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Raise Your Voice

"It hurt me so badly, to remember him. But somehow, everywhere I go, he turns up. I miss him so much." Bella's brother died in a car accident three years ago and she hasnt been the same since. Edward and the Cullens just recently found out and are worried about her when the day of her brothers death comes around. "I hate you for leaving, but I love you for living."


2. Oooo, Bitches!

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Half of the day passed in a blur. It was lunch, thank god, and I could talk to Bell freely. There was gossip going around that she was depressed or something. Honestly, these kids find joy in spreading rumors about innocent students? This isn’t even that big, it’s clothing!

I quickly got Bella’s lunch and sat down with the family at our usual corner table. Bella came in a few moments later. She then motioned for us to follow her outside. We obliged, following her out to the parking lot. She sat on a bunch with her head in her hands.

“Bella, love, what is wrong?” I asked, worriedly as I sat next to her. Alice sat on the other side of her, placing a small hand on her back and rubbing soothing circles. Emmett and Jasper kneeled down in front of her, while Rose stood behind her, following Alice’s lead.

“Right now? Everything.” Bella whispered. Jasper winced and Alice hugged her close. I motioned for Alice to let go and I wrapped my arms around her. She collapsed into my arms and started sniffling.

“Bella, what’s the matter?” Emmett asked, reaching out and placing a hand on her knee.

“You guys, I have something to tell you-”

She was cut off by laughter behind us. I turned around and there was Lauren and Jessica, along with a few other girls snickering. I glared at them, which usually scared people. But they kept laughing.

“Ah, are you crying?” Jessica laughed.

“I always knew you were a pansy ass, Swan.” Lauren sneered.

My family stared, speechless. Nobody has ever done this to us, or even near us.

“Aren’t you gonna say something, Belly Bear?” Jessica sneered. I’m not sure how exactly, but Bella leaped from my arms and slapped Jessica straight across the face. She stared in shock before screaming “You bitch!”

“Where the hell did you hear that? Nobody calls me that, but-”

Bella then burst into tears and gave her the finger. She then ran across the parking lot, and down the street. I immediately got up to follow her, but it appeared the principal had arrived.

“Ms. Mallory, Ms. Stanley, what is going on?” he asked. In his head he was thoroughly confused.

“Well, Mr. Principal man, Bella Swan just came up and slapped Jess across the face!” A girl pretended to be horrified.

“For no reason!” Another added.

“She gave her the finger too.” Lauren added. Okay, that’s it!

“Mr. Greene (?), Bella slapped Jessica because she and Lauren were harassing her. She had a very good reason to do so sir.” Rosalie said before I could.

“And she called Bella and pansy ass! Bella is so not a pansy let alone an ass!” Emmett boomed, getting more peoples attention.

“Emmett, shut up.” Jasper hissed. “Sir, Bella may not have been thinking clearly when she did this, but please don’t punish her for sticking up for herself.”

“Yes, please.” Alice said, looking at him with puppy dog eyes. She was trying not to smile, knowing we would win this.

“Very well, Ms. Cullen. Lauren, Jessica, come with me.”

They stalked off with him to the front office, while I went to catch up with Bella.

Esme Cullen

I was driving along home from the grocery store, when I saw a familiar form stumbling along the sidewalk. I pulled over next to them and got out of the car as Bella stopped to stare at me.

She had glistening tear stains on her cheeks. I quickly went over and gave her a hug, leading her back to my car. She climbed in the passenger seat, slowly and I went around getting in the drivers seat. It was raining, and we were soaked.

“He loved the rain.” I heard her whisper faintly.

“Who, honey?” I asked, gently. She sighed and her eyes glazed over with tears.

“My brother.” She answered simply.