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Caught In Love

Bella is lost in the streets of Italy while she is on holiday. Whilst having a near breakdown in an alleyway, she encounters Edward. He kidnaps her; curious and angry as to why he can't hear her. He takes her back to the Volturi. While she is made captive, he is made her guard. And so, the dance of seduction begins...


1. Chapter 1: Lost

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Italy. That's where everything began. On 'holiday'.

I still don't understand what even happened.

It was all so fast.

Have you ever fallen in love? So helplessly in love, it hurt? What if that person was an 'enemy'? What if he wasn't even a 'person'? What if he was dangerous, a monster?

What would you do?

What if he thirsted for you? Everything about you? Would you turn back? Run away?

I know I didn't.

He was my captor, in every sense of the word.

Falling in love with your captor? Not something a 'sensible' person would do.

But then again, since when am I sensible?

I suppose I should really start at the beginning.

It was dark. Dark and cold.

The breeze was gentle and soft. The moon hung in the air, full and luminous.

I had no idea where I was. I looked around for something or someone familiar but there was nothing. I was all alone. Well, apart from the drunken idiots across the street. But they didn't really count. I wrapped my arms around myself, shivering. How stupid could I be? I was on holiday! I wasn't supposed to be here on my own. I just had to go wondering off on my own.

I stumbled over a protruding rock and fell. Typical. I was the biggest klutz I knew. I mentally cursed Charlie for my balance problems.

I pushed myself up and stood wincing. There goes my ankle.

The streets here were winding and long, like a maze. I had no idea whether I was going the right way. So it wasn't surprising that I had somehow managed to find myself in an alleyway.

It was then when it finally hit me. Like a ton of bricks. I was lost. In a foreign country! What on earth was I going to do? Was mom worried? How long have I been wondering around? How long would it be until someone found me? Would someone find me?

I slid down the wall and huddled up into a ball.

Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry.

That's when everything started.

One minute I'm sitting against the wall, trying not to cry, and the next, I'm raised up into the air like a bullet. I gasped.

"What the-?"

I struggled but the cold hands on me didn't budge. They squeezed steadily tighter and I gasped for air.

"Put me down!"


My head shot up at the velvety, smooth voice and before I even managed to look at who or what was holding me, my eyes connected with another pair.

They were onyx. Black. Cold and reserved.

They looked hungry, starved. Predatory. Burning.

My own eyes widened in fear. I couldn't break away from the glare. There was revulsion and hatred within those eyes.

I strained to pull my eyes away and stared at the unnatural pallor of his skin. My eyes roved over the purple bruises beneath those haunting eyes, over the straight perfect nose, over the full lips. His hair was a reddish brown, floppy and lightly blowing around in the breeze.

I panicked. What on earth was going on? Who was this? And why on earth am I hanging up in the air?

"Who are you? What are you doing? Put me down! Put me down!"

He simply held me tighter.

The tears I had been trying so hard to keep in began to fall.

"Put me down!" I yelled, my voice thick.

I struggled again, straining against the hold he had on me.

He cocked his head to the side, his expression suddenly burning with curiousity and muttered something under his breath, frowning. "How come I can't hear you?"

"Are you deaf? I'm screaming at you here and you're asking why you can't hear me?!" I shrieked, losing it.

Maybe I shouldn't have said that.

He raised his eyebrows and his hateful glare returned full force.

He gave a smirk and threw me over his shoulder with ease, as if I was a rag doll.

How did he manage that?

I banged on his back and screamed, surely someone would come to help me... Right?

Then he turned around and ran. Well, if you could even call it that. It was more like flying. I screamed again as everything around me became a blur. The pavement was a distorted strip of grey as he tore through the streets. This was not natural! How fast could someone go?

And more importantly, where was he taking me? And why?

I wanted to close my eyes, hide away from everything, but I couldn't. They wouldn't close.

I began to feel dizzy and sick.

We finally stopped after a few minutes, which felt like hours to me.

He finally put me down and none too gently either.

The ground spun underneath me. I still felt horribly shaky and lightheaded.

My eyes rolled back in my head and everything went black.