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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas by Awsomealice94 Jacob, Renesme, & Bella get a Christmas dinner they weren't prepared for. One-Shot Nessie Challenge Honerable Mention award

I wasn't going to do this but i decided to anyways. I'm sorry it is a bit long. I treated this as a look into the future. And obviously, you know with my stories humor plays a part as well :) thanks for giving me one of the Honerable Mention Awards for this :)

1. Merry Christmas

Rating 3.8/5   Word Count 1882   Review this Chapter

Her hand rests gently on mine, her breathing consistent and even.


Her curly hair, soft and smooth to the touch, was down her back carelessly. Her eyes were shut as she slept.

I should be sleeping too. But I can’t.

It was times like these when I couldn’t help but think about that night. Everything didn’t go as smoothly as it could have. It had to happen, as Blondie pointed out numerous times over the years.

Bella and I were just waiting until it came up. Hell, we were lucky to make it 17 years. I wonder if Bella thought about it now like I did…

I looked back at Nessie, listening to her talk in her sleep. She was worse than when Bella was human. But it was comforting to know that she was dreaming about me.

“Jacob…” she rolled over and faced me, still sleeping.

“I’m here, Nes.” I whispered. Even if she wasn’t fully conscious, I was sure she could hear me.

I looked at the ceiling, wishing for sleep to come. The darkness in our room reminded me of the darkness of the December night that winter had brought. It was snowing on that particular night…not the shapeless slush that the Washington sky usually released, but soft fluffy perfect flakes of cold snow-something that was rare to all of us…

I knew the night would be different…though it wasn’t like Alice could see anything about Christmas dinner at our house.

The worst part was that everyone was there. Charlie and his wife Sue, my pack, and of course everyone who lives in our house. It was awkward, embarrassing, and a little horrific when Nessie found out…

At any rate, it was a Christmas I would never forget, and I still haven’t forgotten.

I heard the doorbell ring as I set Nessie’s Christmas gift under the tree. Everyone else’s gift from me was already there-I had waited till the last minute, though. All of my gifts were more to the side of the tree rather than under it. If it was one thing the Cullen’s outdid themselves with, it had to be gifts.

I almost tripped over a large present that was in my way to get out of the family room-I eyed the tag that said ‘to Jacob from Rosalie’-I was actually scared to open that one.

There was a chorus of ‘merry Christmas’ before I reached the front door. Sue looked awed by all of the decorations-in truth they were amazing. Red and green filled up the house-bows, snowflakes, reefs, snowmen, Santa clauses, and more were scattered around the house as if taken from the North Pole.

“Hello Sue, Charlie.” I held out a hand to Charlie. He balanced gifts in one hand and shook mine.

“Hey Kid. We have more gifts in the car.” he told me as I took the ones that were just about to drop from him. Carlisle, who had answered the door with Esme, took the ones Sue was holding.

“Boys, can you help Grandpa Charlie and Grandma Sue with the gifts?” Esme had always called Charlie and Sue that, because Nessie was so used to them being called Grandma and Grandpa. Even if Sue wasn’t her real Grandma, Nessie had accepted and loved the fact that she had 3 instead of 2.

“No Problem, Esme.” Emmett said, coming into the room with Jasper following behind him. They moved at human speed-and now, being around the vampire speed so much, it even irritated me. But for Charlie and Sue’s sake, human speed was better.

“Where’s Nessie?” Charlie asked as he had gotten his jacket off and was able to walk into the house more.

“I think I hear her playing in the snow with Bella and Rosalie.” Alice chirped, walking into the family room. Charlie made a weird face at the word ‘hear’-he still, after so many years, couldn’t fully get used to vampires and werewolves. Emmett put an elf hat on Alice as he walked back into the house. She stuck her tongue out at him as he grinned, but she kept it on.

“Dad-nail her with a snowball! She got me in the face!” Renesme laughed, calling towards the kitchen as Rosalie and Bella came in. All of them were covered in white powder and were starting to get wet.

“Bella, did you really hit her in the face?” Edward asked, calling from the kitchen to them.

“It may have slipped.” Bella giggled, kissing Nessie on the cheek. All of a sudden Nes gasped and ran top speed to Charlie.

“Grandpa!” She exclaimed hugging him. Bella coughed on purpose, telling Renesme in a subtle tone to not hug him too tightly.

“Hey Nes-You’re all wet!” Charlie greeted her.

“We were playing in the snow-your daughter got me more than Aunt Rosalie.” She said. Rosalie grinned before checking the hallway mirror to make sure her hair looked okay-Blondie was irritating to live with sometimes. Of course she looked perfect, and she knew it too because she gave a nod of approval to herself before turning back to us. I rolled my eyes.

“Hello, Bella.” Charlie hugged Bella and gave her a kiss on the forehead. Now Charlie could come over any time-Bella’s eyes didn’t need contacts as they did when Renesme was a child. And now that Renesme was my age, she could control herself like the pros that her family members were.

“Girls, why don’t you dry yourself off and change before coming to the dinner table?” Esme gestured for them to go upstairs.

“Okay, Grandma.” Nessie nodded, flipping her curls back behind her shoulder before walking up the stairs. Snow flicked me on my face from her hair-and she winked. I smiled-She was perfect…

“The pack is here.” Jasper hinted before the doorbell rang, breaking me free from my reverie of Nessie. I nodded and opened the front door, since I was the closest to it.

“Hey Jake! Merry Christmas!” Leah greeted me as Seth, Quil, and Embry walked in.

“You’re in high spirits.” I commented as she stepped inside.

“As usual.” She winked. Leah had changed from her grumpy and stubborn self to happy and outgoing…it must have had something to do with how she imprinted on Emily’s Cousin.

“Dinner is ready!” Edward announced. He was made the family chef-Nessie could cook and taste what she was making, but unlike Edward, she was horrible at it. Charlie claimed he took after her. Edward said something about his father being a horrendous cook as well. At any rate, Nessie stuck to taste tester as did I.

Once everybody was seated, and most of the food had been eaten because of how good it was (Renesme, I, Charlie, Sue and the pack were the only ones that ate), conversation began. How stupid I was to not realize how this one conversation could go so wrong.

“Jacob, Nessie-how are the two of you doing?” Quil asked. He had imprinted with a two year old at first, which was now years older. I had imprinted with a newborn-so I had won the weirdest imprint award, unfortunately.

“Really good.” Nessie answered, playfully elbowing me. Quil and Nessie were good friends.

“You know, you two sort of remind me of Bella and Jacob-” Bella dropped her glass on purpose and with a shattering crash it broke into a million pieces, stopping Charlie mid-sentence. I tensed up too.

“Sorry.” Bella muttered, brushing the glass together in a pile-she couldn’t get cut.

“Why don’t we-” Esme began before Nessie spoke her thoughts that were making Edward fidget.

“Why do Jacob and I remind you of Mom and Jacob?” she asked Charlie, acting curious but really there was a malicious feeling behind her words. She let go of my hand. I resisted a wince.

“Uh oh…” Emmett and Jasper said together, as most of the family had awkwardly avoided looking into my, Nessie, and Bella’s eyes.

“Well, um, forget I said anything.” Charlie mumbled.

“Jacob?” she turned to me, “Sweetie, what was Grandpa Charlie going to say?” she asked me sweetly. I was too shocked to move, and my eyes widened as I looked frantically at Bella. She mimicked my expression.

“Well….I…I don’t know. Edward is the one that can read minds.” I pointed out. Edward shot me a dirty look that made me wish I didn’t say anything…but at least I wouldn’t break the weird news to her.

Bella and I had kept most of the past a secret from Renesme. I loved her mother-her mother and I had kissed…it would be bad for her to know that.

Edward pinched the bridge of his nose in concentration, thinking of what he was going to say.

“This should be good.” Emmett and Jasper smirked.

“A long time ago, Renesme, way before you were born, your mother and I weren’t married.” Edward began. Bella sighed and took over,

“Bottom line is that Jacob and I were friends. And there was some stuff that went on between us that may have been a bit more….friendly…than you may like.” She admitted.

“Like what? Mom, what do you mean?” she was alarmed now. Rosalie smirked,

“Told you so, Dog.” She muttered to me from across the table. I shot her a look before turning to Renesme.

“Renesme, sweetheart, please act rationally when I tell you this,” Bella pleaded as Nessie nodded her head once, “Jacob and I…we um….” She couldn’t tell her.

“We kissed. It was a long time ago.” I said quickly. Nessie gaped at me and looked from Bella to me and back again.

“We always wanted to tell you but-” Bella began.

“You and my FIANCE KISSED?” she jumped up from the table.

“You promised you would act rationally-” Bella began.

“I AM ACTING RATIONALLY! Eww, mom-that is like Grandma Renée kissing Dad!!!” she exclaimed.

“Okay I know that the images running through your mind are rather disgusting but-” Bella tried again. Edward nodded in agreement-he was grimacing from her thoughts.

“Bella-it is so much more then disgusting!” Nessie said to her. That was the first time I had ever heard Nessie call Bella ‘Bella’ instead of ‘mom’. Bella was shocked, and she could only stare at her daughter. It was time for me to try,

“Nessie-this was a long time ago. We’re talking about a year before you were born! All of those feelings have been gone for a very long time. I love your mom-but not like that.” I explained to her. I stood up and put a hand gently on her shoulder. She took a few breaths and didn’t shrug my hand off-which I knew was a good start. I could always calm her down. That and I think Jasper was helping.

“Sorry, mom.” She muttered to Bella. Bella nodded,

“I...I hope you understand that I never loved your fiancé like you love him.” She said to her.

“So he was the one that made the first move?” she asked her mother. Oh crap. Bella smirked and patted me on the shoulder,

“Oh yes. Your father and I were together at the time.” she was now grinning at me. Nessie turned to me with a slightly sadistic smile on her face. I was starting to get nervous.

“Merry Christmas.” Emmett snickered as I gulped.