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Before There Was Me and You

She asked him during a game of cards. But what will Jake tell Nessie? One shot Nessie fic

Nothing is mine!

1. Chapter 1

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Before There Was Me and You

JPOV (Jacob POV)

It was another rainy day when Nessie asked about Bella and me. I was playing a game of cards with her when she asked.

“Emmett told me you and Mom used to be friends,” she stated.

I paused, about to lay my next contender on the ground, a king of spades.

“Yeah, we were,” I told her. Her curiosity was boundless.

“So, what did you do together?” Nessie’s face smiled her most angelic smile, the one she always reserved for me.

I paused, thinking. What could I tell her? Images of the times Bella and I’d been together raced through my head.

Riding motorcycles on the cliffs, her hair flying behind her like wings….

Sitting in my Rabbit, sipping warm Cokes and laughing while I worked….

Hiking through the forests, stumbling on stray roots and rocks….

Talking on First Beach, while the waves rolled in and out, the tangy taste of salt on my tongue ….

Bella, coughing up seawater, her clothes soaking wet, shivering after her cliff diving episode….

I winced at the last one.

“All sorts of things. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you,” I replied.

Nessie stared at me. “Like what?”

“Hiking, cliff diving, motorcycle riding. We had lots of fun together,” I began “Nessie, your mother and I were best friends. She one told me she thought of me as her personal sun, a person who would chase her clouds away.”

“Okay,” Nessie said, and I swore her smile got wider, “tell me more, Jake.”

I smiled. “She and I were together during a very difficult time in her life.” I stated.

“And I am forever grateful for what he did,” Edward called from the living room.

Why spoil it for me; I was doing pretty well on my own, I thought.

“But did you tell her about your feelings between graduation and the wedding?” Edward joked.

“You know it was all Mike Newton,” Bella added as she walked down the stairs.

“Mike, Shmike,” Edward and I grumbled in unison. Nessie giggled.

“I’m pretty sure your mother never mentioned the kiss-and-whack poor Jake received from her,” Emmett called jokingly from upstairs.

“It was natural instinct,” Bella called.

“But who was it that ended up with a broken hand?” Emmett jokingly cajoled.

“That’s not funny, Emmett!” I roared, “I really hope you like your arms where they are, because one more word out of you, and I am about to rip you to bits!

Nessie was laughing now.

“Furthermore,” Edward added; his voice not at a yell, but rather a growl, “I just wanted to let you know that if you do not close you mouth, I’m joining Jacob, and when he’s done with you, I’m going to put you back together, then rip you apart, then put you back together and rip you apart again!

“Ouch,” I winced. I was starting to feel sorry for the big guy. Well, almost.

“Wait,” Nessie asked, confused, “Jake kissed mom, and then she hit him? She hit him!”

“Natural instinct,” Bella soothed.

She still looked confused. I chuckled.

“In her defense, I deserved it,” I said, “I kissed her when she told me not to. Edward wasn’t too happy about it, to be honest.”

“Not too happy?” Edward grumbled, “I was considering kicking your butt to France and back just for even thinking of her in a romantic sense.”

“Bah!” I snorted, “but you never carried it out.”

“That was for my sake, as well as his,” Bella retorted.

“Okay,” Nessie said slowly.

“Go on,” Emmett yelled, “admit it; you’re all crazy!”

“Would you prefer bonfire or fireplace blaze?” Alice called as she walked in through the door.

“Neither, thank you,” Emmett called.

“Then close your mouth!” Edward and I shouted.

I chuckled, and Nessie winked at me before she lay a card down.

“Ace of hearts,” she said, “I win.”

“War is too easy for you,” I grumbled.

“Does go fish sound okay?” She asked.

I smiled. “Bring it on!” I cheered.