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The weird adventures of the Cullen family and Friends!

Really stupid story me and my friend Sprinkles made up at school while doing a Flour Baby project...stupid, random...ENJOY

EVERYBODY WILL HATE ME FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a sequel to "A new beginning" and the PC wont let me load it AGAIN so I just made a new story! Im actually surprised this got up but when I tried again...IT STILL WOULDNT LET MEEEEEEEEEEEE!

1. Chapter 1

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It was a merry and sunny day in Forks when a "young" boy named Edward looked over at his fiance and said" Oh Bella...I love you and I think you are the pretti..BUTTERFLY! I WANT IT I WANT IT!"

Edward jumped up and chased the butterfly around till he caught it, but he killed it and he began to cry.

Just then, Alice came bolting into the meadow where Bella was trying to comfort Edward on his loss.

"Bella urgent news and...what is wrong with Edward?" Alice asked.

"He had a bit of an accident with his new friend and, well..."she whispered before trailing off to look at Edward.

"CINDY! WHY?! WHY DOES EVERYTHING DIE?!" Edward wailed miserably.

"Yeah...Bella, your wedding is in three days and we have to SHOP!" Alice giggled madly as she grabbed Bella's arm.

They got into Alice's Turbo and sped away from the mourning cries of Edward and his beloved Cindy...may she rest peacfully in peices...amen!

When they got to the store, Alice had Bella trying on everything in the wedding stores.

After 4 hours of shopping for the dress, they went for accesories.

"I can't finda good headpeice for you!" Alice growled, throwing expensive peice after peice of jewelry and gaining the fearful stares of the clerks.

"I like this one." came a deep voice as Jasper placed a beautiful tiara on Bella.

It was silver with a heart shaped blue topaz surrounded by diamonds that matched her ring perfectly.

"JASPER! what are you doing here?" Alice asked astonoshed.

"I came to get the love of my life." He replied.

"Oh that is so sweet!" Alice chirped before Jasper laughed.

"Not you, you crazy midget sprite!"

"I love Bella!"

"Oh Jasper, I love you too!" and Bella rushed up and began to kiss Jasper.

"HEY!" Alice pouted.

"Here, go play." Jasper said between kisses as he handed Alice a $100 gift certificate to Hot Topic.

"YAAAAAY! Good-bye Pink Princess...and HELLOOOOOOO Black Bitch!" Alice cheered as she dashed to hot topic.

"BElla, lets run away together!" Jasper said.

"OK!"she answered.


Alice was on her way to shoe Edward the new her when she had a terrible vision...BELLA DIED and the scariest part was, the new Ferrari Jasper had would be totalled! NOOOOOOOOO! Not the FERRARI!

She ran as fast as she could to find Edward curled up in the corner of his room rocking back and forth.

"Not my fault not my fault not my fault not my fault.." He repeated this like a mantra over and over.

"Oh no, Edward, did you see Bella?" Alice asked.

Then Rosalie stuck er head in.

"No...he was watching Disney movies again and..well you know.." she trailed off giving a sympethetic look at Edward before leaving.

"YOU DUMBASS!" she growled.

"I KILLED MUFASA ALICE! I FEEL SO BAD! FIRST CINDY AND NOW... Oooooooooh CINDY I MISS YOU!!!!!!!" He cried, tearless sobs.

"I'm sorry simba!" he cried to the case for the lion king.

"GET UP!" alice dragged him out the door.

When they got to the site...it was worsr than Alice had dared to think.

The dresses Her and Bella had bought were in the car and now they were RUINED!

"WHY IS THE WORL SO CRUEL?!?!" she sobbed.

Rosalie was busy filing her nails.

Emmett was flexing his muscels.

Jasper was chasing his new friend, Oreo the Ladybug.

Edward was still crying about how he killed Mufasa.

Alice was mourning over the loss of thew car and dresses.

Carlisle was sad because he couldnt save her.

Esme was sad because now she had to plan a funeral.

Bella was furious. Her ghost loomed overhead.

That night night, she visited Edward and he was still crying, only this time about Cindy.

"She was such a good little butterfly, such a good butterfly...WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME CINDY?!?!" he wailed.

"SHUT UP!" Alice screamed.

"Get over it!" Rosalie scoffed.

Edward then looked up so he could dee if Mufasa was up there as one of the great kings of the past, when he saw Bella.

"I am the ghost of Christmas past!" she moaned silly like.

"Christmas past why would you...SAMMY!!! I didnt mean to hurt him I promise! He was such a good little birdie! SAMMY IM SORRY!" he sobbed.

Bella looked at him like he was crazy.

"SHUT UP!" JASPER screamed!

"MAKE ME!" Edward yelled back.

Jasper punched the wall. "Why you...OREO! NOOO!"