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What I've Done

Set sometime after New Moon, minus the events of Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Edward left Bella again three years after she was changed. He told her he didn't love her and left her in pain, leaving the rest of the Cullens to care for her. Six hundred years later, Bella has earned the label of "Emo Girl" at every high school she attends despite her vampiric good looks. Then the Cullens return to Forks...


7. Six: Courtney

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Isabella Marie Swan Cullen

The very next day Courtney approached me just outside my physics class, her eyes darting around – probably searching for Ana – and stumbled to a halt in front of me. Her eyes were downcast.


“Hello, Courtney. What's the trouble?” I asked, instantly knowing there was something wrong.

“Uh…did you mean what you said yesterday?”

“Of course I did,” I said gently. She was terrified. Courtney took a deep breath.

“Can…can you help me to find a place to live? I can’t take Krista’s abuse any longer…she's completely turned Mom and Dad against me, too,” she mumbled. I was instantly furious at Krista – honestly, who would do that to their own sister? – and placed a hand on Courtney’s shoulder reassuringly.

“You know what? Come live with us,” I said gently. “I know Esme and Carlisle – my adopted parents – won't mind,” I added when she shook her head. She hesitated. “They'd love to have you, I'm sure.”

“I suppose…”

“Oh, you must,” Chloe pleaded, having heard my offer as she approached silently. Courtney jumped slightly. “Esme will absolutely adore you!”

“I guess, if it's really alright with your parents…”

“I'll call now and ask,” Chloe said brightly, then went a little way off to talk to Esme without being overheard by Courtney.

“Hey Mom…there's a girl who needs a place to stay…she helped Bella out, and Bella offered…things aren’t too good for her at home right now…yep, she's human…she can have the spare room, right? Okay, thanks Mom! We'll bring her around after school.” Chloe snapped her cell shut and came back to us, beaming.

“Esme says it's alright,” she told Courtney. “You can stay as long as you need to.”

“T-thanks,” Courtney stammered. “Um, when can I tell my parents I'm moving out?”

“We'll drop by your place after school and you can grab your things straight away. The way Bella and Jasper drive, you'll be there before your sister can get there,” Chloe assured our new housemate. We were starting to get crowded…not that we really could in a house as large as ours. Courtney smiled timidly, and I smiled back before giving her a quick wave and heading into my Physics class.

That afternoon, I drove Courtney to her home, only Alice and Chloe with me. We were much less threatening than Rosalie or even June, and definitely less than Emmett, Jasper, Edward or Daniel, and so would be able to charm Courtney’s parents into letting her go quite easily. We had a little more trouble with her mother – mainly because Krista had been informed by Ana about Courtney moving out and had left school early – than with her father, but in the end the death-glares Chloe shot Krista made her shut up and allow us to take Courtney away with us. We loaded all her belongings up in the trunk. I remembered how scary it was to be driving recklessly at 100 miles an hour, and so drove a little slower than usual. As we pulled into our drive, I glanced over my shoulder at Courtney, tight-lipped and pale in the back seat.

“Our parents look really young, but don’t let that bother you. They adopted us when we were about ten, so they’re not really that much older than we are,” I informed her as I slowed and pulled to a stop. “Oh, and something happened to June, Daniel and Edward’s house, so they're staying with us too,” I added as an afterthought. Courtney looked surprised, but didn’t say anything as I turned off the ignition and opened my door.

The front door to our home opened and Emmett came running – at a human speed – out of the house with Jasper right behind him. Courtney looked frightened as they barrelled past us, but I stuck my foot out and ‘tripped’ Emmett, making him go flying. It was all an act, planned to help her feel more comfortable, and I laughed along with my sisters as Jasper gently tackled Emmett and took a CD off him. Emmett scowled at Jasper, who came over and bent down to kiss Alice lightly, much to Courtney’s surprise, and then leapt to his feet to come over and give me a huge hug. I laughed as he lifted me off the ground.

“Easy, Emmett,” Edward called from the front porch. “She needs to breathe.” Technically not true, but still… Emmett put me down, and I laughed again as I saw Courtney’s facial expression.

“It's alright,” I assured her. “We're always like this.” Just a little stronger and faster, is all, I added mentally. Edward approached us both with a smile, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and bending down to kiss my cheek before heading to ‘help’ Chloe get Courtney’s things out of the trunk. June and Daniel came out onto the front porch, waving at Courtney with big grins, and even Rosalie smiled when she came out to scold Emmett for ‘stealing’ Jasper’s CD. Courtney relaxed, and I led her into the house as my siblings carried her things into one of the spare rooms. It was time for her to meet Carlisle and Esme.

Courtney hesitated just inside the door to our home as Esme and Carlisle smiled in welcome, and I smiled at her reassuringly.

“Carlisle, Esme, this is Courtney. Courtney, these are my parents, Carlisle and Esme,” I said softly as I gently tugged her forward. She shyly allowed me to pull her closer, and I was pleased when she swallowed and managed to speak.

“Hello. Thank you for letting me come and stay with you…”

“It's no problem at all, Courtney,” Esme said kindly. “You can stay here as long as you need to.”

“Thank you,” she murmured again, and Esme looked to me as Edward appeared beside me and took my hand.

“Edward, Bella, why don’t you show Courtney to her room?” she suggested, and I grinned at Courtney before heading towards the stairs, beckoning to the human girl to follow me. She did, not seeming surprised Edward was with me, and when I had finished showing her the room she hugged me shyly.

“Thank you so much,” she whispered. I knew all our family could hear her.

“No problem. I know what it's like…sort of. You're always welcome here, Courtney.”

Courtney rode with Edward and I to school the next morning, and when I noticed the glares Ana, Krista and the other girl – who I later found out was named Nina – were directing at Courtney and I, I glared right back at them. My dark eyes must have shocked them, for Nina went pale and the other two looked away quickly. Edward chuckled quietly, and took my hand as I smiled reassuringly at Courtney.

“It's alright, they won't bother you,” I murmured.

“Bella scared them too much,” Edward chuckled, winking at me. I just smiled innocently.

“Who, me? No, surely not,” I said just as innocently, and then let a wide grin break across my features. “Okay, maybe just a little.” The bell rang. “Come on, we have to get to class.”

The next week passed as usual, and Courtney was well-and-truly integrated into our household. So much so, that perhaps we grew a little lax in hiding what we were around her. I only realised – as did Edward – when we were called downstairs one night by her weak human voice.

She was sitting on the sofa, curled into a little ball, her wide eyes on Emmett, Daniel and Jasper, who seemed frozen in place. Daniel was halfway through a wall, and Emmett had just pinned Jasper to the floor with enough force to crack a few of the tiles.

“Wha…what…what just happened?” she squeaked, pale. I rushed to her side, only realising when I reached her that I had moved at an almost-inhuman pace to reach her.

“Nothing to worry about,” Alice sang calmly from the doorway, dancing over to us.

“No, nothing at all,” I confirmed, looking to Edward for help. He just shook his head, defeat written all over his face.

“Courtney, sweetie, it's the middle of the night,” Esme said softly from the doorway, trying to look tired and almost succeeding.

“I know. But it's Friday night…”

“Saturday morning,” Emmett corrected. I glared at him and he shrank back, releasing his hold on Jasper although neither of them moved.

“Whatever. But my point is, it's the weekend, there's no school tomorrow, and you don’t sleep anyway,” Courtney said rather calmly. I froze, along with the majority of my family.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that although there are beds in all of your rooms, they're never used for sleeping. I really don’t want to know what you do use them for,” she added when Emmett opened his mouth. I hid a small smile. She already knew – or at least guessed – what Emmett and Rosalie used their bed for.

“Ever think that maybe we're just very neat?” Alice asked innocently. Courtney gave her a look that made her seem older than her seventeen years.

“I don’t sleep like a log all night, you know. I've woken up and heard the piano being played a few times now,” she explained, and Edward buried his face in his hands as Alice stiffened. Her eyes went blank, and a low hiss escaped Edward.

“No!” he snarled, then covered his mouth like a child caught swearing when Courtney’s head whipped around so she could stare at him with hugely wide eyes. I sighed and sat beside her carefully, so as not to scare her.

“Courtney, we have something to explain to you,” I said gently. “But unfortunately, judging by Alice and Edward’s most recent actions, now is not the best time.”

I glanced towards the door and frowned, sending out a shield to form around Courtney to prevent any harm coming to her. I could hear someone approaching, running at a vampire pace but slower than a hunter would move. Emmett, Daniel and Jasper finally moved, arranging themselves in a defensive formation, all crouched and ready to attack whoever it was approaching us. Carlisle appeared among them, positioning himself between Jasper and Emmett but just forward of them. Esme, Alice, June and Rosalie formed our second line of defence right in front of Courtney, and Edward joined me beside Courtney, ready to defend her if need be. This was going to give us a lot more to explain later, but we had to protect her. None of us wanted her to be hurt because of our visitor.