sliced stump. I could never get the stump to go...

I looked up, where their attention had been diverted. Holy (insert swear word of your choice. I suggest makerol, that's what came to my mind first). There was this huge, white house. Suddenly, a witch and wizard came running out, followed by a ten year old boy with glasses and a lightning scar on his forehead. He stood timidly on the driveway, leaning back and forth trying to decide whether or not to follow who were very obviously his parents.

These were the people I had been trained to kill. Who I was to give no mercy, and perform the Avada Kedavra Curse on immediately, heedless of where I was. They were my family.