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Returning Moments

The idea was always there. Pushing and pulling in the back of my mind as if to prod me with the ever knowing idea that I was in fact wrong. What's worse then being wrong is knowing that you're wrong. And, even worse, knowing that there is nothing you can do to change it. Your life is baring down and you don't believe in yourself anymore. You don't believe in anything anymore.

With life, and all things in it, it takes time and practice. Both of those things are the two things I don't have. I don't have time to practice and even if I did I wouldn't know what to practice. New situation and new surroundings make many people uneasy. And I was one of those normal, average person who stumbled over words and cracks on the concrete. I was awkward and unloved by most.

I was the no one that everyone knew about. That everyone forgot about. That he never forgot.

Our friendship never ended.


1. The Beginning Of This Again

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The night was cool and young. There wasn't a solid smell in the air for miles which made my thirst burn less in the back of my throat. Just the wafting smell of pine trees and the faint aroma of a body of water. Nothing human and nothing with blood.

I had been holding off for days. Letting the thirst rip through me. I was punishing myself for all that I had done previously in life. The mess ups, the anger; it was all being made up for in the burning of my esophagus.

The silence was nice as well. The inner city chatter was always a pain to me. Plus, being able to read minds is never fun when there are 10,000 people within a twenty mile radius. My gift was also a menace to my brain.

However, I knew I had to find something to drink soon. I couldn't be wondering here and then smell a human and take an innocent life. I couldn't do that; I wouldn't do that.

Then, suddenly, something struck my nose with such a force I nearly snarled out loud. Vampires. Just one of them. I had never had contact with another vampire; ever. In my entire 90 years of being a vampire, never have a come across another one. I always avoided them.

Therefore, as an instinct I began to run. Running was my passion; my forte. It made me feel invincible. However, in the tizzy of my pace I ran square into the vampire that was pursuing me. I fell backwards onto the damp forest floor and took in a deep breath to smell something familiar, something that seemed too good to be true.

When I looked up to the the pursuer I saw a person that stuck out in my memory immediately. No thought process was needed to think of who was staring back at me. My chest began to push and flow faster then it should and I felt the feelings I still had began to fade.


The day had started out more ordinary then most. For once, Emmett and Rosalie weren't fighting and there was no sound of Alice complaining about being bored. There were no emergencies and nothing that could go wrong. Sadly, this was the start was what seemed like a good day.

Quickly and as quietly as I could stand I made my way down the spiral stairs and into the living room, smiling at Esme as a form of 'hello'. She simply smiled back and looked back down at the book she had in her hands, the pages turning quicker then the average human. Carlisle sat across from her and he seemed entranced by the wooden block he held in his hands. I decided not to ask because that would have gotten me into a boring conversation I was positive I didn't want to be apart of.

Then, as a sudden thought, I remembered it was my hunting day and my heart sunk in my chest. It was Sunday afternoon which meant I had high school the following day and I didn't want to have to explain why I was staring at everyone hungrily. With a low growl I grabbed a jacket from the hook by the door and walked out into the cold November morning.

Though I hated hunting I knew I had to do it. And it wasn't that I even hated it. It was that I knew I had to do it. It was a necessity to live. Live Edward? My subconscious spoke to me Not live. You can't live. Suddenly I looked up as a smell hit my nose. I must have been at least six miles into the woods and a smell...some sort of smell that was so familiar. Such an odd feeling to know you have smelled something before.

As suddenly as the smell wafted into my nostrils the smell was so close I could taste it. Then, something hit me with a force and I looked down to see a girl. She had dark, sandy blond hair and a smell that made me think she had never been in a house. However, the undertones of the scent let me know that I knew the smell...I knew this girl.

With terrified eyes she looked up at me and pulled back instinctively. Then, as soon as she set her eyes upon me she was lying back on the ground, out cold.


My skin was ultra sensitive to heat or any other temperature change for that matter. I didn't want to open my eyes as I felt heat cascading on my skin, warming me up more then usual. I was so used to the sunlight and the earthy feeling under me that the feeling of a house was immediately where I knew I was. The whole time he was carrying me I was completely aware. For something reason it felt as though I couldn't open my eyes for fear that if I did it would hurt more then it already did.

I felt someone touch my arm and a low growl erupted from my chest and my eyes shot open as I shot up onto my feet. There were two people there. I inhaled deeply and realized they weren't people; they were vampires. My senses heightened as I recognized the one on the left. He was talked and I zone in on what he was saying.

"Rose. Rose you have to calm down. We're here to help you."

His voice was calming and I knew I recognized him as well. He was who had changed me or as he tried to tell me; save me. Another low growl came out involuntarily as the door cracked open a girl who was short to match her short brown hair. Her thoughts were jumbled but then I heard her compliment my hair and my sense calm down more. These vampires weren't normal.

"Thank you." I said, looking at the girl and I tried not to be so scary and crazy looking.

"Excuse me?" She asked, puzzled by my comment. I realized they didn't know I could read minds.

"You said you liked my hair." I said, still trying to calm down, "Well you thought it."

The man on the lefts eyes got wide and he looked at the other younger man who was standing next to him. Over the three others who stood in the room I could still smell that he was in the house. Close actually, most likely outside the door. Quickly, I tuned into thoughts that drifted through the house.

There were two women in the kitchen downstairs, speaking of me and why I was by myself. There was another man who was watching the river outside. Then, I finally tuned into the one I was searching for and he quietly thought: Hello Rose. And I softly replied back: Hello Edward.