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The Potter Twins

Okay, who doesn't love Harry Potter/ Twilight crossover? Apparently not many of you, considering there are not very many Harry Potter/ Twilight stories. So, I decided to post a bizzarro dream I had. Most of my stories come from dreams, but this will blow your mind. My mom worries about me, and I'm sure you'll worry too after this. Read the title again, I'm sure you'll get what this is mainly about. The only relationship with Twilight this has is the Cullens, and the Votluri. (I was sobbing last night- Volturri isn't a real place!) The rest is a very twisted version of Harry Potter. Ignore ALL the other stories. Take the books for reference on who Harry is. This is Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Just you wait- this is gonna be good! Has a few new characters.

The Preface and story are told from different points of view. Not telling whose, but they are different people. Trust me, I think I'd know. The Cullens come in here, in the first chapter. You'll get it, but our main character doesn't! (Not yet, anyways) This takes place a few years after Breaking Dawn, but Bella does not live through Twilight. According to my story..wait! Why would I tell you here? Gosh, I'm not an idiot. Your gonna have to read and find out like everyone else, Sophie.

3. Meeting Robyn Lily (Jaylyn) Potter (Skylar).

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"I'm so glad they found you! I didn't know it was in a vampire's nature to care at all!" Lily gushed over tea. I hadn't seen them, ever. But I could see myself in them. Trouble maker, from James. And my looks from Lily. Actually, trouble maker might even be an understatement, but that's beside the point.

"We're different than most vampires. We don't hunt humans. Animals only," Carlisle explained.

"Really?" James asked, excited.

"Oh yes, in fact..." Carlisle nodded vigorously. He like explaining this kind of thing. I let my concentration wander, my eyes drifting to everyone around the table in turn. Esme, on the right of Carlisle at the head of the table. Nest to Esme was Alice, Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Rosalie, James at the other end of the table, Lily, me and Harry to the left of Carlisle. This was quite a large table.

My thoughts wandered, landing on the peculiar statement. She is a lot like Bella, I know, Alice had said to Edward. Why? Who was Bella? I'm not Bella. I'm Robyn Jaylyn Skylar. Well, actually I'm Robyn Lily Skylar. I wasn't telling Lily this- but I like my name better. The one I picked out myself. Sadly, the universe is messed up so we all have to deal with whatever our parents dictate.

"Carlisle, do you mind if we hold a side conversation?" Edward asked, breaking in politely when Carlisle had paused for James to think a moment of what was safe to divulge about the art of wizardry.

"No, I do not mind." Carlisle answered, not looking away from my parents. "James? Lily? You do not mind, do you?"

"Of course not, I suppose this is all very boring to them," James laughed. Lily nodded, smiling.

"You are a lot like Bella." Edward started. Harry's attention had drifted to us, and as soon as Edward said that- he was all ears.

"Who is Bella?" I asked, annoyed that he hadn't explained this. Not everyone could read minds. He smiled at my snide thought.

"She was this girl...my girlfriend, to be honest. She had deep brown eyes and long brown hair. She wasn't afraid of vampires in the slightest bit and blushed at everything. She was quiet and thoughtful, and couldn't stand having someone other than herself take the blame. She desperately wanted to become a vampire, and was a hopeless klutz." Edward answered.

"And where is she now? And how am I like her?" I prompted.

"She died, two years ago. She ran away, thinking she was saving her mom when it was a trap. Another vampire, James, who was tracking her as a game, killed her. Sucked her dry."

James looked up at the sound of his name, and looked at Edward questioningly. "Curse my parents, James is such a common name," He muttered. Then dove back into conversation with Carlisle and Esme about life. Adults, when will they appreciate the important things of life?

Edward lowered his voice, "I don't know why, but you just remind us painfully of Bella."

"So...there really is no-known- reason for myself to remind you of some dead girl?"

"I'd rather you spoke of Bella with more respect."

"Sorry, I have what some people might call anti-social behavior. Mainly because I have maybe socialized with three people, in all my life. One: the maid. Two: the HobbleMaster (Master walked with a terrible limp. He hobbled!) Three: being I over-exaggerated, five other kids of whom I entertained with evil, torturous plots. Very, very sociable behavior, don't you agree?" I answered, in a very sincere polite tone. I wasn't mocking him, at all. Sure, a lot of sarcasm was dripping off most of the words, but it was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

"Robyn?" James asked, I looked up. "Who are you, exactly?"

"Um...Robyn? I figured that was obvious," I answered, wondering about his mentality. Edward stifled a laugh, sounding like he was clearing his throat. We all ignored him.

James smiled, and attempted to push his messy black hair out of his eyes. They were brown, and not at all reflective like most brown eyes are. They were deep like a pool of mud. "Yes, but what about you? What are you like? We haven't a clue. We haven't seen you since you were one."

"Ah, but what about you? You have to promise to tell me after I spill my guts. Then its your turn. No interruptions, now." I nodded. "Lived where ever I was, exactly, for as long as I can possibly remember. Lets see...I got a wand at five, I think. Its metal I don't much like it...heard metal wands were made illegal after simple spells came out too powerful and turned lethal. So naturally I would like to burn it, sadly its metal and will only melt... Hmmm...I probably could perform all three Unforgivable Charms, but haven't tried just because of their name. Lied and said I couldn't so HobbleMaster, that's what we called him. He never told us his name, HobbleMaster wouldn't make us use it on people. There was HobbleMaster's Teacher's Pet, Joshua, and he was giving a large stick and was allowed to hit us with it on Tuesdays and Thursdays if we didn't behave well enough for him. Turns out I have a really good talent for unfailable plots. Its funner to make elaborate, evil plots but I suppose simple good ones couldn't be too difficult. Let's see...HobbleMaster was an idiot and taught me everything he knows, and he works for Lord Voldemort. Umm...that's kind of it."

"Wow." James said, "You're Harry's twin sister, if you haven't figure that one out. And Voldemort has attempted to murder us at least twelve times."

Esme gasped. "That will not happen again, will it Carlisle? We'll kill him, that nasty man! Carlisle, do you think we could move with them and offer our protection. I'm sure that the Volturi haven't missed a chance to team up with someone so powerful! I think that we could round up some werewolves, shapeshifters, and vampires to help. Oh, we could call up the Grimms! All we have to do is convince Puck that this is a very evil, bad, troublesome thing to do and he'll help us. Then Sabrina will, then Daphne and Relda. Of course Jake'll be obliged. We've saved his skin more than once, haven't we?"

"I've been looking forward to seeing Robin Hood again," Alice mumbled. Jasper looked at her. "I'm waiting for you to take on after him. He actually dresses quite fashionably."

Jasper rolled his eyes.

"Oh, no, we couldn't possibly impose in such a way as that! That would be so dangerous!" Lily said politely. But I knew this was an offer they were not about to give up too quickly.

"I read minds, no use in trying to lie." Edward said softly. He looked up, and right into James' eye. "We will protect you, and there is nothing you can do about it. Now tell me, what is the Order of the Phoenix you keep referring to?"

"Oh, its, well, it...we need to get...come with us. Quickly, quietly. You can return to pack, or whatever you want, later. We need a secure location before speaking of this. If you could be so kind to not mention anything about it until we are safely inside. I will tell you the...yes. Okay. Um, you can round up your friends, as few as possible first, maybe? No werewolves- I've already got one for a best friend- and no more vampires. The Grimms? I think I've heard of them. They would be very useful, yes." James looked up at them, pausing with his planning. "Thank you, so much, for everything."

"No problem's" and "Edward hasn't been so happy since Bella's" rang around the table. Accompanied by nods and very serious faces. The Cullens excused themselves, to grab a few things they were going to absolutely need. Saying they'll meet up with us at midnight, in front of the Leaky Cauldron. Since they were not witches and wizards they'd need our help to get in. We would spend the day there, in Diagon Alley, buy Harry and I our supplies for Hogwarts. We had both been accepted. I wondered how Dumbledore, the Headmaster could have possibly known...? The Cullens departed, upstairs to the attic and above floors and downstairs to the basement.

"You have a broom?" James asked hopefully.

"Yes...its a bit far away though."

"Not a problem. Accio...Robyns broomstick..." he used a Summoning Charm. My broomstick, moments later, came flying through the open window and into his left hand. He handed it to me. It was a Nimbus 2000, the third best broom available. There was the Nimbus 2000, taking third. Nimbus 2001, taking second. And the new Firebolt, taking first. Following everyone out of the dining room and into the living room, I noticed four trunks full of wizarding supplies and cloaks. Alice came downstairs with three brooms. Three Firebolts. My spirits toughened themselves up with a quick pep talk, and pulled themselves from the ground.

"You're going to have to keep pace with me," I sighed.

"Wrong. One of our caravan will be on a Cleansweep. We'll be keeping pace with her."


"The Advance Guard, Robyn," Lily answered for James. "They escort us places. Useful, if you need a favor done. Annoying because you can hardly move they're so close. Voldemort will not be happy we have you, so the Primary Guard will no doubt be close behind."

"Oh, that makes sense," I lied. It made no sense. But I wasn't about to say that. Edward caught my eye from across the room, and gave me a knowing look that neither James or Lily caught. Harry was busy trying to figure out what that brown guck on the hem of his robes came from. Mud, obviously. He was trying to keep his mind busy...I wonder why?

Suddenly, there were seven more people in the room. They lined up, off to the side. Lily steered me over to them. James was already talking to the one who seemed in charge. "James," Lily prompted.

"Robyn, this is Sirius Black," He introduced me to the man he had been talking to, then moved down the line: "Remus Lupin, Severus Snape," a slight twang of loathing at this name, "Arthur Weasly, Bill Weasly, Charlie Weasly, and Mad-Eye Moody,"

"We should hurry, Potter," Snape said in an oily voice that matched his hair. Talk about gross. Edwrad stiffled another laugh that sounded like a throat clearing. Snape sneered at him. But, then again, he was sneering at everyone.

"We should probably get on, James," Sirius advised. "That is, if we're finished here?"

"Yes, the Cullens will be joining us tonight at midnight, in London. In front of the Leaky Cauldron."

And there was a bustle of movement, and Robyn was jostled out the front door, and into the sky.