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Raise Your Voice

"It hurt me so badly, to remember him. But somehow, everywhere I go, he turns up. I miss him so much." Bella's brother died in a car accident three years ago and she hasnt been the same since. Edward and the Cullens just recently found out and are worried about her when the day of her brothers death comes around. "I hate you for leaving, but I love you for living."


3. Pain

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Charlie Swan

I came home from work to find Esme and the Cullen children huddled up in my living room with Bella. It was obvious she hadn’t told them still, it was tense. Really tense, in fact.

“Bella, honey, are you okay?” I asked, hesitantly. She turned and I got that same dead stare. But this time, I saw some pain in those delicate little eyes.

“Fine.” She answered, blankly. I sighed. I knew I had to do this…

“Jason wouldn’t have wanted you to sulk, Bella.” I said, quietly. Her head shot up instantly and she got up from the couch.

“I think I knew him a little better then you.” she said, coldly. That was a blow. They did live in Phoenix and whenever he came to visit, he was quiet.

“I was his father, Bella. I knew him some, I knew him enough to know he wanted you to be happy.” I answered. She glared at me.

“How can you be happy when Jason’s dead?” She asked, softly, before turning to run up the stairs.

I sighed and went to sit on my recliner. I put my head in my hands, shaking my head back and forth.

“Charlie? What did Bella mean by ‘How can you be happy’? I’ve seen her happy.” Alice chirped from the other side of the room.

Edward Cullen

“Well, Alice…Bella’s…changed over the years.” Charlie said, glumly. He sighed, getting up and rummaging through their TV case, before pulling out a video tape.

“I didn’t want to have to show you this, but it seems as though Bella isn’t going to say anything. You see, I had a son, Bella’s brother. He was two years older, Renee had him at sixteen. Well, after his graduation, Bella got him tickets to a Three Days Grace concert. They went and had fun. Of course, it was without their mother and I knowing, we found this out afterwards. Bella was driving. A drunk driver ran a red light and Bella couldn’t pull away fast enough. Jason jumped in front of her, and died in the process. She hasn’t been the same ever since. I think she blames herself.” He explained.

That’s terrible. My poor Bella, going through all that alone, going through life thinking she killed her brother.

“Bella was a singer, before all this. Jason sent in her admission, secretly, to a summer music program in Los Angeles. She went one summer, but didn’t go back. She’s been so afraid, it breaks my heart.”

Charlie popped the video into the cassette player and pressed play. There on the screen, a boy of about eighteen came on the screen. He had straight but shaggy brown hair and blue eyes, like Charlie. He was grinning ear to ear.

“Bella’s my sister and she's my favorite person in the whole world. She likes a challenge, she thrives when she's pushed, and the people who can do that, they don't live in Flagstaff. Bella deserves a chance to learn from the best. She's already good, but she could be great. Let her in, you won't be disappointed.” He laughed.

The screen switched to Bella brushing her hair in the bathroom. She was laughing and singing into the brush, while her brother stood behind her with a camera laughing in the mirror. The next shot was Bella singing in her room while dancing around. She was laughing and smiling up at her brother. Next shot was of Bella sitting at the kitchen table, writing something down on a huge piece of paper. She held it up and it said ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAY!’ in all capital letters. She was singing happy birthday and making faces at her brother as he booed, jokingly.

He came back on laughing. “Now, tell me you don’t want her in your program? She’s lively, fun and talented in every way. Accept her, not only because she’s amazing but because she’s my sister and I love her!”

The screen went blank, indicating the end of the video. Charlie sighed and got up to take the video out. But a little voice on the stairs stopped him.

“Why would you show them that?”

We turned around and sure enough, there was Bella with a tear stained face. She was glaring at Charlie, tears streaming down her beautiful face.

“Bella-” he stopped when a sob racked through Bella’s frame. I got up and went to wrap my arms around her. She went limp in my hold and started sobbing uncontrollably. I brought her over to the couch and sat down, with her curled in my lap.

“It was my fault!” she sobbed.

“No, it wasn’t, Bella.” Alice said softy.

“You couldn’t have known a drunk driver was going to run a red light.” Jasper said soothingly.

“Right into you.” Emmett added. Rosalie slapped the back of his head and he fell silent.

Bella cried into my shirt, mumbling something about Jason and her fault. I rubbed her back soothingly until her cries muffled.

“I miss him so much.” She whispered. Her voice cracked and she broke out in sobs again.

Edward, this pain is unbelievable. She feels guilty, hurt, abandoned. You name it, she feels it. Jasper thought with a shake of his head.