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Edward Cullen-The Unmythical Creature

Edward is very lonely ever since his last human girlfriend died of a vicious vampire attack. "They are coming back..."


1. They Are Coming

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"Alice?" Edward began his question with a soft voice.

"Yes, Edward." Alice was playing with her hair while staring at Edward's beauty. What is this kid up to? She thought, trying to look innocent.

Edward sighed and began the second half of his question, "Do you think that...I will...you know...find another girl that will...uh...like me?" He stutterd while he spoke, "Will she...replace...Tabetha?"

Alice was confused. Why is he constantly asking me this? She wondered. Why doesn't he just give up?

Just then, Alice had a vision. It was about a girl named Bella. Alice smiled. "She may be the one, Edward." A smile spread across Edwards face.

Bella's POV

"Charlie?" I asked when we pulled up to a familiar house. He ignored me. It felt useless to carry on with my sentence. I opened the door and climbed out.

Charlie handed me my bags and we headed up to the front door. He struggled with the knob a bit and 2 minutes later, got it open.

I hurried up to my room, not stopping to even grasp the smell of the carpet. I wanted to just, get away from it all.

I opened my door and hurried up and locked it from the inside. So Charlie wouldn't be able to barge in while I'm readng.

I pulled out my book and turned to page 465.

I read for about 2 hours until something made me put my book down. A loud, bang. It was coming from my window. I hesitantly got up and tip-toed over to my window. I hadn't noticed that it was already dark outside.

I reached slowly to open the window. There, standing right in front of my face, was a very pale girl. She had shoulder length black hair, gold eyes and she wore a pink tank top and a frilly pink skirt.

Beside her was a handsome boy. He had gold hair. It matched his eyes.

They were standing on a branch of the tree that was right outside my window. Charlie has been meaning to cut it down.

In a flash, they were behind me. I turned around and screamed, or, at least tried to. Before I could, the boy put his hand over my mouth.

"Hello, Bella." The girl spoke, finally. "My name is Alice Cullen. And this is my brother, Edward Cullen." She turned to look at him. He showed no expression. He looked like a statue.

"Hi...Al...Alice." I was frozen. I didn't know what to say. I was scared to death.

Edward put his hand on my shoulder. I glared at him.

"Don't be afraid, Bella. Here, I'll leave. Edward needs to talk to you." Alice ran and jumped out the window. She was already in the car and driving away.

I turned and saw Edward staring at me. "I'll have you know," I spoke as tough as I can. "I'm a black belt in Karate!" Edward laughed. His voice made my heart melt. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't stop myself from calming down.

"Sorry about all this." Edward shot me a heart-warming grin. "My sister Alice is all worried about me. She saw you in a vision and, she thought you were, the one, for me." He looked embarassed.

"She's telepathic?" I was curious. And confused!

"Yes. Yes, she is telepathic." He was sitting on my bed in a flash. I walked over, normally, to sit next to him.

"But, why me?" I asked. "I'm not the most prettiest girl in town. I just moved here." Most of all, why would a guy like him, date me?

"You're pretty to me." He stared into my eyes. "Uh..sorry. I didn't mean to...uh..." He was stuttering now.

"It's okay. I've been called that before." I chuckled.

With no warning, Edward leaned in to touch his lips to mine.