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Bella's turn to sing

This is sort of my own version of midnight sun so you can guess whaats its about. enjoy!

DISCLAIMER! all these wonderful characters belong to the gorgeous stephanie meyer not me!!!!!!!

2. The singer

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After lunch I walked towards my car and quickly drove away. When I got home I pulled up and walked over to the lounge where I could hear Esme working.

“Esme, do you think I could talk to you for a minute” I walked to her side and looked into her large, golden eyes.

“What is it Edward, that would drag you away from your beloved trig class?”

“Well you see, do you remember when I would watch my singer grow up?”

“Yes, I remember.” She looked slightly taken aback at my question.

“Well, I saw her in biology at school today and her smell was so overwhelming that I had to hold my breath for the whole lesson.”

I sighed and collapsed onto the couch.

“Look Edward, I really want you to control yourself until we can change her.”

I gazed at the blank T.V screen and mulled her words over in my head as she continued.

“I know how Emmett feels about changing singers, and I can understand that because he never got to smell his singer’s blood, unlike you.

When he met Rosalie she was already a vampire but he knew she was his singer because of the look in her eyes and the shirt she ‘died’ in.”

She stopped talking and I heard the faint ring of a school bell, the others would be home soon and I would have to explain what happened.

“Don’t even try to explain Edward, because we don’t want to know.” Rosalie glared at me as Alice disappeared into her bedroom.

Finally I couldn’t take their pointed looks and mutters any longer, I ran out the front door and kept running, only slightly conscious of where I was going.

When I reached her house I crept up her wall and silently slipped into her room. Her smell was overwhelming, flooding from the closet and bed. She shifted in her sleep and muttered my name.

I stopped and turned towards her, she said my name again with more confidence and for a minute I thought she was awake, but she turned on her side and started to mutter something else.

I felt the pick up in her heart and was on the ground beneath her window when I heard her sit up and look around, I had a feeling that she had heard me land but didn’t wait around to see.

I was in front of my house in 5 minutes flat, having run faster than a newborn would ever be able to go. I walked into the living room and Jasper felt my hostility, immediately trying to calm it, with no such luck.

“Edward, where did you go?” Esme scolded me. I knew I smelt like her as Jasper got up and started running towards the river.

“You’ve been at her house haven’t you?” Emmett growled at me and stopped breathing.

“Edward, you know the danger you put her in don’t you.” Carlisle’s voice was soft and angry at the same time and I felt trapped as everyone turned to look at me.

“I realise what I did and I don’t regret it one bit. Her blood is terribly overwhelming but I will do anything to be with her again.

I am attracted to her in a way that is hugely romantic and not in a way that I want to kill her. Alice, you have to understand that.”

I gazed at her, hoping to see some understanding in her liquid topaz eyes, hoping that she would glance towards the forest where Jasper had disappeared into. But I saw nothing, she just looked at me pityingly and got up and followed after Jasper.

Suddenly I slipped into vision mode.

“Hello, my name is Edward,”

“Hello,” she said hesitantly.”

“Bella isn’t it?” I replied

“Well, most people call me Isabella”

“Oh ok then, Isabella”

“Please don’t, I like Bella”

“Ok, well we had better get to work,”

I snapped back and Emmett stared at me.

“What did you see?” he asked

“I just decided that I’m going to talk to Bella, and she is going to talk to me as well.”

“Oh Edward you can’t! She will get hurt and you will blame yourself” Esme cried.

I stared back at her and she felt my mood immediately.

“Edward, you mustn’t, you of all people will know the danger!” Esme broke off and stood up, with a defiant look on her face she stormed of without another word.

“Please Edward, be careful, I do have faith that you will go through with this very well son, but just keep your guard up.

Don’t breath too much and please try not to touch her, it could put her in a lot of danger.” Carlisle finished and I thought about it awhile.

I knew I would be able to do it but it would be terribly hard.

The next day I walked with melancholy towards the biology room, not knowing what would happen as I stepped inside.

Her smell hit me like a brick wall, but I was more accustomed to it and, though I felt the monster rear up and fight inside me, I ignored it the best I could.

I slipped silently into the seat next to her and glanced at her soft hair, I could see her peeking out from behind it and I felt the urge to talk to her overpower the rest of my senses for a second.

I turned my torso towards and felt her heart pick up.

“Hello, my name is Edward,”

“Hello” she replied hesitantly.

“Bella, isn’t it?” I replied

“Well, most people call me Isabella”

“Oh ok then, Isabella”

“Please don’t, I like Bella”

“Ok well, we had better get to work.”

She turned away silently and pulled the microscope and the box of slides towards her.

Bella looked at the first one and muttered, “Prophase.” I glanced over and tried to see over her hand, but she managed to cover her slide fully. “May I see?”

I said as kindly as I could considering I was breathing at that exact moment and had taken an unusually large breath and felt the burn of fire in my lungs.

She looked at me and shoved the microscope and slide over to me. I glanced in for a millisecond and agreed with her.

The bell rang and I realised that we were the only partner group finished because everyone was looking around dismally as they got up from their seats and shuffled slowly out of the classroom towards the Cafeteria.

I climbed out of my seat and followed mike Newton out of the doorway. I reached our table and Alice looked at me knowingly.

I thought in her direction the events of biology and I could see she had read and understood them clearly. I glanced over at Emmett and could see him surreptitiously holding Rosalie’s hand under the table.

We all knew what it was like to hide relationships, but it was quite a lot harder for Them as they had been together all of their vampire lives unlike Alice and Jasper, and Esme and Carlisle.

Emmett glanced up at my face and saw me looking at his hand, he gave me a nod and looking lovingly into Rosalie’s eyes, who returned the look hungrily.

I grimaced and looked at my shoes, then turned at looked at Bella once more. She was picking at her pizza and talking to Jessica.

As I walked towards english I saw Bella lean towards Jessica and surreptitiously point in my direction. I smiled at them and I felt Bella's heart speed up.

she went slightly green and Jessica caught her before she could hit her head on the ground from fainting. I walked over to her and she looked at me and almost fainted again.

"Don't worry Jessica, I'll take it from here" I murmured and lightly gripped onto Bella's fore arm.