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What I've Done

Set sometime after New Moon, minus the events of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward left Bella again three years after she was changed. He told her he didn't love her and left her in pain, leaving the rest of the Cullens to care for her. Six hundred years later, Bella has earned the label of "Emo Girl" at every high school she attends despite her vampiric good looks. Then the Cullens return to Forks...


3. Two: Mistakes

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Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Johnson

Daniel and June dragged me out of the cafeteria and almost threw me into our car.

“You are going to tell us everything, Edward,” June said sternly. “No omissions this time.” I just nodded. I should have told them everything right from the start, but…what I've done shames me. I can’t believe it… how could I have hurt her so badly? I buried my head in my hands, ignoring June and Daniel's whispers. I never wanted the hurt to last this long…I had wanted to find them and tell them the truth five hundred years ago! Jasper would know I was telling the truth, but…none of them would forgive me. And Bella would hate me, if she didn’t already…

“Edward, we're here.” June’s soft voice interrupted me and I looked up to nod at her, just once. I knew where ‘here’ was…Our house. It was only small, but it was enough. We didn’t need a big house…there were only three of us. Daniel all but dragged me inside, and when they made me sit down I just waited for them to sit too before I began to tell them the truth. My mistakes.

When I was finished, it was June who moved first, standing and placing one of her hands on my forehead.

“I'm going to go for a run,” she murmured. “I'll be back later. Don’t beat yourself up about it, Edward. I'm sure they’ll understand when you tell them the truth.” I was going to correct her, but she was gone by the time I looked up. Daniel hadn’t moved, and I knew he would be asking me some sort of question. I sat back and waited.

June Cheetah-Wagner

I knew what I had to do, but I didn’t tell Daniel or Edward. I had to see the Cullens. I had to tell them everything Edward had told me, and what he'd been like the five hundred years I'd known him.

“I'm going for a run,” I murmured as I gently rested my hand on Edward’s forehead, to comfort him. “I'll be back later. Don’t beat yourself up about it, Edward. I'm sure they’ll understand when you tell them the truth.” When I tell them the truth, I corrected silently. I kissed Daniel on the cheek and then was gone out the window, running deep into the forest to try and pick up the scent of the Cullens.

Daniel Johnson

I knew June was up to something, but I didn’t leave. Edward may be going into a depressed state, but he'd still notice if I followed June. Instead I sat by Edward and folded my arms, watching the hopeless look on his face just stay there. Right. Time to say something…

“I don’t really think it's all that bad…” I began, but I stopped when he glared at me. Okay… well, at least he wasn’t just moping.

“Not that bad? Daniel, if you were threatened that if you didn’t comply with someone’s wishes June would die, what would you do to save her? Would you disobey the person and risk her life? Would you tell her the truth and risk her life being ruined because she knew, or would you lie to her to get her to stay safe?”

“No,” I said coldly. “I wouldn’t hide anything from June. I would tell her everything, and if she wanted to come with me, I would let her. Bella's not human, Edward. She can defend herself. Besides, with that power of hers…” I chuckled. “It's lucky the rest of the Cullens are still alive. She's powerful.” Edward stared at me.

“She has…an extra ability?”

“Well, yeah,” I snorted, rolling my eyes. “Why do you think they listened to her? They probably wouldn’t want her to lose control.” He just stared at me some more, and I rolled my eyes. “I'm going hunting. Remember what June said…stay here, and don’t do anything stupid. We should both be back by dawn at the latest, so don’t come looking. Everything will be fine,” I said firmly. I felt like a father to him sometimes. I rested my hand on his shoulder for a moment, and then I was gone, following June’s trail towards both of our goals – the Cullen mansion.

June Cheetah-Wagner

I paused when I reached the large white house, unsure as to what I would do or say to these vampires. I mean, they'd been left without an explanation by their brother, son and husband, so they probably wouldn’t be too happy to see me, one of his allies. I took a deep breath – however unnecessary it was – straightened my shoulders and walked at a fast human pace up the front steps to knock on the door. A fraction of a second after the first rap, the door opened to show the statuesque blonde – Rosalie. She scowled at me, obviously recognising me, but I ignored the unpleasant expression.

“My name is June,” I said calmly. “My mate Daniel and I have some news to share with you and your family, when he arrives.” I knew without a doubt Daniel was only a little way behind me. He could run much faster than I could. Sure enough, as Rosalie stood there deliberating, Daniel ran out of the trees behind me and breezed to a stop behind me, one arm around my waist. He gave an elegant little bow to Rosalie.

“Sorry, I was telling your ex-brother just what an idiot he was,” he explained. “May we come in? I have a feeling you all need to hear what we are here to say.” Rosalie hesitated, but then the little one, Alice, appeared by her elbow and regarded us for a moment. Whatever her power was, it helped her to decide.

“Rose, go to Bella and Jasper. I'll take them to the others,” she murmured, and Rosalie’s scowl melted when she thought of Bella. She nodded once, then turned and disappeared from sight. Alice looked up at us and beckoned. “Come. Whatever you are going to say, it needs to be said to all of us.”

“Thank you,” I said softly, and followed her into the house, Daniel right behind me.

We sat automatically, used to the human façade, and waited until the others were settled. Only Bella, Jasper and Rosalie were missing, and I figured it was best. I did not want to cause Bella any more pain, and if the other two were helping her, then so be it. I still couldn’t believe how stupid Edward had been to think he wouldn’t hurt them by doing what he did. I glanced at Daniel when they were all settled, and he nodded to me once. They would know what the truth was and was not. So, I took a breath and began.

“Five hundred and two years ago, I was delivered an ultimatum by the Volturi. I was to join them, or Daniel would die. I could have been very useful to them, but I disobeyed them and they came for us. One member of the guard was your ex-brother. He looked beyond despair, and so when we stopped the Volturi I freed him from their hold. He told us he had been forced to leave his family almost a hundred years previously, and wanted to find them again. We decided to help him, and so we have spent the last five hundred years searching for you all. Today in the cafeteria, we were both surprised when four of you started yelling at him. We were under the impression he had been forced away from you all, and that you would be glad to see him. Obviously, we did not have the whole truth.” I paused for a moment, glancing up at Daniel. He nodded again and took over the story.

“We made him tell us the truth when we arrived home earlier this afternoon. He told us he lied to Bella so she wouldn’t go with him and be used as leverage. He was delivered much the same ultimatum as June was. He had to join the Volturi, or Bella would die. That forced him to do what he never wanted to do – lie to her and leave her again. I understand you are all very angry with him because of what his lies did to Bella, but please remember how overprotective and prone to overreacting he was. I told him so myself when June started to run here. I told him that no matter what, if I were in the same situation, I would not hide anything from June. He doesn’t know we were in the same situation. I told him only the truth. Bella is not human, she is not fragile, and she is very powerful. She would have been fine. He should have told you all everything, but his feelings are what let him down. If he hadn’t been so overprotective, we would not be in this situation currently. He is an absolute idiot,” he sighed, shaking his head. I rolled my eyes and gently elbowed him in the side.

“You're forgetting one little thing,” I murmured. He glanced down at me.

“I know. But until they believe what we say, it would do no good.”

There was silence for a long moment.

“How do you know he was not lying through his teeth?” Emmett asked with a snarl. I shrugged.

“How do any of us know anything? Don’t answer that. Part of my gift is to stop a person’s power – that is why your ex-brother doesn’t know we are here. He cannot bear the thoughts of the people around him any longer. In order to shield him from other thoughts completely, as I have done, I need to have complete access to his mind. I was listening there – although he doesn’t know it – when he was telling us his story. I know his reasoning, his shame and his despair. He never wanted to leave, but being the idiot he is he thought it would be best. He was to be freed exactly five hundred years ago, and he was going to come back and find you all immediately. We've alternated between living here and in the many other towns he remembers you living in for the last five hundred years. You are all never far from his thoughts.” By the time I finished speaking, my voice was soft and honest, not as hard as it had been when I began. I truly could see how his choice tormented him, and that made me sad. Rosalie and Jasper had joined us while I spoke, but I could not see Bella with them. Perhaps that was the best. I felt a wave of calm wash over me, erasing my sadness, and then I realised with a start one of them was influencing me…Jasper. The one who could influence emotion. I smiled shyly in greeting.

“I'm June, and this is Daniel,” I said to introduce myself to Jasper. We had been talking quiet enough to not be heard upstairs earlier, and Rosalie had already been introduced, however rashly, to us earlier. Jasper nodded.

“I'll take a guess you already know my name,” he said shortly, sitting and wrapping his arm around Alice’s waist when she moved to his lap. Rosalie joined Emmett where he sat, and I felt a little awkward. I wanted to speak to Bella, but she could get angry and that would be disastrous. I really didn’t want Esme’s nice house to be ruined if Bella became angry.

“That I do,” I replied calmly. It was at times like this my accent became much more obvious. It was not an unpleasant accent, I was told, but you could definitely tell I wasn’t American. “Stupid accent,” I mumbled to myself as the Irish brogue became more pronounced. My mother had been Irish, my father Austrian, and I had been raised in Ireland. The Cullens stared at me for a moment, and if I could have I would have been blushing. Oops. Then Chloe, the smaller blonde girl, giggled softly, and Daniel nudged me in the side.

“At least yours ain’t as bad as mine,” he reminded me, his Aussie twang glaringly obvious. I rolled my eyes. Yes, we were an oddly-matched pair.

“Anyway, off the subject…do you believe us? Will you listen to what Edward –” I lowered my voice there – “wants to say to you?”

“He was my son once,” Esme said sadly, while Carlisle rubbed her shoulder. “But Bella has been my daughter for centuries. It has been painful to see her like this…I don’t know if any of us can forgive him.”

“We're not asking that,” I assured her. “We're just asking you to listen to what he has to say for himself.” The Cullens exchanged glances, and while they looked apprehensive, they didn’t say no.

“We'll listen, but not now. Bella needs us here. Do you plan on telling him?” Carlisle asked. I shook my head.

“Nope. It was his mistake, so he's the one who has to deal with the consequences without our help. The only reason we're here is for your family, Carlisle,” I added softer. “We believed you had a right to know the truth.”

“Thank you. We will talk to him when we decide the time is right.” I nodded and stood, Daniel with me.

“As is your right. We will see most of you at school, then?”

“Yes,” Rosalie murmured. “Jasper, Bella and I will stay here tomorrow, though. Perhaps we will see you another time.” I nodded again and after saying our farewells, Daniel and I went hunting.