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Beauty and the Beast

And like all little girls, none could
resist the magical world of Disney. Contains BD spoilers


1. Chapter 1

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*Bella's POV*

Even though Renesmee had grown tired of being told fairy tales at bed time, she was still a little girl.

And like all little girls, none could resist the magical world of Disney.

That was why I stood here today, dressed up in some haute couture dress that Alice had ordered from Paris. Or maybe it was Milan? I didn't know, and frankly I didn't care.

Just as long as my little girl was happy.

Not wanting to miss a minute of this, Alice had also ordered some high tech video cameras from Japan. They were situated all around the living room as to not miss any "good angles". Renesmee was sitting on Esme's lap, with the rest of the family sitting on the sofas.

I was playing Belle, Edward was playing Beast, and Jacob was, grudgingly and embarrassingly, playing the jealous man vying for my hand: Gaston. Charlie was in on it also, with him fittingly playing my father. Charlie and I were squatting in a make shift tent from a couple of comforters Alice had made.

I rested the back of my palm on my forehead, "Oh, Father! We need to get out of here!"

Charlie, who I could have sworn had given me my bad acting skills, fretted in a realistic way, "Don't worry Bella- Belle! We'll get out of here!"

"Belle! Belle!" came a high voice. Alice wore a tea cup costume and had to hop to get to our tent. Renesmee giggled and clapped when Alice the Tea Cup set us free.

I kissed Alice's cheek, "Thank you, Tea Cup!"

Alice pushed me forward and said, "Hurry! You need to save the Beast!"

I nodded, "Right!"

As huge as the living room was, it wasn't huge enough for me to sprint. If I did, I would have easily made a hole in the opposite wall. So I took big jogging steps in slow motion, "Beast! Beast!"

On the far side of the living room, Edward and Jacob were both situated on the couch. To make him seem "Beastly", Alice had a fun time putting prosthetic hair on his face. Even if he did have facial hair, I couldn't help but note that it made him look manly. Jacob stood on the back of the couch, and stabbed Edward with his fake plastic sword. Edward moaned and dramatically fell to the floor, this resulted in Jacob losing balance and falling to the back. To add even more theatrics, Jacob yelled out, "Nooo!", his voice getting lower and quieter until it could not be heard any longer.

"Beast!" I fell to my knees at Edward's laying form and rested his head on my lap. I began to fake cry and Edward smiled up at my tiredly. In the background, I could hear Renesmee sobbing, "No! Not Beast!"

I placed my hand on Edward's cheek, "I wanted to tell you... that I love you."

Edward's eyelids began to flutter, and his breath grew ragged, "I...I love you too, Bella."

Alice harrumphed near the tent, "It's Belle! Not Bella! Get with the program, please!"

I hugged Edward's head to my chest, smothering his face. I heard Emmett's booming laughter, "Don't motor boat him, Bella! This is a family film."

If I could, I would have blushed. But instead I whipped my head towards his direction and snarled.

Edward reached for my face and turned it towards him. "Come on, Love. We're almost done."

I frowned and got back into character, "Don't leave me, Beast. Please..."

I had to cover Edward's face with my torso so he could remove the fake hair from his place. As he did so, I pretended to be in shock and gasped.


Edward then stood, his face free of hair. With a grin on his face, he grabbed a hold of my hands and hauled me up. "Thank you, now I am free."

I smiled, "Now we can be together."

Edward nodded, "Forever."

We kissed and that signaled the end of our play. The audience applauded with Jasper and Emmett making the various cat calls. Alice then marched forward us and smacked us both on the arm. To say the least, it hurt.

I rubbed my arm, "Alice, what the heck?"

She glared, "You ruined my play! Did any of you read your scripts?"

I opened me mouth to answer she held up her hand, "Don't answer, Bella. It was a rhetorical question."

Renesmee then hopped off of Esme's lap and bounded towards us. I picked her up and sat her on my hip. She grinned, "Momma! That was marvelous! Bravo! Encor-"

"No!" Edward and I both exclaimed. We faced each other to see scared expressions on our faces. Neither of us wanted to do that again. Working with Alice on the whole production was a nightmare.

Renesmee pouted, "Alright."

I kissed her cheek, "Sorry, Baby. But this whole play was stressful for Daddy and I."

Renesmee frowned, "Okay..." Her face then lit up, "So if you and Daddy won't do it, can Grandma and Grandpa play?"

I glanced and Esme and Carlisle, both of them beaming. They nodded, giving their consent.

I smiled back at Renesmee, "Sure, what do you want them to play?"

Renesmee was all smiles, "Snow White!"

Edward snorted, "That'd be fun. The dogs can play the dwarfs."

At that statement, Jacob jumped in. "Whoa whoa whoa ! Uh, no? Sorry, Edward, but I am not dressing up as some midget named Dopey!"

Edward quirked an eyebrow, "With that attitude, you can be Grumpy."