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What I've Done

Set sometime after New Moon, minus the events of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward left Bella again three years after she was changed. He told her he didn't love her and left her in pain, leaving the rest of the Cullens to care for her. Six hundred years later, Bella has earned the label of "Emo Girl" at every high school she attends despite her vampiric good looks. Then the Cullens return to Forks...


2. One: "That Emo Girl"

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Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

In six hundred years, you would think technology would progress a lot. But, much to the contrary, it's possibly regressing. Technology is starting to go backwards – things are still much the same now as they were when I first came to Forks six hundred years ago. I'd had six hundred years of pain and suffering, and I hated him for it. Because of him, whenever my numb wall came down, Jasper was put through just as much pain as I was. No one mentioned the lost son of the Cullen family, and we had two new additions who didn’t even know he had ever existed. I winced internally at the memories the name of Forks brought back, and I saw Jasper wince too out of the corner of my eye.

“Sorry, Jasper,” I muttered, not looking away from the floor of my car. I always rode with Jasper when we were moving – he helped me to keep from being overcome with pain. He fidgeted slightly as I reigned in my pain and replaced the numbing wall. Jasper relaxed a little, and wave after wave of peace, relaxation and brotherly love washed over me.

“Thanks,” I murmured as he turned up the driveway behind Carlisle and Esme’s car. He smiled at me, although his eyes were still sad.

“No problem. I'm sorry we had to come back here, Bella,” he added. I shook my head.

“It's not your fault. We were running out of places to go. It's mainly my fault,” I whispered. I was the one always causing trouble – I was always labelled the ‘emo girl’, even though Emmett was constantly insisting Jasper was the emo one. Jasper took one hand off the wheel to hug me around the shoulders, almost overwhelming me with the acceptance and love he exuded. I whispered ‘thanks’ again, and then made myself lift my gaze to the familiar big white house.

It wasn’t as difficult as I had expected to block the pain in this house. My room was painted black, as usual, with red splashes all over the walls that looked like blood. It was just paint, but still. It suited how I felt all the time. Once, and just once, Chloe had commented that I was the first emo vamp she’d ever heard of, and Rosalie had been quick to shut her up. I don’t know why, but Rosalie was my best friend now, apart from Jasper. Alice was my second-best friend, and she knew what would make me upset. It came from that power of hers. Rose really helped me, in ways even I'm not certain about, and I'm forever grateful to her. Ever since that first night…

I curled into a tight ball, sobs wracking my body as I accidentally went back to that memory. The next moment familiar arms were around me, and Jasper was helping to soothe away the pain as he and Rose hugged me between them, comforting me in ways none of the others could. Emmett’s big arms soon encircled us all, and Alice was patting my knee. Esme and Carlisle were keeping Chloe and Vincent occupied downstairs so they wouldn’t see me like this. They understood what this house could do to me – they'd all been prepared for it.

“Thanks,” I whispered brokenly when I could again. Somehow, over the centuries, I had learnt to cry. None of us knew how, but when I was really torn up, like I was now, I could cry. My tears were not water – they were more like venom. Alice and Emmett left first, both of them hovering by my doorway until Rose shook her head at them and hugged me tighter. She and Jasper were always there whenever I needed them, no matter what.

It was almost dawn when Jasper and Rose finally believed me when I said I was alright, and left me to think. I wouldn’t be taking any of the classes I had last time I was here, and so I wouldn’t be reminded. Besides, classes had changed somewhat over the centuries. They didn’t go by the same names or curriculum, much to my relief. In fact, at one point I had changed their whole English curriculum. But that was four hundred years ago…things had changed again.

“Bella? Sis, you gotta get dressed for school,” Chloe said softly from just outside my door.

“Okay,” I whispered, and she left. I sighed as I stood and stretched. Time for yet another school to dub me as ‘that emo girl’ and learn to loathe me.

I dressed as I almost always did. I wore a plain black tank top with a red one over the top, the red one ripped in many places, stuck with pins and hung with chains. Thigh-length black and white striped socks were covering my pale, pale legs, and a mid-thigh-length black denim skirt with raggedy edges and again hung with chains covered the rest of my skin. On my feet went my Goth boots – three-inch platform, knee-high black leather boots with silver buckles all the way up. Around my neck went the black velvet choker, the silver-and-onyx crucifix an ironic symbol. I painted my nails black, put a few cuffs and chain bracelets on my wrists, and pulled my hair back into a messy ponytail. I'd put red and black streaks in it earlier this decade, and kept renewing them. I doubted I would ever want to get rid of them, but in case I did it was only temporary dye. As a finishing touch I applied black eyeliner, eye-shadow and lipstick. I sighed as I examined myself in the mirror. Only a vampire could dress like this and still look amazing. Or…passable, at least. Grabbing up my black, skull-covered bag, I headed downstairs silently. Time to face a new school and a new lot of human teenagers.

My car, just like almost everything else I owned, was black. I didn’t care what type of car I had, as long as it was black, sleek, and fast. Emmett, Alice and Vincent – who much preferred Vinnie – piled into the car silently as Jasper and Chloe rode with Rosalie in her glossy red convertible. We no longer cared about being ‘inconspicuous’ with our cars. Not that I ever had to begin with… I peeled out of our driveway onto the highway, and wondered if I would get a detention first day for either my clothes or attitude.

ForksHigh School,’ I thought grimly. ‘Here I come. You'd all better lock your doors, a new Bella Swan is in town.’ With that thought I floored the accelerator and sped on towards the school.

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Johnson

Six hundred years since I left my wife. Bella. Five hundred years since I was released from my service with the Volturi and went looking for her and my family. I never found them. Instead, I was found by June and Daniel, two strong vampires who had somehow managed to convert to my diet before they found me. June Cheetah-Wagner and Daniel Johnson were the only friends I had made in five hundred years. They knew I was looking for my old family – they just didn’t know why I hadn’t been able to find them, and why they hadn’t been searching for me. I hadn’t told them the whole story. Just like I never told Bella…

Daniel glanced at me, concern in his eyes, and June put her hand on my arm for a moment, strengthening the shield around me. I hated to hear peoples’ thoughts all the time now, and June helped. She blocked my power. I was used to not being able to hear large masses of people now. But today, I was starting to wish I could hear their thoughts.

Instead I listened to their whispers. There were some new kids in Forks.

“…See those two blonde chicks? They're hot!”

“Beyond hot…especially that blonde guy…”

“The tiny one’s really hot, but nothing on that tall blonde…”

“That guy is huge! And his sister looks so emo, but she's completely amazing. Wonder why she looks so sad…”

“I hear the blonde ones are all related…the taller two are twins, and the smaller girl’s their younger sister. They're all adopted…”

“The black haired guy and that tiny chick have gotta be related…I mean, look at the similarities!”

“Wonder what's with the emo girl. I mean, she's hot! What's she got to be sad about?”

“What's the tall blonde chick’s name? I should ask her to the prom…”

“You idiot! She's with the emo chick’s brother! The little one’s with the blond guy…Emo Girl there is the only one not taken…”

“You idiot, now they're looking at us! They heard you!” I looked up at that, wondering who these new kids were. I looked past the squabbling boys, and froze. I saw five faces I never thought I'd see again, and two I didn’t know. And they weren’t staring at any of the other students…no, they were staring at me.

Emmett and Jasper stormed across the cafeteria with Alice and Rosalie as Bella…my Bella…stumbled backwards into the other two with them. I stood calmly, wondering what was wrong, but Rosalie reached me first and slapped me.

“You asshole!” she shouted. They didn’t seem to realise they were making a scene in front of the entire school. “How could you, Edward? Twice!”

“We ought to kill you for that,” Jasper snarled. “Do you understand what you did to her? How much pain you put her through?”

“She hasn’t spoken in public for ages!” Alice snapped.

“She never smiles, never laughs,” Emmett raged, his face pure fury. I was taken aback.

“I hope you understand what you did to her, Edward,” Alice continued as Jasper and Rosalie just glared at me. They looked beyond words.

“Do you know what that stunt did to Carlisle and Esme?” Emmett added. I winced.

“If you'll just let me explain why…”

“Don’t, Edward, just don’t!” Rose seethed. “Do you know what she looked like when Alice and Emmett brought her back? Do you? Did you hear her crying all night every night for six centuries? Do you know how often she's turned to us and looked completely desolate, completely lost? Do you know how much that's been hurting us all, especially Jasper and Esme?” she hissed, her voice low enough not to let any humans hear.

“Stop it, Rose,” Bella's sweet voice said softly. I winced at the pain in her voice and tried to meet her eyes, but she was looking at Jasper and Rosalie. “You're making a scene. Can…can we just leave early?” Rose instantly hugged her, and I was shocked at how Bella clung to her, how comforting and…well…motherly Rosalie looked. Jasper placed a palm against Bella's back as she started to sob quietly, and then Emmett lifted her up easily to carry her out, Rosalie and Jasper right beside them, both of them alternating between glaring at me and looking worriedly at Bella as they left the cafeteria. Alice and the two I didn’t know remained.

“I'll explain when we get back to the house, Chloe,” she murmured to the blonde girl, who nodded and grabbed the black-haired boy’s hand. “Vincent, can you call Esme and Carlisle and tell them what happened? I'll go clear things up at front office.” The two of them nodded and left, and as Alice turned to leave I managed to find my voice.

“Wait, Alice…” she spun back to face me, glaring.

“You may have been my brother once upon a time,” she hissed. “But Bella's been my sister the last six centuries. I've seen her pain. I've seen her shed tears. I've seen her become what she is today, and that's an improvement on what she was that very first night. We all have. So don’t expect our forgiveness for killing our sister’s heart.” With that she turned and stormed from the cafeteria, leaving all the humans muttering to themselves and each other as I sank back down onto the seat, not even hearing Daniel and June’s questions. What had I done?