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The Potter Twins

Okay, who doesn't love Harry Potter/ Twilight crossover? Apparently not many of you, considering there are not very many Harry Potter/ Twilight stories. So, I decided to post a bizzarro dream I had. Most of my stories come from dreams, but this will blow your mind. My mom worries about me, and I'm sure you'll worry too after this. Read the title again, I'm sure you'll get what this is mainly about. The only relationship with Twilight this has is the Cullens, and the Votluri. (I was sobbing last night- Volturri isn't a real place!) The rest is a very twisted version of Harry Potter. Ignore ALL the other stories. Take the books for reference on who Harry is. This is Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Just you wait- this is gonna be good! Has a few new characters.

The Preface and story are told from different points of view. Not telling whose, but they are different people. Trust me, I think I'd know. The Cullens come in here, in the first chapter. You'll get it, but our main character doesn't! (Not yet, anyways) This takes place a few years after Breaking Dawn, but Bella does not live through Twilight. According to my story..wait! Why would I tell you here? Gosh, I'm not an idiot. Your gonna have to read and find out like everyone else, Sophie.

5. The Duel

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“Yes, of course Edward. Moody just spotted the shore. We can meet you there instead…yes. Everything went very smoothly. Ah, there you are. Yes, we see you know.” Lily laughed softly, “It looks like you’re glowing. Yeah, I need to concentrate on where we’re landing and then landing, of course, ‘bye.”

“You don’t just tell a vampire that he’s glowing,” I complained. We’d been on our brooms for hours. It was one o’clock in the morning, and we had set off at eight o’clock in the evening. My butt hurt like crazy. Go straddle a metal pole for a few hours, then you’ll see what I mean.

“Then what was I supposed to say?” Lily asked, genuinely interested. I had illustrated my vast knowledge on vampires and werewolves, much to Remus’ discomfort as it turned out he was a werewolf, and everyone wanted to hear about the time I was cornered and used an Unforgivable on a vampire- and it stopped them.

“Hmmm…well. Considering you were talking to Edward, probably: You look out of place, find a place to hide and we’ll follow you there. But if you were talking to Emmett, you should say: Damn, Emmett. You look like a frickin’ lamp. For Alice: Your glowiness accentuates the glitter on your top. For Esme and Carlisle the answer you gave was actually pretty good. For Rosalie, you’d want to scream in your head and tell Edward, because he reads minds, and have him suggest they move and not mention Rosalie in particular at all. I spent an entire day with them; I figure I know them pretty dang well,”

Lily looked slightly shocked. “Yeah, you know them pretty dang well, alright,” James laughed. I smiled, hypothetical conversations were my specialty.

We swooped over the Cullens’ heads, and I got off my broom before my feet were even close to the ground. James was already down, having jumped in the familiar fashion, and helped Lily off her broom. The others all landed rather normally, no flair or excitement or personal style there. Edward sighed at my random thoughts.

“You never concentrate on the important things, do you?” He asked me. Well, sorry, mister high-and-mighty. I know just as much as you do, so there’s nothing for me to concentrate on that you might consider important enough to gain an eleven year old’s concentration. I thought this very loud and rudely, causing him to wince.

Now, say sorry. I continued my thought-rant.

“Sorry,” He muttered. I realized just how much taller he was than me. I was maybe four foot-something, and just the exact height of Harry. I was thinly built, but I was all muscle and bone. Harry looked all skin and bone with a thin layer of muscle. Pathetic. Edward looked at me reproachfully. That’s it, I’ve lost my marbles. Insane. I’m completely insane. I closed my eyes and concentrated on a brick. A plain, gray cinder block. As boring as it gets. Then I concentrated on a whole bunch of those. Envisioning my mind as me, I built a house with no windows, no doors, no cracks and various charms and jinxes making it completely impenetrable.

Edward looked utterly confused. “Build a bridge, and get over it,” I shot at him. I’d closed a mind-reading vampire out of my head. Talk about achievements. My image of my mind (me) took out her wand, and began furnishing her little house. It was two roomed, one room full of drawers and desks and filing cabinets filled and covered in ‘”files”. AKA: my thoughts. They weren’t organized, and my mind Apparated to get to that room, there wasn’t a door connecting the two rooms. The other room was a nicely furnished with light colored wood and light colored furniture. White, beige, green, blue, purple, pink, yellow, gray, anything other than Mahogany and black.

“You-how-what-Carlisle?!” Edward stuttered. Carlisle looked up at Edward with a confused expression.

“What is it now, Edward?” He wasn’t annoyed. He said it very kindly and caring.

“She-I-ugh!” Edward pinched the bridge of his nose. Yes, I realize the irony of that.

“He can’t read my mind anymore; I closed it off to him. It was really too simple. Just built a floor, walls, and a roof around myself, mentally, and he can’t get in,” I answered simply. No smugness. It was like Carlisle had asked: “What’s the weather like, tonight?” but he hadn’t asked that…in fact, he hadn’t asked me anything.

The wizards in my company, plus Lily, exchanged glances. “Shame she’s a Potter. Otherwise she might not waste her strength in Occlumency on a vampire,” Severus Snape sneered, saying Potter and vampire like he was talking of the mystery substance stuck to the bottom of his shoe. Edward didn’t have any insight on this thought, because he couldn’t read my thoughts anymore. My anger overpowered my feeling of triumph on defeating Edward in his own mind games. How dare he act as if all we were was scum!

“You. Will. Shut. Your. Trap. This. Second. Snivellus,” James hissed.

“No, I don’t think I will. Thanks, though.” Snape said in his oily, sneering voice.

“Oh, get yourself eaten by a vampire!” Remus yelled.

The Cullens jumped at the term, and Remus turned to them. “You’ll forgive the term, I trust. Snape’s got a fear of werewolves” (Remus winced) “ and vampires.”

Snape’s face was so red, it turned purple. If that makes any sense whatsoever. I thought he was going to blow up. “YOU LIE! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!”.

Now it was Lily’s turn to get angry, but it was at Remus Lupin. “What did he ever do to you?”

“He treats us like scum, Lily! How can you overlook any of that?” James asked softly. He was trying desperately to control his anger, and his tendons were popping out of his wrist, and his knuckles were no doubt white clutching his wand. A wave of peace and tranquility rolled over the scene. And James relaxed, but when he withdrew his hand from the inside of his cloak, he was gripping his wand loosely.

“You’re smart, I’ll give you that, Snivellus. But if you dare to ever mock my children, friends, Lily or myself again I’ll wipe that sneer right off your face. Maybe having no mouth you do you good,” James said in a threateningly calm voice. I had a feeling empathy didn’t work on James. Jasper looked slightly alarmed.
“James, please, calm yourself,” Lupin sighed, “We’re busy, and don’t have time to take you to a hearing.”

James took a deep breath, and clenched and unclenched his wand hand. “They can’t take me to Azkaban for having a-civilized duel- with an old schoolmate.”

“I wouldn’t fight if it were a choice between you or her” he nodded towards me, rather rudely, “You’re so bad, you make an uneducated brat look good.”

“Oh? I’m not uneducated,” I said, softer and more menacingly than anything that Snape or James had muttered. Carlisle and Esme and Sirius and the Weasley’s and Mad-eye had wandered off down the beach, and the Cullens were obviously wary of wands and magic, and were in no mood to stop the escalating violence.

“Yes, you know what a wand is, I suppose. That’s about the extent of the entire Potter’s knowledge, put into one book,” Snape continued to rant.

“I know more than you, I’d bet,” I said in a deadly calm voice.

“Yeah, a wee-baby knows more than me?” Snape was an idiot, he should shut up now, or I’d get too angry.

“Er…I see futures, right? So, since you decided to criticize the Potters…it’s going to turn into a duel with Robyn. And dang, that’s some spell work,” Alice announced, wincing, “Ouch. You may continue, though.”

“I would like to see that for myself. As the girl said, she spent all day with you. This could all be a set up.”

“I’m not this evil, usually. Just watch out, I’ve got my connections. I can humiliate you like never before. A duel then and I call house rules. No killing spells or Unforgivables. The rest is fair game,” I continued in my deadly voice.

“Fine,” Snape snapped. I pulled out my wand, and Snape’s eyes opened alarmingly fast. He had not anticipated my metal wand. It had a Vampire Lily core, one of a kind. Very powerful, or very discrete. I planned on using it powerfully, for this duel.

“Very well,” I smiled a deadly smiled to match my deadly tone. Snape’s wand shook slightly, as we took our positions ten paces apart. “You might want to back up ten paces,” I advised, as if I really didn’t care. And I really didn’t care.

James and Lupin directed Harry and Lily and the Cullens out of the way. The Weasleys, and Sirius and Mad-eye and Esme and Carlisle joined us, seeing the suspicious behavior. It was too late, though. I was in my zone. Detached from the world, chanting to myself the rules I had set. I added a bomb shelter to my little house, and dragged my filing cabinets full of spells, curses, jinxes and charms out there with it. Mental Me started shuffling through the papers, deciding on what to use. No, not disarming. Unless he does. My spells should travel much faster than his, so his wand would be out of his hand and I safely off to the side before the spell reached its mark. Ah, yes. That’s a fun one.

Wingardium Leviosa!” Snape yelled, taking a step forward to thrust the charm my way. It appeared as a wave of energy or sound floating leisurely towards me. I was used to catching the ripples of power wands create on a much more difficult level. With my brand of wands.

“Protego!” I called, and a shield thwarted the charm. “Accio, wand!”

Snape’s wand flew into my hand, a blur as my Summoning Charm collected the item I wished to hold. I strode forward, my wand raised. I was just one foot away from Snape, and he stood there, dumbfounded.

“Now, tell me, to my face. That I am an uneducated brat. Maybe I haven’t illustrated my knowledge well enough for you,” I looked up from examining Snape’s wand, and added sarcastically, “Nice.”

I threw it to him, and walked with little difficulty over the sand and up to the boardwalk. Luckily, this wasn’t a Muggle populated area. One wizard, old with half-moon spectacles and a long silver beard and long silver hair was standing just a little ways farther down the boardwalk. Everyone joined me, James was beaming at me. Lily was just as shocked as the old man at the end of the boardwalk. The Charlie and Bill were openly congratulating me on the win. Snape was glowering. Harry was confused. Arthur and Mad-Eye and Lupin were trying to conceal their euphoria. Sirius was grinning like a mad-man. The Cullens joined Harry in the: What-The-Heck-Was-That-All-About Club. The man at the end of the boardwalk was having troubles with keeping the grin off his face, but his eyes were obviously twinkling in the darkness.