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Called Upon

The La Push pack members have stopped phasing and its members have settled down. But something's happening just outside of La Push and its changing the packs children. Set more then 20 twenty years after Breaking Dawn.

This is my first Twilight fan fiction. I hope that you enjoy. I'm Australian, so I'm sorry to those who are from the united states, and don't like that the stories written with Australian spelling. I'm really sorry. I appreciate reviews, especially if they include criticism. Reviews are a writers candy. Please, I would love a review.

3. Chapter 3: You're Not Crazy

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Sam watched Andy.

Andy purposely didn't look at Sam.

Emily watched Sam, watch Andy, who purposely didn't look at Sam, or Emily. Everyday.

Andy thought his father was being annoying. He also thought his mother was obsessed with his health. He swore that they looked at him like he was about to turn into a wolf. Even though that was impossible.

"Have you ever heard of a life, dad?" he asked his father once. "Cause you need one. Badly."

"And why would I need one?" Sam asked jokingly.

"Maybe because you keep staring at me?" he replied, and then walked away out the back door to get some fresh air.

Andy wasn't the only one. Jeremy thought the same, and so did Pat.

It'd been nearly two weeks after the meeting at Sam's place, and the whole pack was becoming nervous.

Andy stood in the lounge room, just looking around the house, not exactly sure what was going on.

Emily walked up behind him. "You right there?" she asked him, putting her hand on his shoulder.

He swivelled around to face her. "Yeah, fine," he replied.

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Really, because I was under the impression that you weren't."

"I'm fine," he forcefully, his jaw tight.

Emily frowned then shrugged. "Ok, what ever you say."

Andy continued to stare around the room. He sighed, and then flopped onto the couch, burying his head into a pillow. He just couldn't understand them.

Sam walked through the door, carrying a large pile of sheets, and placed then on the armchair next to Andy.

"Could you help with the washing, Andy?" he asked.


He shrugged and walked outside again to get another load of sheets off the line. It was one of the few sunny days around in La Push, and Emily had taken up the chance to do a whole lot of washing.

Andy peeked up from the pillow, feeling pretty crappy.

"What's wrong with you?" Sam asked him.

He just looked at his father, and then ran out for the house, not sure if he was going to puke, or explode. Sam stared after him, watching his son ran towards the woods at the back of his house. He just shook his head, trying to follow the direction he was running so he could find him later.

Emily saw him run too, and looked panicked at Sam.

Sam nodded at Emily's unspoken question. Yeah, Andy was about to phase.

Jacob looked along the path hidden deep in the forest, and tried to pick up Renesmee's scent. Upon finding it, he took, off after her.

She sat hunched over a mountain lion carcass, drinking deeply. Once finished, she turned to look at him, licking her blood stained lips.

He smiled wider at her, padding a few steps forward towards her. She reached out and ruffled the fur onto of his head.

I'm done, she told him, pressing her palm into the back of his shaggy neck.

He nodded, showing he understood, and started to gallop in the direction of home, Nessie running behind him.

Something felt weird to him, like the silence inside his head was being interrupted. Jacob stoped in his tracks, frowning. Nessie stopped too, frowning at the wolf form of her husband.

"Jake, what's up?" she asked.

He ignored her, looking at the ground.

"Jake?" she asked again, more urgently.

Jacob kept his head down, his eyes closed, trying to work out why it felt like some was phasing. Then suddenly he wasn't alone in his head anymore, and there were somebody else's thoughts in his head.

What the hell, he thought, irritated.

The other person was panicked in his head. They weren't thinking any coherent thoughts, and this started to worry Jacob.

Who's this? he asked. Why have you come and disturbed my privacy. I thought you guys all stopped?

The other person didn't answer.

Um, come on! Answer! He thought, starting to get worried.

Finally, the other person began to think a little. What's happened to me? Why am I like this? I think I'm a wolf, but that's...

Who's this? Jacob asked again.

The other person did the equivalent of a mental gulp. Andy.

Sam's son. What the... oh no.

I'm going crazy. I'm going crazy. I've got thoughts that aren't mine in my head, and I'm some gigantic wolf, and... I'm going crazy, Andy panicked.

Jacob sighed, and lay down, ignoring the frown that Nessie held. She was starting to panic herself.

You're not going crazy, he corrected.

How would you know, you're just a voice in my head. Andy snapped back.

Sure, Sure. But surprisingly, I'm not. I'm just a wolf who wants to know after ten years, why he's lost his peace, Jacob replied with a laugh.

Andy was still panicked. You're just some stupid voice in my head, who wants to think that he's real, and I'm some monster.

Jacob sighed and flopped himself even closer to the ground, placing his front paws over his closed eyes. Nessie made to move next to him, stroking his fur. She still frowned.

You remember the Quileute legends, right? he pondered.

Yeah, stupid voice, I remember them.

Jacob coughed. I have a name, you know. Jacob Black. You probably don't remember me.

Andy thought the name over. I've heard it somewhere. It comes up in conversations sometimes.

I probably would. Now, Quileute legends...

What about them?

They're all true. Every single one of them. So you're not crazy. You really are a wolf right now. And I'm another werewolf or shape shifter, or whatever you want to call us.

I'm not crazy? Andy asked timidly.

No, you're not. Although I quiet understand why you'd think you were. Jacob laughed again.

Nessie huffed, not liking the fact that her husband was lying on the ground with his head in his hands, not listening to her.

What the hell are you doing?! What's wrong?! Nessie asked urgently, pressing her palm into his shoulder. You want to phase back and explain what the hell you're doing. I'll go home and get Edward if you don't... she warned, leaving the threat hanging.

Jacob looked up, and stared at Nessie, shaking his head, trying to convey that he couldn't phase back, and he couldn't go home just yet.

Phase back, she ordered, her hand digging deeper into his shoulder. Phase back or I'm getting dad. I don't like feeling so useless.

He looked anxiously back, and then put his head in his hand, wishing he could do what she wanted from him.

What's going on, what's going on. Why's there another voice that keeps coming in? Why do I care for this pale girl I've never met. What the freaking hell... Andy rambled, scared stiff again.

Don't worry. Just... just ignore her. You feel what I feel at the moment. She's telling me what to do, that's all, Jacob reassured. And I think you have met Renesmee.

That's her name?

Yeah. Now, just calm down a little. Can you do that?

How do I change back? Can I?

Jacob snorted. Corse you can! Look, when you do phase back, talk to your dad. But find some clothes first, because you won't have any.

How would dad know anything? Why should I anyway. He's not going to believe me anyway.

Jake, phase back! Nessie ordered.

How does she do that? Andy asked; wonder seeping below the surface of his frightened exterior.

It's a little gift of hers. Just take a few deep breathes and calm down will you. Find something to cover you up and head home. I'll ring your dad for you if you want.

No! Don't tell him! Andy yelled. Don't. He won't...he won't...

I am going to tell Sam, because this concerns the whole of La Push, and the wellbeing of you. There's a reason you've phased, and I know you know why. Think back to the legends. Now just calm down. Breathe slowly.

Jacob could feel Andy starting to calm down and shift back.

Talk to your father, he said pointedly.

Andy phased back after a few calming breaths and a little encouragement, and Jacob finally looked back at Nessie, who was looking so worried at him.

"You're going to phase back now and explain what's going on, or am I going to have to get Dad so I know what to do?" she asked him, her voice shaking with anxiety.

He frowned, trying to convey how sorry he was.

He ran back to where he had hidden his shorts, and phased back, quickly putting them on.

"I hope you running here is a good thing!" Nessie yelled after his flying forming.

Jacob came out of the clump of trees that he'd hidden his shorts and smiled comfortingly to Nessie.

"I'm sorry, I really am," he whispered into her ear, wrapping an arm around her slim waist and pulling her against him.

You better be, she told him, rubbing her palm up and down his cheek.

"Andy, Sam's son phased, and I was trying to explain..."

He was cut off by Nessie. "What do you mean Sam's son phased?" she asked, her eyebrows furrowed.

"Exactly that. I was sorting things out with him."

He kissed her softly, ignoring the strong taste of blood on her lips.

"Look, I have to ring Sam and tell him what's happened. Ok?" he told Nessie.

"Yeah, Ok."