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Called Upon

The La Push pack members have stopped phasing and its members have settled down. But something's happening just outside of La Push and its changing the packs children. Set more then 20 twenty years after Breaking Dawn.

This is my first Twilight fan fiction. I hope that you enjoy. I'm Australian, so I'm sorry to those who are from the united states, and don't like that the stories written with Australian spelling. I'm really sorry. I appreciate reviews, especially if they include criticism. Reviews are a writers candy. Please, I would love a review.

1. Chapter 1: I'm not sick

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Leah looked out across the oval of La Push High and sighed. It'd been ages since she'd been a teenager, attending this school. She sighed again and looked back at her son, who'd appeared in front of her.

"I'm not sick," he protested again, probably for the hundredth time this afternoon. "I'm not sick. Look, her hand must be cold or something. I don't have a fever!"

Leah shook her head at her son and stood up. "Yeah, whatever. I believe you, I mean you don't look sick, but she ants you to go home, so you're going home."

"I don't want to!" her son protested. "We have PE next, and I want to join in."

Leah rolled her eyes. "You're getting the rest of the day off school and you're complaining. I don't get it."

She walked to the car and sat in the driver's seat, waiting for her son to get in. When it looked like he wasn't go to, she called out, "Jeremy!"

He rolled his eyes and opened the passenger side door. "Fine," he said moodily.

Jeremy huffed the whole way back home. It surprised Leah that he hadn't complained more, but she was pleased none the less. She didn't think she was going to have a fun afternoon anyway, but Jeremy complaining really wasn't going to make it any better.

When she reached home she got out. Jeremy stayed in the car, his arms crossed over his chest.

"Come on, get out," Leah instructed.

"I'm not sick," he complained. "I want to go back to school!"

She shook her head and started walking to the front door. When she reached it, she turned back to look at him through the cars windscreen. "I'm not going to back you go to bed or anything, but they're not going to let you go to school for the rest of the day. You can stay in the car if you want, but I really don't suggest it."

She opened the door and stepped into the lounge room, opening up the window in the kitchen. It was a nice day, with a cool breeze. She understood Jeremy to an extent. It was the sort of day that made you want to go to school and hang out with your friends.

Ten minutes later, Jeremy finally trudged his way into the house. He stopped in front of his mum and looked disgruntled at her. "I'm not sick. I don't have a fever," he said stubbornly. He pulled Leah's hand to his forehead to feel it. "See?" he said pointedly.

Leah took her hand away from her son's head. "You're hotter then normal," she said.

"Yeah and you're cooler then normal," Jeremy retorted.

Leah brought her own hand to her forehead. She felt the same as always; healthy. She brought her hand back to Jeremy's head, then back to hers, trying to tell the difference.

"You're hot, I'm normal," Leah concluded.

Jeremy raised his eye brows at her. "You're normal? You're temperature is at fever level everyday. How's that normal?" he asked.

Leah shook her head. "It's normal for me."

"Well I'm not sick," Jeremy concluded, folding his arms across his chest again.

"I never said you were," Leah said, getting off the couch and walking to the medicine cabinet. She took out a thermometer, and placed it in her ears. A few seconds later, it beeped at she took it out again. It read the same as always.

She then placed the thermometer in Jeremy's ear, and waited for the beep, to take it out. When she looked at it, his temperature read just below hers.

"You've got a fever," she concluded.

"I'm not sick," Jeremy protested. "What does it say?"

Leah looked back at the screen on the thermometer. "You're a hundred degree's Fahrenheit," she replied.

"I swear, I feel fine. The thermometer must be broken," Jeremy retorted.

Leah walked past him and sat down on the couch, picking up her glass of lemonade and the half eaten apple. She took another bit out of the apple, thinking.


"What?" Leah asked.

"The thing must be broken," Jeremy concluded again.

Leah rolled her eyes and shook her eyes. "The thermometer isn't broken; it tested my temperature just fine."

"So what was you're temperature?" Jeremy asked.

"I've forgotten," Leah lied.

"Do it again, then," he urged.

Leah sighed, knowing that there was no way of getting out of telling him. "A Hundred and twenty," she replied.

"You're sick then."

"No, that's normal for me," Leah corrected, but in her head she says: normal for a werewolf.

Jeremy sends her the look that he's been giving her for years. The your-nuts-mum, look. Then, Jeremy shrugs and walks off to his room.

Leah looks at his retreating figure, trying to work out if he's ever going to think anything good of her, and if he's really getting sick. He's temperature shouldn't be at a hundred Fahrenheit, she thinks. That's not normal for a normal kid.

Later that afternoon, when Jack, her husband came home, Leah told him about Jeremy.

"He got sent home from school. He says he's not sick but he's running a temperature. You want to feel he's forehead?" Leah explains to Jack.

Jack looks at Leah and sighs. "Sure, I'll go and check him out."

When Jack puts his hand on Jeremy's forehead, much to Jeremy's dismay, he almost shouts in surprise. "Yep, he's got a fever. He's got the same temperature as you almost."

"I'm not sick," Jeremy protested. "Dad, I'm not sick."

"Sure you're not," Alison, Jeremy's younger sister teases.

"I'm not sick," he states calmly to her. "I'm not!"

"Ok, ok, no need to get angry with us," Leah says. "We'll take you're word for it, but god, you're going over to Kim's tomorrow to get a check up."


Leah walked away from him, not wanting to put up a fight with him. Even though she hadn't phased in almost twenty years, she was still at risk of it, and she wasn't in the mood to start the aging process again, or explain to her kids what she is. Jack knew, but he was the only one in her pleasant, nuclear family.

The next day, Leah took Jeremy to see Kim, the local Pack Doctor. It was nice to have someone on the inside that could treat all the ‘wolf' families.

Kim tested Jeremy for every single problem that she could think of. All of which came up negative, except for the fever he had had the day before.

"Must be some weird bug that's going around," she concluded, letting Jeremy go back and sit on down next to Leah. "I can't find anything really wrong with him."

"Others have it?" Leah asked.

"I've seen Andy, Pat and Zach with the same fever," Kim replied, setting Jeremy's file onto a large stack on the floor.


"Well there's nothing I can do for you, Jeremy," Kim said, turning to Jeremy.

"See," he said in a triumphant tone. "I told you I wasn't sick."

"Yeah, yeah, I didn't think you were," Leah replied, sending Kim a tight lipped smile.

"I'll see you next get together," Kim told Leah."

She nodded, saying, "Bye, and say hi to Jared for me."

"Shall do."

Leah drove Jeremy to school after that and waved half-heartedly to him as he walked towards the office building. She had a nagging feeling that this wasn't just a fever, but the start of something much worse.

What she didn't know, was that she was going to find out very quickly what really was going on.