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Edward, my boyfriend?

Bella and Edward have been friends ever since they were six years old. What happens when Edward needs a fake girlfriend and Bella is his only choice? Will Bella find feelings she never had for Edward or will there relationship fall apart? [OOC]

Emmett and Bella are siblings, Edward and Alice are siblings, and Rose and Jasper are siblings. But they are all dating except Edward and Bella.

1. Chapter 1

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Bella POV

I yelled with all my might, “Alice give me that cover or do you want me to get it, by hand”

Alice giggled, “Not by a long shot and Edward is waiting for you in the car. Get your ass out of that bed!”

I moaned in defeat as I dragged my body to the bathroom. “Oh Bella, I laid out some clothes for you to wear…” Alice hesitated. I covered my face with my small hands, “If it is another mini skirt and small tank-top, I will shoved the clothes down your throat. Do you hear me Alice?” I asked as I walked cautiously to the edge of the shower.

Alice snorted, “Don’t worry about that. It is just a pair of jeans and a plain pink t-shirt!”

I sighed in relief and pulled the clothes onto the counter and jumped in the shower. I took a quick shower and forced the clothes on my now clean body.

I turn the knob to the door and walked downstairs, “Bella you look nice” Alice complimented. I ‘thanked’ her as we walked out the door and into Edward’s Volvo.

Emmett was already in the car looking pretty impatient, “Bella, why don’t you go to sleep early?”

I glared at Alice, “If Alice wouldn’t call me at midnight worrying about what she is going to wear…”

Edward chuckled.

“Hey, Edward” I greeted.

He gave me a warm smile, “Hello Bella, are you coming over our house tonight for movie night!?”

I smirked, “Of course”

Edward pulled up at the school and found a parking spot. We all got out and found Rose and Jasper at the school entrance door. As we approached them Jasper gave Alice a tight hug. “Hey Jasper and Rose” Alice choked out from Jasper’s grip.

The bell ranged and we all walked inside; I had every class with Edward, we usual do everything together. We all met when we were 6 years old. At a town party, his parents and my parents use to work together.

Edward was always a friend to me, he was kind, sweet and every girl glares at me when I am with him. I guess since every girl in the school wants to date the famous Edward Cullen. I guess Edward never notice since he is always trying to keep me from falling over the nearest things.

I grabbed my books and skipped to French class with a grin. I took my seat in the back waiting for my partner, Edward to claim his seat next to me. I grabbed my notebooks and wrote down the notes on the blackboard.

I felt a big slam on the desk. My head snapped up to see, Mike smiling at me. “Hey, Bella…How are you today?”

I smiled back, “Hey Mike, I’m okay”

“I am fine myself. So…Um, d-do you have a date for the party next Friday?” He said with confidantes

I bit my lip, I hate when he asks me on a date “I am sorry Mike but I doubt that I am even going to the party…”

Mike frowned but did ask why. Thank god, Edward came in just in time. “Hello Mike, “I think you are in my seat” Edward noted. Mike pulled himself out of the seat and took his seat next to Jessica. Edward sat down and took his books out, “Mike asked you out again?”

I smiled, “Yeah, I forgot all about that party next week…”

The teacher came in after the late bell ranged, “Okay, class study for the test while I get your papers out…” Mr. Wade instructed.

I turned to Edward and hand him the study guide, “Test me”

Edward looked shocked, “TEST?”

I smirked, “Yeah, remember? Edward please tell me you studied…This test is worth one-third of our grade!”

He smacked his head, “Man!”

I sighed, “You can copy off of me…”

He shook his head.

“Okay…I am not the one who will get a lunch detention for failure grade”

Edward thought, “Okay, I will pay you back Bella. Thank you”

Mr. Wade passed back our papers. When he came to our table he gave us both a smiled and hand of our papers…I passed!

“Yes!” I whispered.

“I passed!” Edward yelled. We high five and laughed at each other. “Okay, I am passing the test around no more talking.”

After the test I hand Edward a piece of paper with the answers and turned in my test.

When it was time for lunch I met Edward at his locker, “So, are you going to the party?” I asked.

Edward glared at me, “Yeah, I am going. I am the head of the football team…”

“If he is taking that retired, no brain, moron Lauren I will shot a bullet through my head…” I said to myself, too quiet for Edward to hear.

Edward has been playing football since 4th grade. Lauren is the head cheerleader, so everyone thinks that Edward and her should go out, but I know Edward would never date that bitch Lauren.

We walked to lunch silent. When we entered the cafeteria Alice was waving us over, “Over here guys…”

I walked toward Alice by myself since Edward talks to his teammate before coming over. I took my seat and opened up my lunch, “Hey Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rose” I greeted everyone. I took a bite out of my sandwich when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

I turned around to see Edward and Lauren

She was giving me a hard glare and Edward looked anxious, “Lauren, you know Bella” Edward said grabbed me from my seat. “Please help me…” He whispered in my ear.

Lauren twitched, “Bella.”

I nodded my head, “Lauren.”

Edward cleared his throat, “Lauren, this is my girlfriend Bella…”

I choked, “What the he-,”

Edward cleared his throat again as he tilt his head toward Lauren.

I was shocked, how could Edward just put me on the spot like that!? I can’t believe him! I don’t even like him like that, why was he lying? Why should I go along with this? And most important, why did Edward call me his girlfriend!? Millions of questions popped into my head all at once.

Lauren looked at me suspiciously, “What were you about to say?”

I glared at Edward, who was now sweaty “Nothing Lauren” I said her name like a bad word. Edward sighed in relief, I was about to slice him up like a piece of salami.

Lauren gave me another glare.

I looked back, “Lauren can I help you with something, or do you need help finding another male stripper for tonight because I think Mike is able to do it tonight…” I joked. Lauren just huffed and walked to her table. I walked back to my lunch not giving Edward a glaze…