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What did Bella say to Rosalie on the phone from Isle Esme? What went through Rosalie's mind? What happened when Edward and Bella arrived home from their honeymoon?

I own nothing in the Twilight universe. Missing moment from Breaking Dawn. Will be 2 or 3 chapters long.

2. Chapter 2

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Alice saw that Edward and Bella would be home at about three in the morning. I wondered whether she also saw that Bella was pregnant and Edward was in full self-loathing mode, but I didn't want to ask and raise suspicions. I was ready and waiting. Emmett was disgruntled that I was waiting outside, alone, instead of upstairs kinkily destroying furniture with him, but I couldn't exactly tell him that his new sister-in-law was carrying his brother's mutant spawn. I was having trouble wrapping my head around the idea myself. Carlisle knew, of course, but thanks to the absence of the apparently Alarmingly Fertile Edward-the-Magnificent and his Amazing Mindreading Ability, Carlisle didn't know I knew.

As they pulled into the driveway, I met Bella at her car door, ahead of Carlisle, who was just coming out of the front door. I swooped to pick Bella up and moved her into the house swiftly. Edward was on my heels, obviously mistrusting any interest I'd taken in Bella.

Bella, by the way, looked horrible. While she was usually passably pretty in a pale, human, uninspiring way, she was now a mess. She was all thin, sharp angles with a round, protruding bump in her abdomen, sunken eyes with dark rings underneath, teeth that seemed too large for her mouth. Yet, she was glowing.

It pains me to say that Bella had the glow of pregnancy, despite her emaciated state. It should have been me. I would have made such a gorgeous pregnant woman. Why had I been cheated of the chance to have babies of my own?

I'd have to sift through my sorrow later. Right now, there was someone who needed me. Perhaps it wasn't my baby, but this might be as close as I would get; and who knew, if the baby lived and Bella didn't...

Of course I'm ashamed for thinking that way, but don't judge me for it. Anyone would have those thoughts, in my position.

Then I looked at Edward. Edward, the eternally magnificent teenage dreamboat looked positively haggard. He was beside himself with a plethora of dark emotions-grief, self-hatred, sorrow, regret. He also had a glint in his eyes that told me he would do whatever he could to make Bella whole again; he wanted the baby destroyed.

Pity for him seized me, and this was strange, since pity and Edward are unlikely companions. My unbeating heart was moved, metaphorically, to do all I could to help both Bella and the child; even if it meant Bella being changed into one of us. As much as I detested the idea, Edward loved her so ferociously that I couldn't deny either of them the option, even if it were up to me to decide. Meanwhile, he wasn't getting anywhere near Bella's pregnant belly.


What the--?

Bella hadn't spoken much at all on the trip home. Admittedly, I hadn't done much talking either; I was so perplexed by what I had done to her. How could I think that her being with me could possibly be an option? I would eventually destroy her. Now, this beast, this extension of myself was quite literally trying to kill her from the inside. We had to dispose of it before it got any more powerful.

But Bella-she seemed to think I was angry with her. Strong, brave, selfless Bella thought I was angry with her for-what? For loving me more than I deserved? For ending up carrying a monster that was most surely devouring her at this very moment?

It's true. I did not speak much on the way home. What could I say?

We reached the drive to our home and I felt some relief as I realized Bella seemed to feel fine, other than being extremely tired, and with any luck and Carlisle's help, this problem would be put behind us in a few short hours.

Beyond the problem of extricating Bella from the monster inside her, I wondered what to do next. Of course I would free Bella from any bond to me, including our marriage. After seeing her joy and wonder at discovering she was pregnant, how could I not? I could not deny her motherhood, one of life's strongest compulsions. As long as Bella was alive and well, I could withstand being without her, somehow. I would withstand it, I owed her that much.

If that wasn't an option for her, if she absolutely refused to leave me, then I would change her, as soon as she was physically up to it. I couldn't risk this happening again.

As I brooded over these options, we arrived at the house, where Bella immediately flew into Rosalie's arms.

I had to blink to make sure I was seeing what I thought I was seeing, but then I heard Rose's thoughts, loud and clear,

You will not come anywhere near this baby, Edward. I'll kill you myself if I have to, but so help me, if you or Carlisle or anyone else comes near Bella with intent to hurt this child, I will tear your head off and dance around your smoking pyre.

I had not seen this coming.