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Seattle General

The Cullen's have moved to Seattle, and Edward's living in Alaska. Eveything seems normal until someone comes back, and stirs everything up.

Forget Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

1. Normal Day

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Chapter One


I pulled into the parking lot of the hospital, looking at the overcast sky. We had chosen the perfect place to live, well, most of the family thought that. Edward had his reservations about living here, so much in fact that he wasn’t even staying with us. He was staying in Alaska, and driving down to see us occasionally, it sadden me to see my first son do this to himself. He ignored us when we told him Isabella Swan wasn’t anywhere in the area any longer. He didn’t want to believe it.

Our first night in Seattle he had gone down to Forks just to see if she was there. He had returned quickly, locking himself in his room. We didn’t need to be Jasper to known how he was feeling, the grief was palpable. We had felt his pain when he had stormed into the house, slamming every door he walked through. No one had said anything. It was for the best.

That was what had set him off. The next day he had left, throwing a bag of clothes into the back of his new Volvo, and rushed away from the house. Esme had been devastated to watch him drive away like that. I knew what she was thinking. She thought he was going to go off and go back to the life we strived so hard not to be apart of, killers. We had been reassured a few hours later, by Edward himself, that he was just going to be staying in Alaska for a while.

All of that had occurred three months ago. We still didn’t see Edward that much. He called every few nights, talking to me and Esme, he would come down every few weeks to get something from the house. Every time he came I begged him to stay, just for a few days, to spend time with his family. That didn’t matter to him anymore.

I had given up. He wasn’t going to stay at home. Nothing was going to make him stay at home. He would always be coming and going, and he would stop coming after a while. We couldn’t make him stay. He had a will of his own.

"Good morning, Dr. Cullen, Mrs. Nancy is waiting for you in Room One." The receptionist said as I walked up to the front desk. She handed me a chart.

"Thank you, Susan." I walked away, flipping through the chart, walking to my office. I dropped my stuff at the desk before going to see Mrs. Nancy.

Mrs. Nancy was just like she always was. A rich, older woman, just years away from death, dressed to the nines. She was famous for wanting appointments with only the younger doctors, especially for blondes, I didn’t particularly like working with her. I was married, even though that had been over a hundred years ago, and I didn’t need this woman hitting on me, as my children would say.

"Oh, Dr. Cullen, what a pleasant surprise!" Mrs. Nancy exclaimed, pretending to be shocked that I was her doctor. She did it to me every time I walked into the examination room to look her over, she was always surprised that it was me to walk in.

"Hello, Mrs. Nancy. I see its time for an examination again." I sat down on my stool, scooting over close to her, looking down at my chart. "A nurse already came in and it doesn’t look good, ma’am. I thought I asked you to go on a diet so that we could get your blood pressure down." Her weight was worse than last time, tipping the scales at two hundred pounds, a little excessive for someone of her age and height.

"I tired, Dr. Cullen, but you caught me at Thanksgiving. I had to go to party after party after party, you know how it is. Everyone wants you at their party. All of my children wanted me at their house, so I went from house to house on Thanksgiving, and I had to eat at each one."

"You need to diet. I’m warning you. You are at a very high risk for a heart attack right now, I don’t want to see you in the emergency room because you had a heart attack Christmas morning. Other than that, you’re looking fine. You can go on home, and stock up on health food for your diet." I stood up, pushing the stool back against the counter, making a notation in her chart. "I’ll see you soon, Mrs. Nancy."

I walked out of the room, shaking my head. I was almost certain that Mrs. Nancy wouldn’t live to see next year. It was too much for her. Her body was already shutting down, I could smell it whenever I was around her, the smell of death approaching around her. If she lived to see 2021 I would turn in my coat and my degree and find a new profession.

"Dr. Smith wants to talk to you, Dr. Cullen." Susan said as I placed the chart down on the counter.

"Thank you, Susan." I turned and walked towards the elevators. I hated going to see Dr. Smith, the overseer of the hospital, the one who controlled my job, and she didn’t like me too much, because I wouldn’t sleep with her, if only she knew how impossible it was for me to sleep.

I reached the top floor of the hospital, walking down the expensive tile floor, my shoes making a soft sound as I walked down. The door to Dr. Smith’s office was open, and she was sitting at her desk, writing on a chart. I tapped on the door, waiting for her to invite me in.

"Come in, Dr. Cullen." She snapped, without looking up, pushing her pen and chart away.

I sat down in one of the expensive chairs across from her desk, waiting for her to start to speak. I saw the smirk on her face as she looked up at me, her brown eyes glistening with something akin to evil.

"It was brought to my attention that you haven’t had someone to study under you since you joined the hospital. As a highly qualified doctor from Princeton, I want you to work with a new doctor transferring to our humble hospital. You’ll work with her to see that she settles into life her at Seattle General. She’ll be arriving in a week. I’ll contact you later with more information of Dr. Swan. You can leave now."

Dr. Swan. Isabella Swan. No. Not Bella. She couldn’t be a doctor. She fainted at the sight of blood. She couldn’t be a doctor. It had to be another Swan. It was a common enough name. Isabella Swan wasn’t coming to Seattle. She lived in Arizona. She lived in the south, she lived where it was sunny all the time. She wasn’t coming here. It couldn’t be. It couldn’t be her. It would kill Edward if it was.

I quickly left the office, pulling my phone out of my pocket. I called Alice, going into the stair well, no one took the stairs, they all took the elevator, no one needed to hear my conversation. I sat down on the steps, running a hand through my hair.

"Is everything alright, Carlisle?" Alice’s voice drifted over the line, soothing my nerves very little.

"Have you had a vision of Bella lately?"

"No, not in a few months. Why, Carlisle, is something wrong?"

"Would you search her on the internet for me?" I had to know if it was her. We had been keeping tabs on her through the internet, seeing what he home address was. We had never thought to look for a profession, or even to see what college she had gone to, but we knew she had. Without Edward knowing I had put enough money in Bella’s account to put her through school and to keep her from having to work for the rest of her life. The money had been taken out in instalments that would make sense for school payments.

"I’ve got her still living in Arizona."

"What’s her occupation?"

"Can’t find it. There’s nothing about that. Just her address and home phone number."

"Home phone number please."


"Thank you, Alice." I committed the number to memory, intent to call her. "Any word from Edward?"


"Alright, thank you, Alice. Tell Esme I’ll be home at six."

I hung up and punched in the number Alice had given me. I could just call, say nothing, just hear her voice and know that she was in Arizona, living and well. Call and hand up. That’s what I could do.

After five rings it picked up. "Hello?" Bella’s soft voice came over the line, so much like the last time I had spoken to her. "Hello?"

I hung up, thrusting the small phone into my pocket. She was alive, she was in Arizona. I had nothing to worry about. Isabella Swan was not going to be coming to Seattle. She was safe in the south, where very few things could hurt her. No one knew about her, no one would threaten her down in the south, she was safe enough there.

Victoria or Laurent wouldn’t bother her down there. We had killed them both after leaving Forks. Edward had gone after Laurent when he had gotten to close to Forks. The rest of us had gone after Victoria, using Jasper’s skills to kill her quickly before she could do anything. Bella was safe. Safe from us.

I continued about my day, pushing aside my thoughts of Bella. I looked at my patients, and assisted on a surgery at three. It was a normal day, nothing strange. I was even able to leave so that I would be home when I said I would be. So that I could see Esme all the sooner.

"How was your day, Carlisle?" She asked, walking with me around the back yard, arm in arm, her head on my shoulder.

"Fine." I replied, kissing the top of her head. "Just a normal day. How was yours?"

"Perfect, quite. No one broke anything today. The kids went out around noon, they wanted to go hunting. They said they won’t be back until tomorrow." A smile graced her face.

"Then we should take perfect advantage of our time alone, Mrs. Cullen."

"I was thinking the same thing, Dr. Cullen."