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What I've Done

Set sometime after New Moon, minus the events of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward left Bella again three years after she was changed. He told her he didn't love her and left her in pain, leaving the rest of the Cullens to care for her. Six hundred years later, Bella has earned the label of "Emo Girl" at every high school she attends despite her vampiric good looks. Then the Cullens return to Forks...


5. Four: Bella's Power

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Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Johnson

I tried to move closer to Bella, just so I could talk to her, to tell her the truth, but her now-red eyes were unsympathetic and she rammed me back into the wall with the wind. Amazingly, the wall didn’t break at the force.


“Shut up! I don’t want to hear your lies!” she screamed, and the wind drove me to my knees.

“Bella, just listen to me!” I roared. There was no way she couldn’t hear me. “I lied, yes, but only so you wouldn’t follow me to the Volturi! I didn’t want you to be stuck in that castle for a century! I didn’t want them to use you!”

“You’re lying, always lying,” she sobbed, and I was overcome with regret when I saw the tears on her cheek. Tears? “Stop lying to me!”

“I’m not lying, Bella! Remember the first time I left? It was because I love you! I just want you safe!” She let out a shrill wordless scream of anger and hate, and I stared as two black, snarling shadows materialised beside her.

“Lying to me is not the way to do it!” she yelled. “You caused me so much pain, Edward!” She screamed again, and a third shadow appeared behind her. “So now it’s time you meet my feelings! Edward, meet Pain, Hate and Anger,” she said a little calmer, and the three shadows snarled at me as the wind lessened a little and I managed to stand up. “Pain, Anger, Hate, meet the man who broke my heart and called you to me.”

“This is the one you want us to kill, Mistress?” one snarled, and they all roared at me as I took two steps forward. She hesitated for a moment, and I took another two steps forward.

“No, not kill,” she murmured. I took another step, hopeful, and then another as she continued. “Just make him feel everything I have felt the last six hundred years.” With that, the spirits snarled and surged towards me.

I took another step forwards, bracing myself for impact, but the spirits went right through me. Instead, a wave of pain and anger hit me so hard I doubled over. Gritting my teeth, I slowly straightened, making sure I stayed standing the next time they rushed past me. This was what I had done to my Bella? I struggled another step forward, clenching my fists by my side and thinking only of how much I loved her…how much I regretted ever lying to her. One of the creatures – spirits – shrieked and disappeared as I struggled a few steps forward towards Bella, and the other two renewed their attack on me. I ignored them the best I could while accepting the pain and anger, and managed to get less than a metre away from Bella. She wasn’t facing me, but off to the side, and her eyes were closed as tears ran down her cheeks. No…I had made her cry. Again. I forced myself to take another step, determined to reach her and tell her how much I loved her. I was determined to reach her and kiss her like I used to…I noticed her lips were moving, and as I filled myself with the love I felt for her, making the other two shadows shriek and disappear like the first, I heard what she was saying.

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, don’t hate me, I love you, I'm sorry…”

“Bella,” I whispered, and she glanced towards me, her eyes a pale blue-grey. “Bella, I love you. I don’t hate you. I could never hate you…” she stared at me, and I slowly reached out to her, my hand brushing her cheek lightly. “Bella, I was an idiot. I should have told you the truth.”

“Yes, you should have,” she said sadly, and I just wanted to hold her close and tell her everything was alright. But I couldn’t…not truthfully. It wasn’t alright yet.

“I'm sorry for everything I said that day,” I whispered, staring at her blue-grey eyes. They were changing again, but I couldn’t tell what colour because it had started to rain on us. Rain? Inside the house? “I never should have lied to you. I love you, Bella, and I always have. I always will. Emotions like this are unchangeable,” I reminded her, and slowly brought both my hands up to cup her face. “Bella, do you believe me?” Her lips trembled and I realised what colour her eyes were changing to – a beautiful, pale lilac flecked with green.

“Yes,” she whispered. My dead heart instantly lifted, and I wrapped my arms around my Bella.

“Thank you,” I murmured into her ear. She stiffened suddenly and pulled away from me, and I saw tears falling down her face again.

“Yes, I believe you,” she sobbed. “But I can’t trust you again, Edward! I just can’t trust you again…”

“Bella, if I ever do anything to hurt you again, you can kill me. Somehow I think Jasper and Emmett will be more willing, but I don’t ever want to hurt you again. If I do, I will be as good as dead,” I swore, and saw Bella’s now-blue eyes rise to my face.

“You'll just hurt me more by dying,” she whispered, and I held out one hand to her.

“Bella…” she shook her head, and sank to the floor, her head in her hands.

“I can’t, I can’t,” she muttered over and over. “I can’t…” she raised her head and I started to back away as I saw what colour her eyes were. Black. “I can’t!” I gritted my teeth and stood my ground as a wind started to buffet me and the rest of the house, making the walls shake and start to collapse. I winced when her cries reached my ears as the roof started to fall in, and cursed my stupidity from all those years ago. I had hurt her again… No!


Carlisle Cullen

I hated to see this. I hated to see Bella like this; I hated to see Jasper feeling every one of her emotions so strongly. I started to back away from the house further as it started to shake, and pushed my children and Esme behind me.

“Go!” I roared, and they started to flee as parts of the house flew in all directions. This was Bella’s power.

“Bella!” I heard Edward call from inside, but could not tell him what I knew was happening. All her anguish was being let loose after all this time – the house would not survive, and I was actually quite surprised Edward had lasted so long. Not that I wished my first son to die; not after hearing his reasoning behind leaving Bella. I was just shocked she had paused long enough for him to try and explain himself. Although at the moment, I somehow got the feeling not all was well inside the house.

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

“Bella!” I heard Edward call, but I couldn’t stop the wind that was my frustration and confusion from tearing at the house. I could barely see past the tears in my eyes, and I stood shakily, trying to regain my control. No…I didn’t want to hurt him! I felt pieces of the house falling on me and breaking as soon as they hit me, and I could hear someone swearing over the sound of the wind and crumbling walls. I bowed my head, still sobbing quietly, and just let the wind do as it wished. I couldn’t control it…

“Bella?” I lifted my head as Edward murmured my name and his arms wrapped around me, and started to cry again. I didn’t try to push him away this time – I needed him. I always had since he entered my life, and I always would.

“I…I'm sorry…” I gasped, still crying.

“What for?”

“For…for this,” I managed as the rest of the house collapsed around us and it started to rain.

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Johnson

I just held Bella tightly as the rest of the house collapsed around us, and then stroked her hair back out of her face as the rain drenched us thoroughly. Her eyes were a dusty blue, and wide with remorse.

“I'm so sorry I lied to you, Bella,” I whispered. “Emmett and Jasper were right. I was a fool. I…”

“Oh shut up,” she muttered, and surprised me by pushing up onto her toes and pressing her lips against mine. I gladly obliged her, and shut up.

Emmett Cullen

The house was in ruins and yet Edward was still alive. Bella was stronger than I'd given her credit for…

“Emmett and Jasper were right,” I heard Edward say. “I was a fool.” Oh, finally! He admitted it!

“Shut up,” Bella muttered, and I grinned as the two of them kissed in the middle of the rubble. Whoot! Perhaps now Bella would stop being so emo…

“Oh, get a room!” I called as I wrapped my arms around Rosalie’s waist. She shook her head as Edward and Bella just ignored me. I rolled my eyes and glanced at Jasper. “Shall we go get him, brother?” Jasper grinned back.

“Yes, let's,” he agreed, and releasing Rosalie I started to run across the distance between us and Edward, with Jasper right there next to me.

I was about three feet away from them when I ran into something and rebounded into Jasper.


“Ouch,” Jasper, the big baby, complained. I stood up and glared at Bella as she finally decided to take a breather and looked at me with those creepy pink eyes.

“Next time, Emmett, watch where you're going. My shields are quite visible in the rain,” she murmured. I blinked. Shields?

“Shields?” Jasper asked, echoing my thought. Seriously, sometimes I thought that kid had some other power too…

“Shields. Now, if you don’t mind, I would like some alone time with my husband,” Bella said icily, and I held up my hands and started to back away, honestly scared. Bella was creepy when she was angry… Jasper joined me, and when we were about fifty yards away we both turned and fled back to our family. I tried to ignore Edward’s laughter.

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Johnson

I chuckled as Emmett and Jasper made a hasty retreat, and bent my head to kiss Bella again. I really didn’t deserve her forgiveness…

“Stop being so melancholy,” she murmured, and I just looked at her questioningly. She smiled slightly. “It's obvious when you're thinking sad thoughts. Your eyes give you away.”

“I'll work on that,” I suggested as I lightly touched her lips with mine again.

“No need,” she giggled. Then she froze, and I withdrew hurriedly, releasing her.


“The Volturi! I can…I can feel them. They're almost here…” I didn’t question how she could feel them getting closer, I just reacted. Muttering epithets under my breath, I lifted her into my arms and rushed over to our family – June and Daniel included – setting her down only when we reached them.


“She's right. The Volturi are coming. How could I not see this?” she wailed, looking stressed. Jasper placed a hand on her shoulder, and Esme glanced to Chloe and Vincent worriedly. I guessed she didn’t want them involved in whatever was coming.

“Well that's just bloody fantastic,” Daniel grumbled. I didn't know he was Autralian... He glanced at Bella. “Hey, Bella, d’you mind if we work together here? They don’t know about my power, just June’s.” I blinked.

“They know about June?” I asked.

“Duh,” the woman in question snorted, rolling her eyes. “How did you think we found you? We were looking for you. And if Bella gives Daniel her permission, he can expand her power for her.”

“We have to hurry, though,” Alice warned. I looked around at my family – all of them – and then down at Bella. She looked up at me, and then at Daniel.

“They’ve caused enough trouble for us,” she said calmly. “Just let me know what I have to do.”