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Party & Discovery

This is just a short story I wrote late one night when thinking about my characters Alma and Nara from "A Mage's Twilight". I thought I should include a little bit about their pre-Twilight lives, and so yeah...enjoy! They're about fifteen at the time this happens. Prelude to the "A Mage's Perspective" series. Rated Teen for some language issues.

If you like this, then go on to "A Mage's Twilight". Even if you don't, take a look anyway....please?

1. Party and Discovery

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Alma Stewart

I sat in the lounge just staring at her. Bright blue eyes so similar to my own, messy blonde hair, cute face…no! Bad Alma! She's just your partner…your best friend since year six. And beside, you have Dean…ew. I shuddered slightly as I remembered when he had tried to kiss me earlier. Gross. I definitely didn’t want my first kiss to be with him. Why did I even agree to go out with him? I mean, it wasn’t like I actually liked him or anything…Unconsciously I moved closer to Nara, never taking my eyes from hers. What had come over me? I was just her friend, just her partner. I didn’t realise I was sitting beside her until one arm somehow found its way around her waist. She looked up at me through her lashes, not scared or worried or angry or disgusted…

Nara Paterson

I'd been staring at Allie all night, seeing her with that boy she'd agreed to come here with; Dean. I don't understand why I feel so jealous…I mean, she's just my partner. We've been best friends since year six…four years ago now. I realised I was staring only when her eyes met mine, and then I couldn't look away. I didn't understand…

Her arm went around my waist, and I looked up at her. She looked surprised and a little worried. Why?

‘What's the matter?’ I asked silently, through the mental bond we shared. She didn’t answer straight away, but I could sense a sort of…longing? What was happening to us?

Alma Stewart

I didn’t want to feel this way, but all at once I understood why I was always so protective of Nara. I felt a longing to do more than just hug her…I wanted her to know exactly how I felt. But I was afraid… I didn’t answer her unspoken question, but all of a sudden I no longer cared where we were or what the people around us would think. I was here, she was here, we would have to put up with each others’ company until we died, so why not? Before I really understood what I was doing, I leant down and timidly pressed my mouth against hers.

Dean Johnson

Okay, so Alma blew me off. No big deal, right? I mean, I must have just been rushing her. I know she isn’t really ready for a serious relationship, so why did I try and kiss her? We've only been dating a month or so… I should find her and apologise.

“Hey, Lachlan, have you seen Alma?” I asked one of my friends as he came dancing past, his girlfriend hanging off his arm and giggling.

“I think she went to find that friend of hers…the quiet one,” he told me.


“Yeah, her. She's hot, you ever noticed?”

“Lachlan!” his girlfriend snapped, before practically melting when he turned his electric blue eyes to hers. “Oh, never mind.” I rolled my eyes. They were so freaking happy it was sickening. They'd been dating since year eight, and they look like they were made for each other with those freaky bright blue eyes. Kinda like Alma and Nara's eyes. Weird. I went looking in the direction Lachlan pointed out to me, and came to a lounge-room-type room. There were couples making out, but there was only one face I was looking for. Where was Alma?

I saw her seconds later, recognising her black dress. I couldn’t see her face, though…I moved, and then wished I hadn’t. Alma wasn’t alone. She was leaning towards that quiet friend of hers, Nara, and it looked like they were…I felt my eyes widen and I stormed over to them, grabbing Nara and Alma’s shoulders and hauling them apart. Nara tumbled to the floor, but I wasn’t concerned about her.

“So that's why you wouldn’t kiss me?” I snarled. “You just wanted to suck face with freakazoid here,” I hissed, and wished I'd kept my cool when Alma turned the full force of those freaky blue eyes on me. She regarded me coolly, never taking her weird eyes away from my face as she leant down and helped Nara up.

“Are you alright?” she asked softly, and Nara winced before nodding. Alma glared at me, then very deliberately slapped me across the face. Hard. I staggered back, holding my cheek, as Alma wrapped an arm around Nara's shoulders and hugged her protectively. She glared at me again.

“You hurt Nara again, I'll hurt you worse, got it?” she asked. I felt my facial expression harden.

“Loud and clear, you leso bitch,” I spat, before turning on my heel and storming out of the house. So much for getting some tonight.

Alma Stewart

I couldn’t believe how Dean had reacted…what an ass. I hugged Nara gently, worried I'd hurt her more. How could he do that to her?!

“I'm fine, Allie,” she mumbled. “Can we just go? Please?” I nodded, kissed the top of her head, and then grabbed her hand to lead her out of Kelsey’s house and towards the Orphanage run by Linda and Louis Hawker. We had to talk to them immediately.