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Kelia's Story

All Bella ever wanted was for Edward to change her. That’s all, nothing more. No wedding, no ring, no fancy new car and certainly not Edward himself. Everything else were just bonuses in her eyes. An accident before the wedding warrants her immediate transformation, but when Bella awakes, nothing will be the same…Bella is evil, Alice is high, Edward is heartbroken and Kelia… Well, Kelia is just Kelia. Dedicated to our very own Looney… I'm sorry I teased you about Edward’s tic-tacs…

Ok, so basically, this is set after the end of Eclipse. The idea behind it all is that Bella never really loved Edward, he was just a means to an end. He and Bella were never married, though they were engaged at the time of the accident.

2. II ~ Crash

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For three months, Edward had left his room only to hunt. No one spoke of Bella, but she was always in their thoughts. Finally, the constant worried thoughts of his family drove Edward from the house. He ran quickly to his Volvo and sped off, not bothering to watch the vision unfolding in his tiny sister’s mind…

The screech of metal, the roar of flames, an anguished sob from the elderly mother as she watched the car careening out of control, her only living child’s life extinguished!

“Edward…” She gasped, as she pulled herself free from the vision. But her brother was already long gone.

‘Useless. I'm useless. I wasn’t GOOD ENOUGH! Argh! Why wasn’t I enough?’ Edward cursed himself over and over as he sped along the motorway. His arms began to shake, and the steering wheel protested under his inhumanly strong grip. He pulled the Volvo into a lay-by, closing his eyes, tilting his head back, pinching the bridge of his nose…

But that brought back memories of the evening in Port Angeles, with Bella… He flung the car door open and shot out of the car. He glared up at the rare, cloudless night sky and screamed, an agonising cry full of anguish and self-loathing. For one moment, he felt free. Then, he heard it – a screech of breaks, a woman’s cry – He span on his heel, searching for the sound.

There! A small, blue car, a little old lady behind the wheel, her teenage daughter beside her…

“Bella” He whispered, already running towards the car, spinning out of control, a large dent in one side where the other car, a large black 4x4, had hit it.

Edward lost all sense of himself, he didn’t register anything, except that it was happening again. His Bella was going to die and there was nothing he could do to stop it. He caught the car, and stopped it spinning. His pale hands made dents in the metal, but he was beyond caring. His mind registered nothing except for an animalistic desire to protect his mate. He tore the nearest door off of the car, faintly hearing the trickle of petrol, the leak of gas, the spark in the engine – the car was going to explode.

Calmly, coolly, Edward picked up the older woman from the front seat, and sprinted with her to the verge at the side of the road. There were only three cars – his, the blue car with Bella – no, not Bella – in and the car which had caused the accident. From where he was, Edward could smell the blood, but he could not hear a heart beat, so he focused on rescuing the other woman – the Bella-but-not-Bella from the blue car.

He forced his way past the dented locks on the passenger side, tore the seatbelt when he couldn’t unlock it, and lifted her out. Careful, careful. He felt the blast before it happened, and ran back to the side of the road, scooping up the old woman as he did so and carrying the two to a safe distance.

Reason returned to him then, and he glanced at the two women, fearful of what they might’ve seen, and what they would think. The girl was unconscious, but her mother looked at him with curious eyes. Her thoughts were not afraid, but they showed great pain.

He sniffed the air – internal bleeding. He feared she would not survive. Nonetheless, he dialled a number into his phone and called an ambulance. Before it was picked up, however, the woman’s thoughts came to him, strong and commanding, though her body was weak.


“I-I'm sorry?” He asked. She didn’t want to live? She didn’t look surprised at his ability to read her thoughts. She fixed her steely eyes on his, and carried on her mental message.

‘No. I see. I see all. I am meant to die here. She’ Here, she indicated the girl, who was breathing shallowly, a thin sheen of sweat on her face. ‘She must survive. You must save her.’

“Then I must call an ambulance.” Edward protested. She shook her head.

‘No. You must do for her what the doctors cannot do. YOU must save her, as you were saved.’

“No one can want that for their child- I- I won’t do it. She’d be better off dead than like me!” The woman gasped and began to curse him mentally in Japanese.

‘Your mother wanted it for you…’ She smiled at his shock. ‘I see all. I know all. Now, so close to the great divide, the spirits whisper to me all the more… Your mother sends her love, by the way. Please, save my daughter. She is all I have left! You cannot know what a mother would do to save her child. Save my daughter, now, or I will have died in vain.’

“You’re not going to die. My sister will have seen – ”

‘Ah yes, dear little Alice… Her sister misses her, so much… She will not make it in time. Neither will Carlisle. The spirits, my parents, my sons… Oh, they beckon to me! They call me! Child, please, save my daughter. Save my Kelia!’ Her eyes moved him as her thoughts had not, they overflowed with tears, happiness at seeing her lost sons, soldiers, again, pain at the thought of leaving, losing, her daughter, and, more importantly, they were green. Luminous green, the same green as his human other’s eyes.

He looked over at the girl, Kelia. If it weren’t for her gasping breaths and erratic heartbeat, she could’ve been sleeping. Her hair was brown, softly curling, her skin pale… A heart shaped face, it was enough to make him nod his head, once, and turn to look down at the woman. But she was already gone, a serene smile upon her face.

For a moment, Edward saw her spirit hovering over Kelia’s prone body, then she bent, kissed her daughter on the forehead and turned to leave with three tall, strong men. Her sons, and her lost husband. She smiled, a grateful smile, at Edward, and then she was gone.

Taking a deep breath, Edward fixed his golden eyes on the girl. He caressed her face, gently, and fought back the memories of the moment he had bitten into his fiancée’s neck. Then, he sank his teeth into the soft, sweaty skin of the dying girl. Her eyes flew open as she gasped, softly. Those luminous green eyes fixed on him, and made him feel… Human.

No, not guilty, for this is exactly what her mother wanted… And somehow, he felt… Happy. He would have a reason to live. Someone to protect, to nurture. To teach.

He scooped the girl up and tucked her away in the backseat of his car, making sure to cover her with a blanket to stop her getting cold. Then, he phoned an ambulance, explaining that he was taking his sister to visit their family when he had come across the accident. He left contact details, after persuading the operator that he really had to get home, as his sister had an illness that required her to take medicine every six hours, medicine which they only had at home…

Luckily, the operator bought his far-fetched tale, and he clambered back into his car and began the journey home, still elated, chatting merrily away to his whimpering companion.

Hold onto that happiness Edward. You won’t feel it again for a long time…