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I would tell you, but then I'd have to kill you and I dont want to do that, now do I?

Bella is really Special Agent Swan, of the CIA. She's called up on a case, but the Cullen's find out. Bella needs to tell them of her past life and adventures if hse wants to help out her friends and the agency on this case.


1. Boredom is irritating, really

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Welcome to my world.

I don’t think you know how dangerous my world is though. My world if filled with danger, danger lurking behind every corner.

This world has hardships that nobody can imagine. My world is filled with people that can’t stick up for themselves and therefore, die.

My world is outrageous. My world is insane and unnatural. My world is a world that many people have entered, but haven’t survived.

I am secret agent Bella Swan. And this message will blow up in thirty seconds.

You better run…

It was late afternoon and I was bored. I wasn’t used to no excitement. I mean, before Forks, I was living on edge, unmasking drug deals and scandals. Then after Forks, it was fighting vampires and werewolves.

Today I have nothing to do. It’s around one in the afternoon and I’m home by myself. Charlie is fishing with Billy, and Jacob is attending a pack meeting. Alice and Rose are shopping and the rest of the family is hunting.

I was completely bored.

I went up to my room, in hopes that there would be something to do. I picked up Wuthering Heights and got through a chapter before I fell asleep.

Edward’s POV

I had just finished hunting and was slipping in through Bella’s window when a cell phone rang. It played the tone of mission impossible and it was coming from under Bella’s bed. I watched at the window as she groaned and rolled over, reaching under the bed.

She pulled out a metal, silver briefcase. She typed in a combination and flipped the briefcase open. She pulled a tiny silver phone out and flipped it open, annoyed.

“What, Bethany?” she asked, clearly annoyed that her rest was disturbed. But who was Bethany?

“Bella! We need you!” I heard a female’s voice say on the other line. Bella sat up straighter, still not noticing I was there. She seemed alert.

“What’s wrong? Is everyone okay? Kenda? Bridget? Louise? Oh please tell me that you’re all okay!” she cried into the phone. She was gripping her bed sheet with one hand, clearly frightened.

“Were fine. But Jeff just caught wind of a drug deal going down at The Kitty Kat club. This is top of the line business, Belle! You’re the best the agency has, we need you for this.” The girl explained. Bella calmed a bit, but still looked frazzled.

“I’ll be there tonight. Send the jet.” She ordered as she snapped the phone shut. I decided this would be a good time to make my presence none.

Bella’s POV

“So where exactly are you going tonight?” a voice asked behind me. I jumped, falling out of bed and hitting my head on the bedside table. I looked up and Edward was sitting next to the window looking amused. Had he heard the whole thing? My case was till sitting on my bed along with my phone. Oh no…

“How much did you hear?” I demanded, getting up and going over to him. He held his arms open so I could sit on his lap. I gladly accepted the offer, setting down.

“Well, I heard something about someone needing you; you were worried about some people. Why is that? And then something about you being the best and flying out on a jet tonight. You own a jet?” he asked, humor in his eyes.

He heard the whole conversation. Oh no. I knew the day would come when I would have to tell him. Tell him that I’m not really this clumsy little human always in need of protection. The day when I would have to admit to my adventures.

“Edward…there’s something you and your family need to here…” I hedged. I was so selfish. Sure, he can tell me the secret of all secrets, he’s a mythical creature. But I can’t tell him my career? My job, my life choice? I’m so completely and utterly selfish! Ugh!

“What is it, Bella?” he was worried now. No, that was the last thing I wanted!

“I’ll tell you in a minute. I want your family to hear this too.” I explained, a little scared. I’m sure he would react rationally; I mean he is a vampire. He’s battled vampire’s centuries old; he’s fought new borns with twice his strength. This shouldn’t worry him at all…