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Bella's turn to sing

This is sort of my own version of midnight sun so you can guess whaats its about. enjoy!

DISCLAIMER! all these wonderful characters belong to the gorgeous stephanie meyer not me!!!!!!!

1. Edward's meeting

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Alaska 1990


I gazed in wonder as the doctors gave the tiny crying girl to her mother. As recognition dawned on the mothers face, the baby looked into her eyes and her wide, blue irises filled with love.

“Alice” I said as she turned away from me. “Alice, what does it mean?”

“Look Edward, when I knew my singer was born I could read his thoughts, even when I was many miles away from him.”

She turned as Jasper came through the door and hugged him. Ever since his change she can resist anything that might put her on the edge.

“Are you saying that this ‘Bella’ might be my singer?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying” she said in an obvious tone.

“Considering that you can see Bella you will probably watch her grow and flourish as it were.”

She turned away and walked hand in hand with jasper to the living room where Emmett’s furious outbursts were being hurled at the latest softball game.

17 years later:

I pulled into the closest car-park to the school building and got out and walked towards building 3.

As I was heading towards my classroom I glanced around and noticed a large orange 1953 Chevy truck that hadn’t been there last semester.

I rounded the bend into my classroom and stopped dead, sitting at the desk with the only available chair was a girl I had known for almost 18 years.

Sitting in the chair was my singer. My Bella.

I gasped as I realized I would have to sit next to her. She glanced around and noticed me staring at her, blushing with embarrassment she turned away and let a curtain of hair fall between us.

I made my way towards the table and sat down stiffly next to her. I decided to wile away the time by making visions. Mike Newton’s vision was particularly jealous, mentioning things he would like to do to me if I so much as touched his ‘precious Bella’.

I’d been holding my breath for the whole lesson and as the bell rang I jumped from my seat and darted out of the door.

I noticed people looking at me and realized that I must have run faster than the average human, I hurried away and joined my siblings at our usual table in the cafeteria.

As I slumped into my seat I felt Alice’s gaze on the back of my head.

“Edward, what’s wrong?” she thought. I lifted my head and said in a whisper inaudible to human ears, “Alice, I don’t know what to do, I can’t just transfer, she’ll think it was her fault, even though it is!”

I knew she knew what I was talking about because Alice had noticed her strange, Freesia like smell.

“Hey man” Emmett whispered back, “you can’t do anything about it unless you change her, and we all know that’s never going to happen.”

Alice stared daggers at Emmett and he responded with an exasperated look and carried on shredding a piece of pizza.

Suddenly I felt Alice stiffen and Emmett chuckled lightly under his breath.

I turned and watched her walk towards her table with Jessica Stanley and Mike Newton.

As they sat down I felt Alice start shaking with laughter next to me, I looked at her questioningly and she murmured: “Jessica seems to think that it’s her job to tell Bella all about the mysterious Cullen’s.”

I understood and watched Bella turn her face in our direction, when she saw me staring at her she turned away quickly and blood filled her cheeks,

she glanced back through her hair and this time it was my turn to shy away and talk to Emmett about last week’s hunting session.