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Kelia's Story

All Bella ever wanted was for Edward to change her. That’s all, nothing more. No wedding, no ring, no fancy new car and certainly not Edward himself. Everything else were just bonuses in her eyes. An accident before the wedding warrants her immediate transformation, but when Bella awakes, nothing will be the same…Bella is evil, Alice is high, Edward is heartbroken and Kelia… Well, Kelia is just Kelia. Dedicated to our very own Looney… I'm sorry I teased you about Edward’s tic-tacs…

Ok, so basically, this is set after the end of Eclipse. The idea behind it all is that Bella never really loved Edward, he was just a means to an end. He and Bella were never married, though they were engaged at the time of the accident.

1. I ~ Bloody Red Eyes

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Blinking her bloody red eyes, Bella Swan awoke from her final slumber. A slow, wicked smile spread across her face.

“Bring me a mirror!” She commanded imperiously, and Alice, wide eyed, scampered off to do her new sister’s bidding.

Edward gazed upon her face, anxious, yet in awe of her beauty. He had always found Bella stunning but now…

Had he felt the need to breathe, he would’ve been unable to; were he alive, he would’ve been dying. His long dead heart felt like it’d skipped a beat, and he reached out a hand, wanting nothing more in that moment to touch her, to stroke her hair, her cheek, to reassure himself that she was real, she was there, she was his.

“Bella…” He whispered hoarsely. She turned, slowly, agonisingly slowly, to face him. There was a look in her eyes, a look Edward had seen before… But never from his Bella. A look of pure hatred. Of course.

He groaned slightly, cursing himself. She was mad at him. She’d wanted time to say goodbye. He’d known from the start that changing her was a bad idea, and now she regretted it. But was he supposed to let her die? The only woman he had ever loved?

“Bella, love…”

“Yes Edward?” She smiled, a sickly sweet smile which would make any human man weak at the knees… And in desperate need of a cold shower.

Edward, however, already felt as though he’d been doused in a bucket of ice – a chill had run down his spine, for his Bella… Was really not the same Bella he’d grown accustomed to. Not only were her face, her voice, her body, all completely different, but her expression, her eyes… Staring back out of those blood red eyes was the evil of a hundred murderers, the sin of a thousand rapists.

‘You’re overreacting’ Edward scolded himself. ‘You’ve come to associate blood red eyes with evil – with the drinkers of human blood – with nomads like Victoria and James. You’re just not used to seeing Bella with them. You’ll get used to it, and all will be as it was. All will be well.’

Of course, if Edward could’ve seen what would happen next, he would never have thought that. For as Alice skipped through the door, mirror in hands, Bella was already planning her escape. She knew that the Cullens would be more than reluctant to release a new-born vampire into the world… But perhaps she could call in some help?

She snatched the mirror from Alice’s hands. Sighed in satisfaction as she saw her new face looking back at her.

“Perfect” She hissed, admiring her crimson eyes.

“You are beyond beautiful Bella…” Whispered Alice, awestruck. Her demeanour suddenly changed. “This means we can go shopping!” She squealed, clapping her hands and reaching out for Bella, who recoiled.

“Don’t touch me.” She spat, her instincts slipping her into a prediaorial crouch. Alice stopped mid-bounce.

“Well, maybe I’ll just leave you two alone… In peace and quiet, you know? Bit of privacy, I know how you love your privacy Edward, and I'm sure you and Bella want to get re-acquainted with each other, you know? Ok, um… yeah, well Bella, we’ll go shopping some other time and…”

Jasper entered the room and dragged his tiny wife out by the collar of her designer blouse. Edward was still trying to process all that had happened when Bella draped her arms around his neck.

“Edward” She breathed in his ear, “Let me borrow your phone…” Dazed, Edward pulled the small silver device from his pocket and handed it to her.

Perhaps, if he hadn’t, everything would be different.

Perhaps what happened next wouldn’t have.

But it did, and a few hours later, when Alice returned, it was to find her beloved brother sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at the wall in a state of shock.

‘What happened?’ She thought, alarmed. Edward turned his blank, dead eyes towards her, and answered in a pain-filled monotone:

“She’s gone. To the Volturi.”