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What I've Done

Set sometime after New Moon, minus the events of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward left Bella again three years after she was changed. He told her he didn't love her and left her in pain, leaving the rest of the Cullens to care for her. Six hundred years later, Bella has earned the label of "Emo Girl" at every high school she attends despite her vampiric good looks. Then the Cullens return to Forks...


6. Five: The Volturi and High School Girls

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Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

I officially hated the Volturi. All they did was stick their noses where they weren’t wanted, and so far had completely ruined my existence. If only I could let them all know what they had done to me…

“Excellent idea, Bella,” Daniel commented, and I glanced at him with wide eyes. What the…? “Oops, sorry luv. I forgot to tell you somethin’… I kinda hear your thoughts when I'm amplifyin’ your power.” I narrowed my eyes and visualised a solid shield around him, blocking off my thoughts as well. His eyes widened almost comically. “Holy shee-it!” June rapped on the glass-like shield disapprovingly.

“Language, Daniel,” she said firmly, and he glowered at her. I smiled and released him, still blocking my thoughts.

“Sorry, Daniel. I'll only allow one person in my head, and since he's being blocked by June right about now, I'd rather not have anyone in my head.” The Cullens laughed, and I smiled. “So, as I will not allow you in my head, you will not be helping me that way.” Edward instantly started to protest, but I looked up at him and frowned. He reluctantly shut his mouth and looked away. “I no longer need to be protected like I'm made of glass,” I said softly. “I can hold my own now. They’ll be here soon,” I added, and gestured the others towards the closer edge of the clearing we had gathered in. “Let me face them alone first. June, if you unblock Edward’s power, he'll be able to tell you – and me – what we will need to know,” I added. June was silent, and then Edward jumped and shook his head sharply.

“That was a bit of a shock,” he muttered. “I've had complete mental silence for five hundred years now…” I smiled slightly and shook my head, before becoming serious again and baring my teeth as he stiffened and fifteen cloaked figures emerged from the trees across the opposite side of the clearing. It was Edward who was the first to speak after ten long seconds of silence.

“Hello again, Aro.”

I was completely still as the fifteen vampires approached us, but the rain had stopped by now and my shield was invisible. Both physical and mental, nothing could get past this shield held a yard in front of us.

“Aro, Jane, Felix,” I said calmly, recognising many of them. “Demetri, Chelsea, Afton. Long time, no see. And you too, Alec, Renata, Gianna, Heidi, Corin. And how have you been keeping, Santiago?” I asked casually. I knew as well as they did I had named them correctly. There were only three there I did not know.

“Bella…how lovely to see you again, child,” Aro said smoothly. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.

“Why are you here, Aro? We have not heard from you for many years now,” Carlisle said before I could say something rash. I noticed Jane and Alec glaring at me, and smiled sweetly. They could not get to my family through my shield.

“Can I not merely visit an old friend?”

“The size of your guard is not concurrent with a friendly visit,” Carlisle pointed out mildly. “Pray tell, what is the true reason for your…visit?” Aro appraised Edward and June silently for a long moment, and I bared my teeth in a slight hiss.

“No,” I spat softly, glaring now. “Not again.”

“It is only for two years, Bella dear,” Aro assured me. “Only two years…”

“No.” This time is was Edward who refused. I was a little surprised, but grateful. He really would not leave me again! “I will not become one of your guard again, no matter how short the time-frame.” Aro sized Edward up calmly, and I reinforced my shield as I saw Felix shift his body slightly.

“Surely two years is not unreasonable…”

“When he says no, Aro, he means no,” I snapped. “And you will find none of us here will concede to your request.” He smiled at me, a patronising smile I hated.

“Now, now, Bella…” he began. I snarled softly, ignoring Edward’s warning hand on my shoulder.

“Do you see these clothes? Do you think it was because I was happy I wear these? Even you should be able to tell this is not the usual attire for someone attending an American high school,” I snapped. “I went through hell when Edward was forced into your service. I don’t want any of my family to suffer the same fate.”

“Hell? My dear, I highly doubt you know anything of hell,” Aro said dismissively. My eyes narrowed and I growl built deep in my chest.

“Aro, I would apologise if I were you,” June urged. “This one I cannot control.” Aro waved his hand, disregarding her warning.

“Nonsense. This little one has no power to speak of; I was highly disappointed to learn as such from her mate.”

“No power?” I asked dangerously as the snarling black shadows materialised either side of me. Jasper and Emmett herded everyone else backwards as Edward locked his arms around my waist and braced us both. “Oh, I have power. And it is you who knows nothing of hell,” I spat as the creatures – spirits – materialised fully and snarled threateningly at Aro and his guard. “Aro, meet two of my many partners,” I said calmly as about half the guard visibly shuddered. “Male e Morte – Pain and Death.” Aro started to applaud me, and I heard Emmett mutter something about a suicidal vampire.

“Excellent…you are an illusionist!”

“Oh, no, Aro. I am something much more. You see, these spirits are not illusions. They have been my constant companions for six centuries. My power did not develop until after Edward was forced away from me. They didn’t develop until they were needed. Male and Morte are very real…”

“You wish these vampires dead, Mistress?” Male (pain) asked me.

“Indeed. Only these fifteen, mind you,” I reminded it sternly. The two beasts nodded, fairly salivating, and I urged them forward. “Go, let them feel just how real you are. Destroy them.”

Edward Anthony Mason Cullen Johnson

I was glad Bella hadn’t decided she wanted me dead. It was slightly sickening to watch the spirits of Pain and Death devour the fifteen vampires and then disappear, leaving no trace of any bar Aro’s signet ring, and I was glad Bella had let me live. I hugged her tightly as the spirits disappeared, and she relaxed back into my arms with a sigh.

“Sorry you all had to see that,” she murmured. “I hate doing that.”

“You've done that before?” Esme squeaked. Bella looked at her and nodded.

“Once. I was hunting…a girl was being attacked…the spirits devoured the vampire responsible and another took the girl home and healed her. I never told you…”

“How did I not see that?” Alice asked no one in particular, and Bella just shrugged.

“I'm sorry about all the drama…and about your house, June, Daniel…”

“No problem,” my other family assured her. “It just means we'll need a place to stay until it can be rebuilt…”

“No problem,” Esme interrupted with a smile. That was Esme… “All of you can come and stay with us as long as you like.” June smiled at her.

“Thank you. All of you.”

Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

We started to plan a trip to Italy – we couldn’t sit back and wait for the rest of the Volturi to come to us…we had to go to them. As much as I hated having to use the spirits like that – I much preferred to keep in contact with the healing spirits – the Volturi had to be destroyed. They were too controlling, too obsessed with their own power…things had to change. With half their guard disposed of already, it was time to go to Volterra and destroy the rest of them. The idea thrilled and scared me at the same time…at least I would have Edward with me. There was no way I was going to let him out of my sight again. I thought he felt the same way – the first night we were back together I certainly felt so. Neither of us wanted to be away from each other for any length of time, but I had to slowly start to change my image at the school. We couldn’t leave until Spring Break at least – eight vampires missing from school would be glaringly obvious in a school as small as Forks High School. So, over the course of the eight weeks until Spring Break, I had to change my image from ‘that emo girl’ to ‘Bella Cullen’.

The very first thing I did was get rid of my temporary streaks of colour. My hair was its original red-brown again, flowing to my waist when I left it unbound. The next thing to go was the bracelets and cuffs. That was a little more noticeable than the streaks. The crucifix went next, and then the heavy makeup. All that was gone in two weeks, and by the end of the second it was obvious Edward was with me. Some people thought I was changing because of him – they were right – and some people thought it was only because I was changing that he liked me at all. Most people connected my emo state to what Rosalie had yelled at Edward about on their first day, and they were the ones who noticed I was changing because of Edward’s attention. My teachers were the next to notice the change – I was less surly and more responsive during class, and I no longer glowered at them when they looked in my direction. By the end of the fourth week, I was only wearing a few items of black, although I still only wore darker colours such as dark red and dark blue. I lost all the skulls and chains by the end of the fifth week, and my shoes, socks and skirt were replaced my casual light-blue jeans and sensible flats. By the end of the sixth week, I was basically back to the Bella I had been before Edward left. I would smile, sometimes laugh, and I no longer wore black. I only wore blue or red, sometimes white or green. I was almost always with Edward, and most of the people at the school realised it was him who had changed me so dramatically.

Okay, so six weeks was faster than eight. But I needed to prove – to everyone – that I wasn’t the irresponsible, slightly suicidal-looking Bella Cullen I had been when I first arrived. I didn’t speak to any humans still, and I caught some girls having a good old crack at me behind my back in the girls’ bathroom, but June, Chloe, Alice, Rosalie and I soon set them straight.

“…she's trying waaay too hard,” I heard a girl comment bitchily as I paused outside the bathroom door. I wanted to make sure no one could see the fresh scar on my jaw. Stupid Emmett…

“Yeah, I mean, no one likes her,” a whiney voice said. “I bet that Edward Johnson just wants to sleep with her. She's probably slept with half the boys in school…”

“And half the girls,” another girl giggled. I rolled my eyes. Seriously, couldn’t teenage girls come up with something better yet?

“Yeah, definitely. She was such an emo when she came…and then she saw Edward Johnson a few days and suddenly starts changing. I bet she still cuts herself,” the first girl commented snidely. I raised an eyebrow at that. Seriously, did they think I was that damaged?

“Just…where, though? I haven’t seen any scars or cuts on her wrists,” a girl who hadn’t spoken yet said timidly. There were exasperated sighs from the other three girls, and I felt sorry for the one who had spoken out.

“You can be so dumb sometimes, Courtney,” the whiney girl snapped.

“Why do you think she wears long-sleeved shirts? She never wears shorts or skirts, either,” the first girl added.

“I thought you wouldn’t want the competition, Krista,” another, nicer voice said smoothly. June. “Bella is a wonderful person. She was only sad because of Daniel's brother.”

“J-June!” the one named Krista squeaked, and I heard lip-gloss fall to the floor. “We didn’t see you there!”

“Of course you didn’t,” June said mildly. “You know, you really shouldn’t talk about people where their friends or relatives can hear you…your voices are quite loud, you know. I think Bella's brother heard that cutting remark.” I grinned, knowing Emmett was probably listening to this and having an absolute ball. “You had better hope he doesn’t tell Rosalie.”

“That bitch can’t touch us,” Krista sneered. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see Rosalie approach, hear that remark and reach for the doorhandle. I heard June laugh as I moved out of the way and Rosalie entered the bathroom.

“And pray tell me, Krista, why you think so,” Rose said icily. She really was good at the ‘Queen Bitch’ role.

“How many bottles of hair dye do you need to dye all those extensions?” Krista sneered, alarmingly confident facing two vampires. “You're just a bottled-blonde slut and everyone knows it.”

“Hey…you stole my line,” Alice sang. Oops, scratch that, three vampires. I guessed she had seen this coming and hidden in a toilet stall.

“Excuse me, Bella, but I want to join in,” Chloe murmured, and I stood aside to let her into the bathroom. “Oh, hey Alice! You know, I was going to be forced by Bella to go shopping with her this weekend, but Vinnie really doesn’t want me to go…could you go instead?”

“Who wants to be subjected to Bella's shopping fetish? I won't be able to walk Monday,” Alice lamented. “Not to mention she'll make me buy colours I don’t want to wear…I'm quite fine with black, Bella,” she added as I entered the bathroom finally.

“I really don’t understand why no one wants to go shopping with me,” I pouted, struggling not to grin. I heard Krista say something to the whiney girl – who I now recognised as a girl in my Physics class named Ana – and turned on her.

“No one wants to be stuck with the emo chick,” Krista had commented.

“Nice. Can’t you come up with any better insults? I've heard that one for three years now – it kinda gets old really fast.”

“Bella, I need some new clothes, so I'll go with you,” June murmured. “If you really do want to go.”

“Later,” I said softly as Krista struggled for a comeback. None of them had heard June and I. I made my voice a little louder so Krista and her cronies could hear me. “You want to know why I dressed the way I did? Fine. I was upset, because my best friend left me – twice – and never kept in contact. The last time was three years ago. Got it?”

“Krista, I told you she wasn’t cutting herself,” Courtney murmured as their eyes all went to my visible wrists.

“The only reason Bella wears long clothes is because it is cold in Forks,” June commented.

“I can speak for myself, you know,” I said with raised eyebrow.

“So what's that on your jaw?” Krista asked quickly, and I lifted my hand to trace the fresh scar.

“That was Emmett being an idiot, as usual,” I said dismissively. Rosalie sighed.

“I told him you were too fragile for abseiling,” she muttered, loud enough for the human girls to hear. I shrugged.

“Why on Earth would she cut her jaw, of all places? Come on, Krista, be at least a little rational,” Courtney pleaded. I noticed a resemblance between them and wondered if they were sisters. Probably.

“Get your arse out of here, Courtney, and watch your back,” Krista hissed, and I caught Courtney as she stumbled away, shocked and probably more than a little scared.

“It's alright,” I told her softly as I righted her. “We'll make sure she doesn’t do anything to you.” Krista laughed bitterly.

“Don’t bet on it, Emo Chick,” she sneered. “You can’t protect her.” I straightened and put Courtney behind me.

“Wanna bet? You may be fatter and uglier than me, but I'm stronger,” I taunted.

“Bella,” Alice murmured warningly. I shook my head at her slightly.

“Nothing will happen, Alice,” I said too fast and low for any human to hear. “I'll be careful with her.”

“Fat?! Ugly?!” Krista screeched. “Now let me tell you something, Emo. You're fatter than I've ever been, and no one likes brown hair.”

“I beg to differ,” Chloe, Alice, Rosalie and June chimed in simultaneously. “Edward loves her hair.”

“That was seriously creepy,” the third girl whimpered. I didn’t know her name.

“I'm used to it,” I said calmly. “After all, apart from June, they're my sisters.”

“Freaks,” Ana muttered. I raised an eyebrow. Oh, how true she was.

“Bottled-blonde bitches,” June said instantly back. Nice. Now we had three wannabe divas ready and trying to make life hell for us. Not that anything could be bad for me after Edward leaving…

“At least we don’t have so much plastic surgery we're complete Barbie dolls!” Krista screamed. I couldn’t hold it in – I absolutely lost it. I was in hysterics on the floor as my sisters and June leant against the closest object for support, clutching their stomachs with laughter. Krista glared, and I heard her muttered threats as she left the bathroom, her two faithful cronies in tow. Courtney, however, slumped. I stopped laughing and stood.

“If you need a place to stay away from Krista, just let me know,” I said softly, and she looked up at me, startled.

“T-thanks,” she stammered, and then Rosalie and Chloe linked arms with me to take me out of the bathroom. Alice and June were right behind us. That was fun…and probably the beginning of a high-school war.