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Lasting Midnight

A story set after Eclipse and Is my version of 'Breaking Dawn'. Featuring the trials and trebulations of the Cullens and Bella and all the other characters.


1. Chapter 1 - The Dress

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The time ticked by like ever before. In just under a week I would change from being Miss Swan to Mrs Cullen. I put down 'Wuthering Heights' and drummed my hands on the back of the book. As I drummed, my eyes unknowingly darted towards the sparkling Diamond on my finger.

I shuddered. Mrs Cullen. It was scary to think about but yet, so right. I would marry the love of my life - a Vampire in less than five days. This made the incontrollable shivers disappear. I stared out the window where birds where circling in the trees.

I thought of Edward and the times he had jumped through the window in the night to see me. And then I thought of the times that Jacob did also. Jacob Black. The werewolf and human who possibly loved me as nearly much as Edward.

My heart pined for him if you excuse the pun...how could he not be there? How could he not witness one of the happiest possible days of my life? What had I done to him that made him hate me and my fiancée so bad? Then, the doorbell rang.

I hurried down the stairs and I guessed who it was. I opened the latch and there stood a beaming Alice. In one hand she had a plastic bag the other a large tin. Oh, boy, I thought, the Dress fitting.
'Hey Bella,' said Alice beaming at the front door, 'It's the big, well, not the big day but nevertheless...'

'Come in.' I said, a little less enthusiastically as I closed the front door.
'There we go,' she said handing me the bag, 'It's not too frilly or has lots of bows, it’s just what you wanted.'
'Thanks,' I said thanking god that there where no bows, 'I'll go try it on, shall I?' Alice threw me a ridiculous look as if this was blatant. I walked up the stairs with the plastic bag in my hands and into the bathroom.

I undressed and then opened the back and pulled out the satin, opaline white dress that camouflaged into the white plastic of the back.
It was remarkably beautiful. And even I had to admit it was. The dress must have costed at least five thousand dollars. Alice has truly outdone herself.

'Oh my god!' she said as I walked down the wooden stairs, I could tell she was close to tears. 'What?' I said, I just couldn't believe what shocked her? I wasn't pretty or at least no where near Esme or Herself, but what could a white dress do to her? If a dress could turn Alice to tears I wondered what the actual Wedding would do.

'Just look at yourself,' she gasped, 'You look beautiful.' And so I did. I stared into the mirror above the dusty fireplace. The reflection was unbelievable, I felt awkward staring at myself. The white dress complemented my skin, If I did say so myself, beautifully. My skin shone against the brilliant white and while I wasn't looking Alice added a tiara on the top of my head. Renee would have cried.

Alice's eyes quickly diverted to the door, 'It's Charlie, Do you want him to see you?'. 'I don't mind,' I replied, 'Edward will see me anyway through your mind.'

'Well, I've asked him to not look and I am trying to put the thought at the back of my mind as much as possible.' Then the door opened and Charlie bustled in with a bag of groceries. He looked up and said 'Hey Alice, Hey Bel-' and stopped in sight of me.

'Oh, Bells!' he said, 'You look...'
'Amazing? Spectacular? Beautiful?' Alice pondered.
'All three.' He replied staring at me, which made me very uncomfortable to be the centre of attention. Alice read my expression 'You better get used to it.'
'I know,' I said quietly.

'Oh and there's something else,' said Alice with a smile.
'What?' I asked trying to search my mind for something that she could spring upon me.
'The Invitations.' She said with a wide smile and she delved into her bag and pulled out a piece of card with elegant writing. I read.

You are cordially invited tothe wedding of Edward Carlisle Cullen and Isabella Renee Swanat the Cullen House on Saturday 4th September.Followed by a Reception at the house.

'Alice,' I said flatly, 'You didn't need to design Invites for us.'
She smiled, 'No, its fine, I am Chief Planner so I will help you in each and every way.'
I thought on about the wedding and asked Alice an important question, 'Alice, how many people are going to the wedding?'
'Erm...,' she said trying to think in her head, 'Umm...'
'Alice.' I said flatly.
'Somewhere around the two-hundred mark.'
'WHAT?!' And I knew this was going to be one heck of a ride.