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Ever since Edward left Bella and never came back, shes never been the same. Her eyes are always blood shot, she's just so messed up. Here are some poems of how she was, and how she ends up.Nothing-More Banner


1. Nothing-More

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Deep gray rain clouds, rain falls all around.

You’re gone, departed, I am now broken-hearted,

And you left just to see, how better off I would be,

I wish you would come back before,

I waste away to nothing more.

Ever since the time you left, I’ve been a kind of walking death.

Everyone I stay around, falls with the rain, right to the ground.

And every night I sit and wish that you’ll come back long before

I waste away to nothing more.

My dreams of you linger around my heart,

That’s broken, cold, beyond repair, and always lost inside the dark.

The night is cold but still I stay,

Wishing you will come, not too late, but long before

I waste away to nothing more.

I try to concentrate on important things like work,

But nothing I try takes away the hurt!

An empty feeling left inside,

The cold dark emptiness you’ve left behind.

I’ll always try to wish you back before

I waste away to nothing more.