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The Potter Twins

Okay, who doesn't love Harry Potter/ Twilight crossover? Apparently not many of you, considering there are not very many Harry Potter/ Twilight stories. So, I decided to post a bizzarro dream I had. Most of my stories come from dreams, but this will blow your mind. My mom worries about me, and I'm sure you'll worry too after this. Read the title again, I'm sure you'll get what this is mainly about. The only relationship with Twilight this has is the Cullens, and the Votluri. (I was sobbing last night- Volturri isn't a real place!) The rest is a very twisted version of Harry Potter. Ignore ALL the other stories. Take the books for reference on who Harry is. This is Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Just you wait- this is gonna be good! Has a few new characters.

The Preface and story are told from different points of view. Not telling whose, but they are different people. Trust me, I think I'd know. The Cullens come in here, in the first chapter. You'll get it, but our main character doesn't! (Not yet, anyways) This takes place a few years after Breaking Dawn, but Bella does not live through Twilight. According to my story..wait! Why would I tell you here? Gosh, I'm not an idiot. Your gonna have to read and find out like everyone else, Sophie.

4. The Evil Plot Against Snape

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I drifted closer to Harry on our brooms. His hair was being pushed back from his face due to the wind. Above us Bill swooped lower, pushing us closer to the waves. James dived down, just below us, and lowered his hand. His fingers just skimmed the surface, sending ripples in all directions. I was so happy, I was going home. I could forget the first eleven years of my life. I could start over. Ecstatic didn’t even begin to cover it. Remus and Sirius drifted to either side of James, and they talked in undertones. Obviously, we didn’t have to worry about Voldemort leaping out of the waves of the Atlantic and killing us. I’ve heard dampness and wands don’t agree. Something about someone getting blown up…

“Does anyone have anything to do?” Charlie complained, swooping beside Bill, who was just above me. I looked up, and shifted to the right as Bill and Charlie lowered to my left. We were now in a backwards ‘V’ formation. Which was ironic, but I was positive that it was a complete coincidence.

“Other than flying?” I asked Charlie, who was closest to me.

“Yes, I’m dead bored!”

“Nope, well, yes. I do. Think of someone whom you hate or would like to injure, embarrass or otherwise expose.”

“Severus Snape!” James yelled back, he was just in front of me, and had turned as much as his broom would allow to be part of this conversation.

“Who’s that?” I asked, but Bill and Charlie were nodding fervently. Even Harry.

“He’s the Potions master at Hogwarts.”

“Oh, and I’m taking we all don’t like him very much?” I guessed.

“Not at all, I saved his life once. But he doesn’t thank me. He thinks it was a set-up,” James answered, falling into our line and breaking up the ‘V’. He flew between me and Harry. Lily was on Harry’s other side, and was keeping quiet. James looked at Sirius tiredly, as if they had been over this more than once.

“Hmmm, okay. Describe him as a person. How does he dress? How does he talk? How does he act? What does he look like?” I asked, getting ready to start contemplating my evil plot against him.

James and Lily looked at me suspiciously. “He is horribly mean, and despises anyone better than him. He wears long, flowing black cloaks with black underneath. He has sallow skin, and an abnormally large nose,” (Bill and Charlie snorted around here) “disgusting greasy black hair, and despises anyone lower than himself. He basically despises everyone,” James described him. “And his voice is just as disgustingly oily as his hair.” Remus and Sirius and James broke out in laughter and Bill and Charlie grinned. Lily rolled her eyes, and Harry was scowling.

“Okay, so. This is what I’m thinking. First, we find a way to get his wand. I suppose a rather simple Summoning Charm would do the trick. Then, we put up posters asking him to find the Room of Requirement to retrieve his lost wand. Once he’s there, we lock him in and come out dressed as…dressed as…vampires. Or most people’s version on vampires. So a simple Count Dracula spoof should do the trick. Then, in awesome accents, we say ‘We vould drink vour blood, but ‘tis too tainted by ve Dark Vord,’” I paused thinking for a moment, “He will either start running for the door screaming, or start begging for mercy. The latter would definitely point out that he’s a Death Eater, and if that’s the case…we need a different plot.”

James, Sirius and Remus looked at me in surprise and shock. “That. Is. INGENIOUS!” Bill cried, “Fred and George would help, I’m sure. They hate him as much as the next Gryffindor.”

I chuckled darkly.

“Moony, what do you think?” Sirius asked, a wry smile on his face. He seemed reluctant to look away, like I would disappear if he looked away.

“Seems a bit harsh…but then again, when has that ever stopped you?” Lupin answered. Apparently he was Moony. Sirius let out a bark-like laugh at seeing my utterly perplexed expression. It must have been priceless…

“We have nicknames for each other, codenames, if you will,” James answered. “Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. If you’re you could figure it out.”

I thought for a moment. The names were all different descriptions for animals. Animagi! “You’re Animagi,” I said simply. Charlie’s and Bill’s eyes widened.

“You’re-“ Bill began, loudly.

“Shut up!” Sirius hissed. “We aren’t registered!”

“Oh, gosh, sorry!”

“So…” I muttered, “Sirius is Padfoot, and he changes into some type of dog. I figured that with his bark-like laugh. I’m taking a guess, but you’re Prongs,” I nodded significantly towards James, and he paled considerably, “And that leaves Remus as Moony, Sirius addressed him as that. And then…who’s Wormtail?”

“He’s no longer with us,” Sirius said happily, “I just change into a rather large dog,”

“Stag,” James muttered, thinking deeply, “Is it really all that obvious?”

“No, I’ve had nothing to do other than, er, eavesdrop on HobbleMaster for eleven years. So I’ve caught on. As I understand, you enjoy sending threatening letters?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sirius and Remus laughed. James was completely bewildered. “What?”

“That was HobbleMaster’s hobby. Cursing Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs. I took a folder from his desk a few years back, curious on who they were,” I grinned evilly. “I’ve got it with me, when we land I could show it to you. It’s got a lot of information in it, and it seems to be in a code of some sort. Which I don’t doubt…”

“How did you get it?” James asked, appalled at my daring.

I laughed softly, “It’s called lock picking. He had a charm on it, so it won’t unlock unless it’s his wand performing the counter curse. He didn’t protect it from poking and prodding of a sharp metal instrument.”

Bill and Charlie exchanged glances, “You are definitely meeting George and Fred. You are our Christmas present to them,”

I smiled. And evil glint in my eye. I was getting awfully close to midnight…and ringing pierced my ears, disrupting our peaceful (and slightly evil thoughts) thoughts. Lily pulled a, a what? A metal square out of her pocket. Mr. Weasley swooped down near her. She pressed a button on it, and began talking to herself. No, wait, she was addressing Edward. Edward Cullen? This day was just getting weirder, and weirder.