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Kelia's Story

All Bella ever wanted was for Edward to change her. That’s all, nothing more. No wedding, no ring, no fancy new car and certainly not Edward himself. Everything else were just bonuses in her eyes. An accident before the wedding warrants her immediate transformation, but when Bella awakes, nothing will be the same…Bella is evil, Alice is high, Edward is heartbroken and Kelia… Well, Kelia is just Kelia. Dedicated to our very own Looney… I'm sorry I teased you about Edward’s tic-tacs…

Ok, so basically, this is set after the end of Eclipse. The idea behind it all is that Bella never really loved Edward, he was just a means to an end. He and Bella were never married, though they were engaged at the time of the accident.

3. III ~ Limbo

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Edward practically skipped up the steps, humming ‘Three Blind Mice’ under his breath.

“Hey guys, guess what? I bit someone! Her name’s Kelia and she was almost killed in a car accident, but it’s ok, ‘cos her mum asked me to!” He beamed, placing the limp girl gently on the dark leather sofa.

The second his hands broke contact with her, he was crippled by guilt.

“Good God…” He whispered hoarsely. “What… What have I done?” Choking back regretful sobs, he turned and ran from the room, leaving his confused family to watch the whimpering, sweating girl…


Kelia was floating in a red mist. She could feel a burning pain spreading through her heavy limbs, but she ignored it. Her mother was there, and just behind here, her father, dead before her birth, and her two brothers, still in their dusty camouflage and bullet proof vests.

“Hello Kelia” Whispered her mother in Japanese.

“Mother!” she exclaimed, running forward to embrace the petite, white haired figure, old before her time. Her arms went straight through her. Which meant…

“M-m-mother?” Tears welled in her luminous green eyes as (though she didn’t know it) they faded to a dull muddy brown.

“I know sweetheart”

“Mother – what happened? Where am I?”

“In limbo darling. You will only be here for three days, but those three days will be excruciating. As a… new spirit, I can only stay with you for a few more minutes, and then I must return to the chamber, to be judged. Your father and brothers will stay with you for the rest of the time, if you want them to.”

“But… I'm not… gone?”

“No Kelia, you are… Alive. In a sense. But… Oh Kelia, love, I did it for your own good, remember that. You have so much potential – so much still to see, to do! You have never seen Paris! You must see Paris; ask him to take you…” She trailed off, her grass-green eyes, the only thing Kelia had inherited from her other than her talent (though apparently the two were linked), overflowing with ghostly tears. A deep, ominous bell began to toll somewhere. Kelia’s mother glanced around anxiously.

“Kelia, listen to me. You need to trust these people I have left you with, listen to them, do as they say. Remember I love you daughter. I will see you in your dreams.”

“But Mother –” Too late, she was already going, going… Gone. Faded away into nothingness, gone to the one place Kelia could not follow. Not yet. Smiling, but not joyfully, Drew and Samson, her two brothers, stepped forward. Simultaneously, they reached out and stroked her face.

“Hello sister” They chorused in their identical voices.

Kelia smiled weakly at her brothers, as another wave of burning pain hit her. She ignored it, focusing on something else, as her numerous self-defence teachers had taught her. Instead, she looked at the tall, dark-haired man standing back, as if wary of this new development. She recognised him as her father, from the pictures her mother had round the house, and she knew he’d died in an accident before her mother even knew she was pregnant, but that was all.

“Kelia, this is dad. Dad, meet your little girl. We’ve told you about her, of course, but…” Samson trailed off.

“Hi dad.” She grinned, with a sheepish wave. Her father smiled and gathered her up in a warm, comforting hug. How was it he could hug her and yet her mother couldn’t?

“Hello darling.” He held her at arms length, and looked her over, as if admiring her. “You are a beauty aren’t you? You have your mother’s eyes… I always wanted a daughter… If I’d lived, you would’ve been spoilt rotten!”

“She was anyway!” Laughed Drew, opening his arms to her for one of his famous bear hugs. Though he and Samson were identical twins, (they even had the ‘twinetic’ mind link - this was the reason that they were both dead – after Drew was shot, Samson felt his brother’s death and the shock put a severe strain on his weak heart, causing a fatal heart-attack), Drew was the loud, big-hearted, friendly one, and Samson was the quieter, reserved, more bookish individual.

The pain faded completely as Kelia took in her family, the men who shared her blood but had been lost to her for so long.


“So Kelia, tell us about your life so far… You’re what, 15 now?” Drew and Samson each grasped one of her hands, trying to distract her from the pain which had been getting steadily worse.

“I'm 17 Drew! Pay attention!” She forced a laugh, though she felt as though red-hot pokers were being forced into her veins and arteries, even into the tiniest blood vessels, the narrow, threadlike capillaries, and worst of all, pulsing like a knife through her heart.

“Wow, have we really been dead for three years already? Time passes so fast here…” Samson joked, almost unconsciously pressing two fingers to his chest, above his traitorous heart.

“Well, that might be something to do with that hot Army medic who’s always hanging around you…” Drew suggested slyly. An irrational surge of jealousy burned through Kelia’s heart, hotter and more agonising than any of the pain she’d felt so far. For 14 years she’d been the only woman in her brothers’ lives other than their mother. They’d doted on her, nothing had been denied to her. She told herself she should be happy if Samson had found love. But she couldn’t. Samson, cringing, ran his fingers through his dark, curly hair.

“Well, she, I…” He seemed unable to finish his sentence. Kelia fought down the resentment she felt for this unnamed girl – this army medic.

Meanwhile, the Cullens kept a vigil by her side. Edward had not returned, and the family, brutally torn apart by Bella’s abandonment, Felt itself drifting even further apart as sister turned on sister, brother on brother, mother on daughter, father on son, lover on lover, each trying to find someone to blame.


“He did this… He ruined another girl’s life!”

“She would’ve died there Rose, he saved her!”

“Who’s to say she wouldn’t have lived? If he’d run her to a hospital, they might have saved her! Look at her; she’s so young, so innocent… She didn’t deserve this! Didn’t deserve to become a monster… Like, like…” She choked back sobs, gently stroking the tiny, limp hand of the whimpering girl. She hadn’t screamed. Not once since she arrived, but the worst was yet to come.

“Like us? That’s what you were going to say, right it Rose?” Emmett looked at his beautiful wife with anguish and anger in his eyes. “Do- do you really think I'm a monster?”


“Answer the question Rosie. Do you really think I'm a monster?”

“You want the truth Emmett? Yes. I really think you’re a monster. We’re all monsters! We kill to survive! If that’s not monstrous, I don’t know what is.” Emmett’s deep reply came very quietly to Rosalie’s sensitive ears.

“Humans kill to survive too Rosalie. They have since the beginning.” He turned to leave, then paused. Without looking back, he said: “And never forget it’s you who made me this way. I’ve never complained, because I like this life. I like being the strongest. I like having such a beautiful woman as my wife. I love you Rosie, but maybe you don’t feel the same. Maybe, you just want someone to tell you how beautiful you are. Maybe the real reason you hated Bella and Edward’s relationship so much is because that’s exactly what you want – an human partner to make you feel more human. You can’t change what you are Rose. Not now.” He left.

Rosalie stayed where she was, sobbing silently over Kelia’s prone form. But this time, she sobbed not for the girl, not for Kelia’s lost humanity, but for her own.


“But why Alice? Don’t you know what having a newborn in the house will do to my already weak control?”

“She’s Edward’s only chance at happiness Jasper, you can’t spoil this for him!”

“Alice, we’ve already set one newborn free in the world, and she already broke Edward’s heart once. What if this Kelia girl is the same? I can’t – I won’t let my brother down. Not again.” He fell to his knees, looked up at his tiny wife agonised. “I couldn’t forgive myself if I fail Edward a third time”

“Oh Jasper…” Alice sighed, wrapping her arms around her husband. “It wasn’t your fault. Even I didn’t See it coming. But I Saw this. I Saw her. And she will make Edward whole again. She will heal him. If I could show you, I would, but you’ll just have to trust me. I’ve seen what happens after- afterwards, and she… She’s wonderful Jazz, simply wonderful! So happy, so cheerful, so full of life!”

“Sounds like someone else I know” Chuckled Jasper, kissing Alice’s hair tenderly.

“Oh Jazz, I do love you.” Alice sighed again. Jasper tensed.

“Why do I feel like there’s a ‘BUT’ associated with that sentence?” He asked warily. Alice chuckled.

“Because there is, and it’s: I do love you Jazz, but you can be an idiot sometimes!”

“Well that’s ok then.” He replied, and hugged her closer. “I love you too.”


“I don’t know where he is Esme! I can’t help him if I can’t find him!” Carlisle was pacing frantically through his office. His hair was mussed from all the times he’d run his fingers through it, his clothes were dishevelled from three days of wear. And he’d exhausted every lead he had as to his lost son’s whereabouts. He’d even contacted Charlie to report Edward missing, though the police chief was not the happiest person after his daughter’s disappearance, and he blamed Edward for her loss. However, he’d been very professional on the phone, even agreeing that Edward may be distraught over Bella, and suggesting that their information should be parcelled together when he faxed it on to his colleagues in other states.

“I even tried the Volturi, but nothing! No-one’s seen him!”

“He’ll come back when he’s ready” Esme tried to calm her distraught husband.

“But what if he doesn’t? You know him Esme, he’ll probably do something stupid… Oh dear god, the werewolves! I hadn’t thought… I’ll have to get on the phone to their alpha straight away…” He ran to the phone and started pressing buttons, even as Esme left the room, shaking her head.

When Edward had run to the Volturi, it had been she who panicked, she who ran around trying to help him, Carlisle who had been the calm one, holding her whilst she sobbed, reassuring her whilst she worried… And now, somehow, their roles had been reversed.

She had loved Bella like a daughter, even more so when she had saved her eldest, her first son from his death and now… She had deliberately, thoughtlessly, torn his heart from his chest and stomped on it.

The evil bitch.

Esme, kind and loving soul that she was, didn’t hate easily. But she hated Bella Swan now, hated her with all of her heart and soul. They had welcomed her into their family, shared with her their deepest secret, let her into their hearts… And she had turned it all on them and ground their good intentions, their kindness and their love, into dust beneath her newly strengthened vampire feet. Bella Swan deserved to die.