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Midnight Sun

Many of you may have already seen Stephenie Meyer’s website and seen her blog concerning Midnight Sun. She wrote a first draft on this book, basically Twilight from Edward’s point of view, and somehow it was leaked onto the internet. It’s a horrible thing when something that important is stolen from you. Being the amazing person she is, instead of condemning the curious readers who have read it, she posted the draft on her website. It is not a finished story but you must read it before continuing with my story because this is my feeble attempt to finish Midnight Sun. I hope you enjoy it.


1. Continuation of Chapter 11. Complications

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No more mistakes. I hit the gas, and then sighed as she disappeared behind me. It seemed like I was always running toward Bella or running away from her, never staying in place. I would have to find some way to hold my ground if we were ever going to have any peace.-Stephenie Meyer

The trees flew by as I guided my car toward home. Home, Forks had never felt like home to me, just another stop off as my family moved from town to town and lived life after life. Now, with Bella here I couldn’t imagine leaving even though part of me knew that would be the only way to keep her safe.

As I pulled up to the house I instantly heard Carlisle’s agitated thoughts over those of the rest of my family. I was out of the car and through the front door sweeping past Esme in less than a second. When I reached the door to Carlisle’s study I heard him thinking of a man named Billy Black. He must have been related to Ephraim Black in some way. Close the door please Edward. I didn’t understand Carlisle’s line of thinking, a closed door meant nothing in house where every inhabitant could hear a pin drop from twenty yards away, but I obliged anyway. Billy Black, one of the elders of the Quileute tribe came to see me today.

Instantly I was angered, although unintentionally they had been the one’s to break the treaty yet Carlisle’s thoughts betrayed his discussion with the child. “Why is he angry with us?” I asked as I paced the floor. I didn’t need to ask, I knew exactly what this was about. Carlisle shifted uncomfortably in his chair, certainly a habit he must have picked up from pretending to be human for so long. “Edward, please sit.”

“I’d rather stand,” I quipped back. Carlisle understood my agitation and in his never-ending patience he glossed over it, “Edward, he is only concerned for Bella’s safety. Chief Swan has been a good friend to him and he is looking out for her well being.” I finally sat and put my head in my hands. Black was right, of course he was; Bella was never in more danger than when she was with me. I stood and turned to leave Carlisle’s office when he reached out to me with his thoughts. He doesn’t know you like I do. You would never harm Bella, you have a tremendous amount of strength in you Edward; strength that you have only begun to tap into. I knew he was wrong but I thanked him anyway. I was a danger to Bella and in my selfish desire to be near her as much as possible I was endangering the one person that I loved more than any other.

I glanced at the clock as I entered my room, Bella would be finishing dinner with Charlie right about then. Their stilted conversation about school and work would be drawing to a close as Charlie made his way over to the television to watch baseball. In a few short hours she would get ready for bed. Would I take the high road and stay away or would I succumb as usual and go to watch her sleep? If I could dream it would certainly be of her, as it was my waking moments were filled with thoughts of only her. Inside my head a war was raging, the monster inside me wanted nothing more than the sensation of her blood gliding down my throat while the man, for lack of a better term, in me wanted to keep her safe to love her and if necessary leave her.

I turned on my stereo in the hopes of drowning out these raging thoughts. My vast library of music provided the perfect relief from my own mind and the minds of those around me. That was one of the reasons it was so easy to be around Bella, no blocking out or trying to make sense of the multitude of trivial thoughts mulling in and out of the minds of the children that inhabited Forks. Throwing my headphones on, only out of courtesy for the sensitive ears in the house, I laid down on my long leather couch. The music swirled through my head as I tried to block out thoughts of leaving.

As I climbed through Bella’s window that evening, her scent encased me in thoughts of desire and love, though the burning in my throat was ever present and just as strong as ever, my love overtook it. Bella’s night was a restless one and twice I thought she might have noticed my presence when she awoke suddenly from the turmoil of what must have been a nightmare. It was only as the sun tried to break through the clouds, when I leaned over her and blew my breath over her sleeping face that she seemed to relax.

As I made my way back toward home I knew that I couldn’t leave her even if I wanted to. The pull toward her was too great; her small idiosyncrasies drew me into her like a moth to a flame. There was no denying my feelings any longer, I loved Isabella Swan, now all I had to do was keep myself from killing her.

I pulled up to her house just as Chief Swan rounded the bend off to the police station. I watched as she closed her door and came bounding over to my car and got in ever so slowly. “Good morning,” I said taking in her scent mingled with her shampoo, “How are you today?”

“Good, thank you,” she answered as she looked into my eyes.

I couldn’t help but noticed how tired she looked, knowing full well that it was due to last night’s tossing and turning I said something anyway, “You look tired.”

She yawned a bit and tossed her hair lightly over her shoulder sending another wave of her mouth-watering scent in my direction. She answered as I tried to concentrate on controlling the burning in my throat from the unexpected attack. “I couldn’t sleep,” she answered as I gained control over myself.

“Neither could I,” I attempted to make light, hoping she wouldn’t notice the pain on my face.

She laughed as I started the car and pulled away, bound for school, “I guess that’s right. I suppose I slept just a little more than more than you did.”

It became easier to ignore the burning as I spoke, “I’d wager you did.” I looked at her fidgeting with her seatbelt in a tan turtleneck that set off her ivory skin perfectly. I was born into a life where less was more and staring at Bella covered in this way, yet still unable to hide the curves of her body set off feelings that I had long forgotten.

She broke me from my train of thought as she asked, “So what did you do last night?”

I chuckled, if she only knew, but was able to deflect her question, “Not a chance. It’s my day to ask questions.”

She grinned sheepishly as if she were embarrassed to reveal anything about herself, “Oh, that’s right. What do you want to know?”

Everything, I thought as I looked over at her, that crinkle above her eyebrows ever present. But I decided to stick with the basics, “What is your favorite color?”

As she rolled her eyes, she answered sarcastically, “It changes from day to day.” I laughed inwardly thinking that if she avoided the easy questions what would she do when I got to the more in depth queries?

“What’s your favorite color today?” I asked in all seriousness. When she answered brown I was taken aback, “Brown?” I asked.

“Sure. Brown is warm. I miss brown.” She answered, her eyes full of fervor, “Everything that’s supposed to be brown – tree trunks, rocks, dirt – is all covered up with squashy green stuff here.” I stared into her eyes as she vented, how could I ever think brown plain? Her beautiful brown eyes sparkled as she spoke.

“You’re right,” I agreed, thinking of her eyes, “brown is warm.” Without thinking I reached over and brushed a piece of her hair that had fallen in front of her eyes. As I pulled into my usual parking spot at school I turned to her with a new question, “What music is in your CD player right now?” Music was always an important subject to me, I have had a love affair with many different types. As she told me the name of the CD I smiled inwardly, reaching for a small collection I kept under my CD player and pulling out the album in question. “Debussy to this?” I asked jokingly. She laughed out loud as we got out of the car.

There were so many things I wanted to know about her. I spent my classes thinking of new questions to pepper her with. And to Bella’s credit she never seemed to get annoyed by my questions, in fact she seemed more surprised than anything. More than any subject, she spoke of her favorite books with a fervor I rarely saw in teenage girls, except of course when boys and clothes were the topic of conversation. In fact, even my own sister Alice with all her years, became a child again when the conversation turned towards shopping or clothes.

A new reaction came with each question and when I questioned her about her favorite gem stone a deep blush followed her answer of topaz. I could see the blood coursing through her skin as her eyes turned downwards toward her untouched food. I tried to delve deeper and it wasn’t until I demanded that she tell me the reason behind her blush that she blurted out, “It’s the color of your eyes today.”

If my heart still had the ability it surely would have leapt, as it was I was barely able to keep myself from sweeping her from her seat. But those plaguing thoughts crept back into my head you will only hurt her. I surged forward asking her new questions until we finally had to leave for Biology.

As we reached class I knew that Mr. Banner would continue with his audiovisual presentation again without even having to read his mind. In an effort to control myself I slid as far away from Bella as I could. It still did not help and by the end of class the electricity between us was tangible and unavoidable. I only relaxed as the lights came back up. I turned towards Bella and watched as she slowly drew her head up from the desk, wondering what she was thinking. The tenseness in her body language betrayed that she had felt the same electricity but I was unused to gauging a person’s thoughts simply by educational guesses.

I delved more deeply, asking her more personal questions until we sat in front of her home and she was describing her hometown of Phoenix. It wasn’t until I heard Chief Swan’s thoughts of returning home that I realized how close he was. “Are you finished?” she asked with a sigh of relief.

I grinned deviously, “Not even close – but your father will be home soon.”

“Charlie!” she exclaimed, asking what time it was in the same breath.

“It’s Twilight,” I answered, gazing at the clouds. I began to explain more fully when I noticed confusion wash over her features. “It’s the safest time of day for us. The easiest time. But also the saddest – in a way…the end of another day, the return of the night. Darkness is so predictable, don’t you think?” I asked as I turned towards her. I knew that she couldn’t possibly understand the monotony of another night.

“I like the night. Without the dark we’d never see the stars,” she answered as she gazed out the window, “Not that you see them here much.” I vowed never to tell her that no cloud could block the stars from my view.

I broke her reverie by telling her Charlie would be home in a few minutes, “So, unless you want to tell him that you’ll be with me Saturday…” I trailed off, sincerely hoping for her to say yes.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” she answered as she grabbed her books and rubbed her shoulder. “So is it my turn tomorrow, then?”

I laughed, acting mockingly upset, “Certainly not! I told you I wasn’t done, didn’t I?” As I went to let her out of the car I heard it. I had been occupied and was not searching for thoughts other than those of Charlie, otherwise I would have picked up on him sooner. “Not good,” I murmured as I clenched my jaw in anger. Billy Black had shown up, no doubt to warn Bella and maybe even Chief Swan about me. I also heard the thoughts of another presence. This child seemed genuinely excited to see Bella. His thoughts were plagued with wondering how he looked and what he would say to her when he saw her. The jealousy in me sparked and I wanted to stay just to see the face of the boy that must have been this Jacob that Bella had flirted with.

“What is it?” Bella asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

I sighed, resigned that I must leave, “Another complication,” I answered opening her door. “Charlie’s around the corner,” I said as she hopped from the car and shut the door. Every part of my being wanted to shut off the ignition and walk Bella to her door. I knew it was senseless and that I had to respect her decision to keep this from Charlie. I also knew that a confrontation with the Black child would not aid in my endeavor for a relationship with Bella. With this last thought I put my foot on the accelerator and drove into the coming night.