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Beauty and the Beast

After two years of being a vampire Rosalie still hasn't come to terms with what she has become. When she goes on a solo hunting trip to Alaska, she finds more than bears up north.


1. Chapter 1

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I took one last glance in my full-length mirror, (well it was several times larger than the average full length mirror but what else could stand up to my perfection?), and gave a sigh of satisfaction. Everything was perfect from my shining hair done in a long braid to today’s outfit, a deep red summer dress by my favorite designer and personal friend, Ashley Wood. Wood wasn’t big yet but she had potential, it was simple yet it accented all of my curves in just the perfect way, The dress could have been designed for me and of course it was. I slipped into a pair of six-inch stilettos and got ready to make my debut for today.

I went downstairs and found the rest of my family sitting quietly at the dining room table. Esme was sitting in Carlisle’s lap with a sketchpad while he was reading yet another book and Edward was writing college applications, again. Esme looked up with a smile,

“You look very nice today Rose!” she said this because she knew that this was what I wanted to hear but I still liked too hear it. Carlisle glanced up,

“Wood again?” he asked.

“Yes” I replied primly. I looked at Edward expectantly, but like every other morning he didn’t even glance up. It still annoyed me that he was so immune to my beauty unlike all other males. I didn’t want him in any way he was just a brother to me, but, still it was a constant thorn in my side that he was left totally unaffected. I saw a quick smile pass over his lips, still looking down at those stupid applications; he wanted to be a lawyer this time around. I scowled I hated the fact that he was able to read my mind almost as much as it annoyed me that he was still unaffected by my beauty.

That was the moment I resolved that if Edward dared find any girl more attractive than me she was going down. Since I couldn’t catch his eye what unearthly beauty would? I don’t think I could take the competition. Not like any girl ever could surpass me but still…. Edward chuckled and I hissed at him. I couldn’t take this any more.

“I am going hunting,” I snarled at him even though I should have been directing the comment at Carlisle.

“ Very good, just remember that we are visiting the Denali’s in a week, don’t be out too long. Stay within the country.” Carlisle answered.

“Whatever” I said, Edward was still annoying me too no end, making me short of temper. I stalked out and started running as fast as I could.

I thought as I ran, not paying any attention to where I was going Carlisle had Esme and Edward had his books and piano. I had nothing but my beauty and sometimes even I got tired of obsessing over it, sometimes eternity could be pretty boring when you were alone. For the billionth time I longed to be a human, to have a husband and children, to have a life.