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Bella's turn to sing

This is sort of my own version of midnight sun so you can guess whaats its about. enjoy!

DISCLAIMER! all these wonderful characters belong to the gorgeous stephanie meyer not me!!!!!!!

3. Bella's frustrating eyes

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I tugged her along and gently pushed her into the english room. Ever since I had met her I had changed most of my classes to be the same as hers. This was the first class today that we had together. She glanced back confused as I settled into the seat next to her. "Don't you have calculus now?" she asked.

"No, I didn't like the time slot so I got it changed."

"Oh." Was all she said. I was glad she hadn't figured out my infatuation for her yet. As class ticked by I noticed how exquisite she really was. How her hair glittered slightly red in the clouded sunlight, and how her hands shaped around her pencil to form a beautiful, swan like shape. no wonder her last name was Swan. But I stopped noticing everything else when she looked straight into my eyes and I saw her gorgeous chocolate colored irises staring at me with a strange sort of, brave realization, maybe? Suddenly the bell rang and I lost her perfect gaze to the side of her head as she turned to pick up her books. She got up and I followed, sort of like a labrador. My eyes raked over her face hungrily and she seemed alarmed at my look. Of course she would be questioning herself: " why would someone as beautiful as me want a girl like her. She didn't realize how extremely infuriating it was for me that she thought of herself as 'ordinary', she was everything but ordinary. I couldn't face it any more. I tapped her on the back and almost lost my footing when she looked straight at me with her beautiful eyes. "Oh hi Edward." she seemed slightly breathless and I couldn't understand why. I took a deep breath through my mouth and starting speaking incredibly fast for human ears. " Would you like to come over to my house this saturday?" I finished in a huff and she almost fell over as she looked into my perfectly serious eyes. "um, um... ok t-that w-would be n-nice" she stammered back. I smiled to myself.

" Ok can you meet me after school? I have something to tell you first." she nodded and ran off, stumbling over a couple of times in her haste to reach the cafeteria and Jessica. I smiled to myself again and loped away. As I reached the cafeteria, I focused on Jessica, listening in on what Bella was telling her. I wasn't disappointed. She was gasping theoretically about all that bella was saying about me."Wow, I can't believe Edward Cullen asked you out!"

I turned to their table and saw Bella looking at me with those gorgeous eyes. I smiled at her and turned back to my family. Alice focused on my head and picked out what I was going to tell Bella. She glared at me when she was finished, and I just smirked at her. I got up and dumped my full tray into the bin, quickly glancing back at Bella, who turned Beet-root at my look and turned to Jessica. Alice ran after me and annoyingly hissed in my ear about how crazy I was and how this will just kill Bella, and make Carlisle and Esme sad. I strode towards the car and waited inside for my siblings. They trickled back from class one by one and the car park was almost empty when everyone was ready. "Come on, how long does it take to get out of class?" I asked impatiently. "Not that long, we just wanted to keep you waiting" Jasper grinned at me and I scowled back. "What's with the grumpy mood?" Emmett asked, unperturbed by my sullen look. "Well I guess just realizing that you're in love with the most beautiful human in the world who just happens to be your singer and that you could kill her in a matter of seconds sort of ruins your day!" I snapped back.

"Well, its not like we're the one's who are exposing our secret to a petty human!" Rosalie spat the word at me and I hit 70 as we rounded the corner away from school.