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Called Upon

The La Push pack members have stopped phasing and its members have settled down. But something's happening just outside of La Push and its changing the packs children. Set more then 20 twenty years after Breaking Dawn.

This is my first Twilight fan fiction. I hope that you enjoy. I'm Australian, so I'm sorry to those who are from the united states, and don't like that the stories written with Australian spelling. I'm really sorry. I appreciate reviews, especially if they include criticism. Reviews are a writers candy. Please, I would love a review.

2. Chapter 2: It's Up To Them

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Andy lay on his bed, looking at his homework, but not really concentrating on it. He was thinking about what his mother had said about his temperature and his sister Eliza's boyfriend and the washing on the line he'd just put out that needed about another three hours to dry. Actually, he was thinking about anything that didn't have to do with his homework.

"Daydreaming will never get it done," Emily said, walking in and seeing that her son was staring at a blank wall.

Andy shook his head out of the clouds. "Yeah, whatever."

He looked back at his textbook, then at the empty page and back to his mother. "Do you really think there's something wrong with me?" he enquired.

"You seem fine, except for your temperature. I can't say, I guess it's nothing to worry about," Emily explained, taking a pile of folded washing and placing it on the end of Andy's bed. She sighed, looking at the inconspicuously small gap between his feet and the head bored. "You're so tall. You're about to grow out the bed."

"I can't control how tall I grow. It's genetic, right? Dad's tall, so I'm probably going to be tall," Andy replied, shrugging.

"But there's no need for you to be super tall," Emily joked, ruffling his hair. He battered her away with his hand roughly, which she ignored.

"I would have sworn you weren't this tall yesterday," Bee told her son.

"I'm a growing boy, what can I say?" he replied.

"That maybe true, but it's like I'm watching you grow," Bee pointed out. "I really would appreciate it if you would stop growing out of your clothes. I don't think they'll sell any clothes for the height you seem to be reaching."

Pat shrugged.

When Embry sat down for dinner that night, Bee brought the topic of her son's growth spurt.

"I'm watching him grow as we speak," she scowled.

"Be rational mum," Pat scoffed, placing his fork and down on his clean plate. "I'm growing; of course I'm not going to be the same height today as I was yesterday."

"Fine. The two of you can think I'm crazy, but I'm no," Bee replied.

Embry looked up from the TV, and looked seriously at her, "We don't think you're crazy."

Bee shook her head and collected the empty plates and put them out in the kitchen. Embry followed her, bringing cups that they'd used.

"Really, I don't think you are," Embry assured.

Bee looked up at him from the full sink, into Embry's dark brown eyes. "Really, I don't think you're crazy," he repeated.

"I swear, it's like...," Bee started, but Embry cut her off, pulling her closer.

"I see it too, but maybe it's just a Quileute thing. I did it at his age too."

Bee sighed, leaning in to kiss him on the lips. "Thanks," she said.

"No problem."

Leah, while shopping, walked into Emily. "Hey," she said. The hard feelings between them had somewhat descended over the years.

"Look, Sam asked me," Emily said, leaning close so that Leah could hear her clear. "If I could get you to go to an elders meeting tonight."

"Sure, what's it about?"

"Children," Emily replied simply.

Leah had a look of dawning on her face. "Right, yeah, when is it?"

"Tonight, 8pm. Can you make it?" she asked unsure.


Emily smiled and continued to walk down the aisle, leaving Leah slightly frowning to herself. Her eyes were screwed up in concentration, and hers hands became slack around the basket she was holding.

She took a deep breath, letting it come out in a large rush of air. Moving on slowly, she continued her shopping. Now, it seemed to her, she was shopping for two wolfs, not one.

Leah told Jack when she got home that she was meeting some of her friends at Sam's house for an elders meeting. He agreed almost immediately, although hen frowned a little at the clarification.

"Is anything going on? You haven't had one of these urges for years," he reminded her. "This is like one of those meeting things, isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is," she said, not looking at him.

"There's something going on, right?" he asked.

"Maybe, maybe not. I haven't called it, Sam has, I think." When she thought about it, she wasn't sure at all who had called it. She guessed Sam had, seeing as he was normally the one to call something like this, but on some occasions, he didn't.

"You think?"

"There's no real head, or main person here," she explained, thinking it was best to leave out Jacob and make it the least complicated answer she could. "Anyone could have called it, it's just at Sam's because it's tradition."

"Why is it tradition?"

"It just is," she replied, pulling the back of Jeremy's jumper so he stopped in his tracks. "No running," she said, dragging the words.

"Ok," said, not bothering to put up a fight.


Jeremy moved off quickly, not wanting to stay much longer in the house. He had a sudden urge to go for a run, and he thought it would be best to leave soon, before someone gave him a job to do.

"Look, I don't know when I'll be back. Don't stay up for me," she told Jack, turning back to him.

"You sure?"

"Yep, I'm sure."

Sam sat on the couch, looking around the lounge room. "Embry, would you like to start off the reason why we've come together?"

Leah frowned. Embry wasn't the person she would have picked.

"Pat's growing. Fast. He's got a temperature, and I swear he's getting a temper," Embry explained. "There's something going on with him and I know he's not the only one."

Leah thought about Jeremy, with his sudden angry stubbornness, and the temperature that was so much like hers. "Jeremy," she whispered.

"What was that Leah?" Sam asked.

"Jeremy. There's something wrong with Jeremy," she said louder. "Same things that Embry said."

"Andy, he's growing at an unprecedented rate. Same as the two of you," Emily piped in.

Sam nodded his head, agreeing.

Seth leaned back in his chair, letting his back seep deeper into the seats fabric. "I don't know about you guys, but don't you think it reminds you of us, just before we phased," he asked.

Leah snorted. "Yeah I guess, but they wouldn't..."

"Why would they need to phase? Where's there a threat, one to make three be on the way to phasing at the same time?" people asked, the room becoming rowdy as everyone started to react.

"Hey, I didn't say they were getting ready to phase, I just drew a connection," Seth defended.

Sam called for silence, sinking deep into his own chair. "Thing is Seth, connections pretty strong. Growth spurt, anger, hunger, temperature. Connect the dots and you come to this."

Leah thought back to the last time she'd phased, how it was years ago, two years before she'd had Jeremy, and how it was for a routine patrol. They hadn't need wolves since the Cullen's had left. There wasn't a threat now. Not that they could see.

"There's no reason why they should be phasing," she whispered, although the rest of the room was silent and heard every word. "There's no threat that we've come across so far. Why should they be phasing? We could still. What's the need?"

"Maybe we don't have a choice. Maybe, it's up to the next generation to sort this out," Quil whispered next to her.

"Maybe," she murmured back.